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Surprises, Surprises!

Well, I`m officially back from Greece now (actually, I came back Sunday morning, 7AM, if you read my comments on my blogs, but I was too tired to write a blog), and I must say, it was like a dream.  I don`t even know where to start talking, so I won`t.  I`ll leave that for some other blog when I have time (believe me, it`s pretty much, especially if I also include the 700 pics I took).

Anyway, long story short, it was the best trip I ever had (I think). It was also the very first time I left the country, so it`s a nice memory, I must say. The thing is, it was sooo great, I`m a bit sad I had gone on it. I know it sounds strange, but I`m sad I had gone on it because it was so good and I knew it couldn`t go forever. That isn`t to say that I regret going, HELL NO!!!. I guess you could say I`m just sad it ended.

To make a short summary, I have been to Europe`s 3rd beautifulest beach, I have seen some astonishing things and sights, but most importantly, I have made some great new friends in so little time, that I regret parting ways with them so much. We were so attached to each other, we almost made a dream team. I never knew I`d make such great friends so quickly until now. Even my friends were amazed. In the end, we were all sad everything ended. The saddest part is that we may never see each other again, since some have finished high-school and are starting college (some even have gone to the Police Academy, and you know how much contact with the outside world you can have there), but I still hope deep in my heart we`ll get to see each other again.

A surprise from my subconscious...a relaxing dream?

This was one of my happier days, it seems. Very rarely do I dream something that I like. No, really, most of my dreams are either "meh!" and could live without, or are nightmares that practically suck the life and will out of me (basically, I wake up more tired than when I have gone to sleep). And don`t imagine nightmares as in monsters and scary creatures. Hell no, those things are actually beautiful dreams for me. Don`t imagine me as some kind of death-wishing heavy rock suicidal type guy, I`m not like that.
The thing is, I have a sorta fighting personality. I`m gentle to the ones I like and love, yet fierce and feared by the ones trying to cause me mischief. My enemies know me too well, since most of them picked a fight with me thinking I`m a weak geek, only to have the surprise of getting their buts kicked hard.
Because of this, if by any chance something poses a thread to my life, my friend`s life or our respective honor, I forget about how powerful my foe is and only think about one thing: to overpower him and to win, and in very extreme cases, to kill and destroy him. It`s a bit hard to explain, so I`ll just detail my dream and you try figuring out. To cut it short, any dream that starts with scary monsters ends up in them getting cut to pieces (Advent Children $tyle, complete with super powers and all) and me saving the day, and that`s why I say they are beautiful dreams for me, because, when I fight and am in a trance like that, I`m actually very confident in myself and feel much better than I normally am.

I guess I have a very powerful psyche, being able to change dreams as they go. In fact, I`m very conscious of what I`m thinking in my dreams and the decisions I make. In other words, given the same situation (minus the blurry and changing background because, after all, it`s a dream), I`d probably do the same.

In any case, I bet you`d be wondering what nightmares are for me. Well, you`d be surprised, but my nightmares relate to seeing my ex-girlfriend (correction, I haven`t even once thought of her as my girlfriend, but I bet she thought more than once of me like that, especially since she asked me to kiss her, but I use this term since it`s easier than saying ex-childhood friend) or losing a dear friend. More into detail, I hate my ex because she changed over time into something I dislike. Neglecting the fact that she got physically fat, she was also arrogant, ignorant, and very selfish. Such a wonderful combination, eh? Anyway, I was amazed how I could live with her this whole time (actually, I`d only see her from time to time, usually in summer, since I have left my grandparents house since when I was 5), and I couldn`t associate with people like that would only disgust me further. That`s why, if I see her in my dream, it turns into a`s something like fear of facing reality and fear of becoming or being something like her.

The other case, although much rare (thank God, since I don`t have any known memories of this, or else I would dream more often) is when losing someone. And don`t think of losing as in dieing. I believe in life after death and in the chance of seeing them again.
When I say lose, I mean in losing their friendship. My greatest fear of all, I guess, is to disappoint the people I love. I can`t bear with the fact of hurting my loved ones, so losing their friendship and love would mean something beyond death for me, since I can`t get them back ever. Thank God I don`t have dreams like these, cause they`d be real nightmares.

Anyway, sorry about deviating from the subject. I just felt of saying a bit more about me. Now, onto my dream.

I can`t remember exactly how it started, but me and a few friends (can`t remember exactly who, mostly because I probably imagined them in general and not in particular - eg: I wasn`t thinking of individual persons, just random people who I had the impression in the dream that they were friends...though I doubt this, since I have the vague impression that I`ve known them - they`re probably the friends I have made during my trip to Greece) were on a trip to some haunted castle in search for...something. Most likely for another friend or to discover what`s wrong with the place (since I`m also a very curious person, this motif can`t be excluded).

I remember walking into some dungeon like room with 2 friends of mine, sword in hand. Btw, the sword I was holding wasn`t a generic, random sword. In Greece, I remember seeing a sword I liked in a shop, a katana, to be more exact, complete with nice decorations and all, Japanese $tyle (eg: dragon head with mouth open at the holding end of the blade), which I very much liked (and unfortunately, didn`t buy it, but I`ll talk about that more in my next blog where I`ll detail my whole trip).

