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Slipping into the Ether

Do to GS cr@ppy text editor (seriously GS, I'm not going to spend another one hour per blog just to see what's wrong with the perfectly looking HTML that you should've perfectly adapted when I pasted the plain ASCII text from another plain text editor; fix your own bugs, don't expect me to work around them every time!), all of my blogs will be on GT (and possibly Facebook and/or Wordpress in the near future).

Go to my blog on GT to read my blog, and feel free to comment here on GS or GT (whichever pleases you most).

Heh, I don't think anybody will care, though. All my friends here are gone and Hush (the only one still alive) already posts all his blogs on Facebook (due to cr@ppy GS moderation and text editor). :P At least the good side to this is that my blogs here will be smaller, allowing for a smaller page and for people to see my reviews and other stuff (that are bellow the blogs) more easier. :)