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Rebirth of a Phoenix

Fancy title for a common message: I'm baaack!

Remember me? No? Good!

Seriously now, I'm thinking of coming back for the sake of the fun I had online chatting with my friends. I still don't feel like getting back online and being active, but I figured that if I don't start doing it or something, I'll never feel like it. Like an old proverb here in my country, hunger comes eating.

So, I'm really wondering now what happened to all of my friends, especially:

  • risi
  • mklanseks  (aka Kratos now on GT) - why #&@#$*&^ is he banned?! don't tell me it's...*gasp* permanent?
  • hush404
  • diamond (on Gamespot) - where art thou?
  • riku (on GS)

    Sorry if I couldn't remember everyone's name. I'm ashamed, but I was absent for so long (2 years) that I forgot your names. I haven't forgot your personas (personalities), though, so don't worry.

    So, I'm thinking of coming back and giving it another try. If I'll like it and be comfortable with the time spent to writeup blogs and comments, I'll stay. If I still feel like it's a drag or that I'm not ready, I'll... think about it then.
    Honestly, though, I'm expecting the later as I haven't seen many friends online since my last visit. Most of them seem to have left around the time I did (strange, isn't it? It's a bit too much for a coincidence. Any theories, anyone?). It won't be much fun without them.

    Oh yeah, and I'm beginning to cut down on my friends list. I had so many friend updates on GT that I started feeling like I had a sisyphean task on my hands. The ones that remain on that list are the ones whose blogs, usermovies, photos (rarely) or reviews (even rarer) interest me. That means that I'll be going through everyone's G-Pad, so don't worry about mercilessly and unconsciously murdering you.
    Something similar will probably also happen on GS sometime later, after I sort things out on GT.

    Hmm... need I say more about myself and my plans in this blog? I think not. I've seen that big blogs translates to few messages or even reads. Also, with the new GTP system in place on GT, it's more rewarding to break up big blogs into smaller ones (actually, it probably would have been more rewarding during the GTD era, too, though I really wanted to compete with everyone in the thumbs per blog race... now, it all seems pointless, not because I don't get GTD for thumbs anymore - well, actually, maybe that too -, but because it takes too much of my time, mood and other resources and gives lesser and lesser reads and comments in return - in short, it's just not worth it, and this is something that I learned during my exile). So, I'm pulling the USB plug of my keyboard from my PC right here, before I go on forever as my ramblings tend to go.

    In my next blogs, I'll discuss about (in no real order):

  • My spanking new PC
  • My new life as a student
  • GT and the new GTP system

    So don't you dare forget about me, m'kay?

    PS: Has anyone noticed (in my writing $tyle) that I'm a bit different than I was before (a bit more serious than the joking a lot type I was before). I guess I've matured by much and changed some of my naive perceptions since confronting with the trials of living on your own (though, honestly, I think I only awakened my mature self, as I was pretty mature before too, only that I didn't want to really act like that and lose my childish self - don't worry, I still retain that childish part of me, even now). More on that when I talk about my life as a student.

    Hope you had a nice read! :)