Anyway, so I was entering this room when some monsters appeared. Nothing really exceptional from my other beautiful dreams, just cutting monsters and making sure no one is cornered, when suddenly the bars from 2 holes in the ground were pulled and 2 marionette-like monsters appeared and grabbed one of my friends and pulled them into the depths of the abyss (the hole from which they came)...or so I thought.
With the thought of losing him forever and never seeing him again in mind, and the apparent fact that my other friend was cornered and seemingly close to following the same fate, I suddenly into a trance-like rage where I was cutting enemies down like it was a work of art. For example, think of an Advent Children like scene where enemies couldn`t even touch me, all their attacks turned against them (eg: someone tried to kick me with his foot while he was down, and it ended in me side-stepping a little, grabbing his foot, and violently throwing him against the wall that it made cracks in the stone, all in under a second, with a bit of slow-motion at the end), and everything seem like a ballet dance.
Needless to say, this is the trance I often talk about being in when others anger me (and believe me, it takes a whole lot to get me that angry).

Anyway, after I`ve taken care of all the enemies in the room, including the remaining marionette, I found myself, and my friend (I think it was a girl, or at least that`s the impression I have now) locked there. We searched and tried every door (and gate), but needless to say, they wouldn`t open. That`s when the other marionette came back and I ended it`s life with 5 quick and fierce cuts.

Shortly after that, a door opened, and as we approached, we saw that it was leading down. That`s when my lost friend appeared walking up. It seems the marionette only took it one floor down.  Needless to say, I was happy I hadn`t lost him, and we ventured down even more.
Down there, we discovered a treasure room, practically. Anything you`d ever want was there, from Japanese swords similar to mine (I think I saw them in the beginning, just vaguely) to games and actual console.
I remember seeing and PSP and a DS and quickly grabbing them so that I could have them. I remember feeling remorse, since I think I had the only ones there and I haven`t asked my friends down there if they want one, even though they were the ones to point out for me to get a DS. I guess this is the greedy characteristic of mine I`ve noticed recently that I`m trying to get rid off.

Anyway, I remember being happy getting those, since I wanted them so much, and shortly after that, my dream ended and I awoke.

Well, that`s it. Strange, I know. Just like me.

I dunno if it has any real meaning, but my guess is that, as all my dreams, this one relives past memories and occurrences I wished happened, including being able to be more strong and confident in myself and gaining incredible powers (eg: becoming Cloud).

In any case, I just wanted to share this with you all, since this has been one of my best dreams recently (oh man, if only you could see the scenes or if I could remember and express it better). Hope you liked it!

Oh, and in case you didn`t know, you can tell an individual`s personality very much just from his dreams, since those are the manifestation of his subconscious and his personality.

A surprise from GT and many presents for you

The biggest happiness I got from before the week when I was supposed to go to Greece was that, miraculously, I found myself that I could upload videos to GT.

You see, I have only one movie in my profile right now, and that was uploaded after 50 retries and 1 failed attempt (damn power outage!!!). Every time I tried to upload, the closest I could get was to the "connecting" phase, after which an error occurred and I was redirected to the error page (so I couldn`t even start uploading a vid). The problem was identified by Ultimate Brent as being on my ISP`s side (though I suspect it was also partly because of GT`s short wait time when it came to receiving a response), more precisely as a connection and behavioral issue with one of my ISP`s ISP server (translation: my ISP has net connectivity through another ISP, which has some funky setup cause most of the time sent "request timed out" messages on trace route commands, or in other words it took quite a long time to respond).

Anyway, recently my ISP has had a lot of trouble, because, despite the many problems it has (like having my connection cut off at least once an hour and having to disconnect and reconnect again if I wanted it back, or else wait 3 hours or so), it was starting to crash even more frequently. Add to that the fact that my speed plummeted to the one digit interval (6-10kb/s) and the fact that all of it`s employees left right then and there (except for 2 who had interest in keeping the company up and running), official motives being that they found better-paid jobs (though I suspect a conspiracy of them being bribed and stolen, since it`s impossible under normal circumstances for them all to leave at once), and you`ll realize how deep in troubles they were.

Anyway, having these issues, the company decided to hire an administrator from the capital to come here and fix these problems once and for all (though I highly doubt something like that is possible, since problems will occur every day and need an admin to fix them), and after a week, things somewhat got back to normal (actually, my speed still needs increasing since I had 100kb/s before the crash and now I have 75kb/s tops, but I guess all in due time, because I suspect they finally hired someone qualified and are seriously working on getting things way better).

In any case, 3 days after the crash and the eventual resurrection of everyone`s net connectivity, I had a feeling that I then had the ability to upload movies, even though it seems illogical that would also get fixed since no one complained about it, yet (I was planning, but I didn`t had the time). And so, curiosity led me to try and see if I can upload, and to my surprise, the uploading went flawless.

Back to the present, things got a bit downhill from then (60% chance to work from when I click submit, in comparison to 99% that was when I first tried), but it`s still better than nothing. Hell, if first it would fail, I`ll just try again and get it working, so there isn`t much to complain about. I`m just happy I can upload now.

Anyway, because of this wonderful incident, I am now able to upload vids to GT (and GS subsequently). In this regard, I was thinking of what vids to upload, and I wanted to ask you, my dear reader, of what you`d think of a few remade Crisis Core trailers. I remember my first trailer got pretty famous and everyone loved it, so I was wondering if you think if there`s still demand for a high-quality remake (like the first I made) of the other trailers? What do you think? I`m really curious to know, so please tell me.


Well, that`s about it. I can`t put my finger on it, but I feel as if I missed something to put in my blog. Oh well, I`ll probably include it in my next blog.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed it and liked my description of my dream (hey, at least you learned more about me), and don`t forget to answer my question if you can, please (read the last paragraph before closing to see the question). Have a nice dream, y`all!