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Ugh! School...

Well, the fateful day I have to return to school has actually come. Let all hell break loose!!

Well, it actually doesn`t seem as bad now, but I can tell you I felt pretty bad Monday when it started. My whole vacation, down the drain and drowned in sorrow... I`m only left with bitter-sweet memories of it now.

So, school finally started for me, unfortunately. What makes it even worse is that this is my last year of high-school, and that means neck-breaking exams and nerve-killing stress. This also means I`ll probably have 0 time for myself to do what I like, like gaming. Though, it wouldn`t have been so bad if I could have one last blast this vacation...but I didn`t. It was my worst vacation so far, playing only 3 games (2 lousy ones and one that is rumored to be great but was painstakingly hard and deprived of fun), and it only follows up with even less time for gaming. You can imagine my joy right now.

But, worse as it was, it was still better than being at school. At least then I could lounge off and do what I pleased. I`m afraid school doesn`t offer me that luxury.

So, here are my stories of my vacation and my bitter, now a bit brighter life. But first...

My new vid, wohoo!

Well, I said in my previous blog that I can now upload movies on GT, and that I`d do a few Crisis Core trailer remakes. Well, here it is!

This is the intro to the game, which fortunately didn`t need subs so I didn`t have to go through all that trouble.  Enjoy!

Higher-quality version`s here. For those who want to view it in this blog or want the lower quality one, just scroll down a bit.


Stay tunned, as a new vid might be up soon!

At last, my very own G-Pad!

Muwahahaha, the day has come that I will unleash my Gamepad upon the world. You shall all bow down to it and worship it! Muwahahahahaha!

Well, seeing as I forgot to mention 2 blogs ago about my new G-Pad, I figured this is the perfect time to announce it.

*Drums roll* Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my new GT G-Pad!! *Applause*

So, how do you guys like it? I have to say that I`ve done that single handedly and didn`t pay for anything. Well, actually no, I payed for the custom tab, but that couldn`t be helped.
I took a look at some Folklore screenshots that I had stored in my comp (found them on the forums here), imagined how some might look like with text and stuff, decided on one, added some text, colored the text, added a welcome pic over it, sliced up the image in smaller parts, uploaded it and pasted the code. Easy, huh?  I might make a guide on it one day for the people wanting to do it themselve.
Anyway, it was quite a nice experience with Photoshop. This is actually my first time doing something like this, and I`m pretty much a PS n00b. I was not a complete n00b as I did tinker with it before that, but it wasn`t far either. In this regards, I`m really very pleased and impressed with myself right now.

A special thanks goes out to OblivionSeraph for letting me use his "Welcome" pic you can see in my G-Pad. He has done that himself, plus many other cool ones you can see in his blogs. Many thanks, man, I appreciate it!

Something cool I like about my G-Pad, compared to others, is that it`s a lot more "tight" then others. It doesn`t go passed the GT max page dimension (it`s exactly the maximum width) so there is no scrollbar at the bottom of the page, and you have to hover the text to be able to click the link (in other tabs, you had to be on the same height as the text to be able to click the link, but I made sure I sliced my image into many tiny bits and linked only the images containing the text, so that it seems that only the text is clickable).

All right, bragging time is over.

Down the drain and drowned in sorrow

School break started off well. It was a warm sunny day, we were all gathered to receive our diplomas and whatnot, I was honored multiple times for my participation in the National Programing Olympics (or, as I`ve found out a while ago, Olympiad), and I`ve gotten to have good laughs with my mates and thought of great plans of what to do this vacation, most of which included gaming and going to Greece (the Olympics stories, remember?).

So, that was the start. As soon as I got home, I popped in the disc to the Gunmetal game and began and playing the game which I was eager to play for a long time. With Coke and ice cream by my side, my gaming sessions were long and joyful. The game`s premise was to control a robot equipped with guns that could transform into a jet and destroy enemy bases and accomplishing mission objectives. It was very fun and enjoyable, and the control seemed very responsive and to my taste (I loved flying at max speed towards the ground and then abruptly turn it a bit up and make the plane fly close to the ground and ground breaking speeds and break all your enemies to the ground...yeah, I have an obsession for those 2 words  ). The action was quite fast paced and satisfying (I actually loved flying higher than the critical limit and have all those lasers continuously firing quick and deadly laser beams at me, all the while I was at max speed and closely dodging all of them by doing abrupt turns at every second and not getting a scratch on me  ).

Well, the fun ended Saturday when I finished the game. It turns out I spent only 3 hours on the game if you don`t take the mission retries into account. Well, that`s kinda short. In truth, though, I spent a little more cause I liked screwing with the game and ended up dieing and having to restart the mission, and the mission timer itself (which later would be added to the total timer).

After that, 2 weeks of doing nothing ensued. During that, I mostly surfed the web and read stuff. I didn`t feel like playing anything. Actually, I wanted to play some games, yet I felt I wasn`t prepared to enjoy them to their fullest, so I took a break.
After I was bored with not playing anything, I decided on playing something I didn`t care much about so that I`ll get in my gaming mood. Thus, I picked 25 to Life as my poison. Needless to say, it kept me busy for 1 week without getting totally bored, though I wasn`t far away. Gamespot really overrated this game giving it a 6. I`d give it a straight 4. But, anyway, more on that in my later blog.

After this, I don`t really remember much. I remember starting Tales of Destiny at some point in time and liking it for the first 3 days, then getting totally bored of it. After some time, I also started Xenosaga, and I played it together with ToD, though Xenosaga kinda took the stage. I liked the game at first, but the punishing difficulty along with the cr@ppy music, if any (during gameplay, as the music is really great during cut-scenes) really prevented me from enjoying the game much. I guess this one would be better suited as a movie than a game. Anyway, the best part about it is that I almost 100% finished the game (I still have the last boss fight to do, but I`m really lazy after all the trouble it caused me), and I literally mean I`ve done almost everything (including talking to all the NPCs with every character in my party after every minor event, just to get the little bits of new info I could find, even though this thing is highly optional, and frankly, not even needed at all).

After that, I have really no idea what I`ve done. I just remember going to Greece sometime after that (2 weeks or so), and playing Evil Dead Regeneration along with X-Change 3 (ahem!) at the end of my vacation.

That`s it. Most of my vacation remains shrouded in mystery. I really can`t remember or comprehend how time had gone with me playing only 3 games and not getting bored to death. It`s like I was sleeping the whole time or something, which kinda freaks me out.

This has been the worst vacation so far because I really haven`t done anything and in instances where I can remember, I was just bored to death or extremely annoyed. At least in my other vacations I played over 6 (usually long) games and enjoyed myself, but in this one I played 2 short ones and 1 long game, and that`s only covering the 3 weeks I can remember out of the 3 months free time we had. Wouldn`t you freak out if that happened to you? I really hope this is the only time something like this happens.

Well, as I said, my vacation ended and now school begins. What`s worse is that I`m in 12th grade, my final year of high-school, which means lots of exams and little to no games. I could of at least had a decent vacation before so that I could feel up to it, but no, fate didn`t offer me such a chance. Wish me luck, guys! I`m gonna need all I can get!

GameStop...because we like to stop you from gaming

Well, I added this since I heard an interesting story from a friend of mine, Phenylketonuric. In his blog, he talks about the annoying ID policy Gamestop has and how annoying it is to the customer. The twist to it is that it`s not only the kids that are affected, but grown ups too. Yup, you heard me right. He claims Gamestop clerks even attempted to ID his 50 year old, gray haired (if any, in some places) father. Wow, talk about letter of the law.

If you want to read the whole story, then go here. I highly recommend it since it`s an interesting read.

Oh yeah, and he`s also saying he`ll reward you with GTD if you promo his blog. *Sees horde of GTD whores rushing to Pheny* Yup, that seemed to work! ^_^

Poll of the blog

Well, since it seems people are asking about the pics I had taken when I was in Greece, I decided to put a small question for my fellow readers here to help me know their preferences. As you know, I have almost 700 pics to show, which is quite a lot, and, besides the fact that GT has a limit to pics per blog, most of the pics would have problems displaying if I put them all together.

So, in this regard, I ask of you, how many pics per specially dedicated blog (in other words, there will be very little text in it, mostly as comments to pics, as the main theme will be the pics) would you prefer to see?
  • 30 pics
  • 50 pics
  • 70 pics
  • 100 pics
  • Other (please specify)

    The pics will be resized to the maximum width of 760 (so the scroll bar doesn`t appear), and they`ll all link to their respective 2MP original quality.

    For those of you wanting to know when it will be done, I estimate 3 blogs or so from now (which I hope will be 3 weeks after this blog). It`s not easy resizing, uploading and pasting 700 pics, you know! It will most likely take 7 hours straight if I plan to do it in one go.

    Anyway, thanks to all who will answer, and I hope you`re eagerly awaiting them.


    Well, that about it. Any more and people will complain that they`ve wasted 5 minutes of their lives reading this.  Well, look on the bright side: I wasted 3 hours of my weekend to write this.  You calculate the percentage to see who`s at a loss.
    Besides, you had the choice of reading it or not, whereas if I didn`t write it any sooner the mobs of fans would have killed me (yeah, right! like I have any!).
    Well, hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog!