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Merry Christmas!!

Well, hello boys and girls and welcome to my new blog (cause "IT`S ABOUT DARN TIME!!!", eh?).

I really couldn`t miss this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, cause, after all, what friend would I be to you if I had not done this? Hence, it`s bloggie time!

So, let`s kick off this blog with a warm MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all, shall we?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone. Have a fun and cozy night right beside your loved ones, stuffing yourself with chocolate Santas, and don`t forget to crack some of those fireworks you had stocked under your bed.

Dancing in the Snow

That`s what I would do right now if I could move my lazy @$$ and go outside.  Heck, I don`t even have to try to dance, cause I`ll surely end up doing so because of the slippery ice on the sidewalk and streets I have to cross.

Finally, a Christmas where there actually is some snow here.  Very few times do I we get that here, and most of the time snow falls sometimes in February or even March here. For once, this Christmas seems just right.

Oh, and I also didn`t get to have that many wars with my family this Christmas, so this is a good sign, too.  I`ve had just a few, low-scale quarrels with them, just like in this image:

Neah, I`m just fooling around, don`t worry.

Now that I think about it, I didn`t actually told you why I`d be dancing in the snow right now, have I?

Well, the reason is that I`m trully really happy now, as I`ve also been these last few days. School ended, I finally get to have lots of free time, my intelligence and knowledge seems to be growing exponentially these days, I finally ditched that physics tuition I had that took alot of my free time (up to 70%) and brought me only stress and fear, I`ve started playing my beloved Star Ocean 3 again now (note, I`m not replaying it from the start, but with cheats on and from a certain turning point in which I had to choose between 3 characters, so I can see all of their replies and stories and decide on which one is best to play with when I decide to fully replay it), and best of all, I`m watching Clannad, a really great anime that you just can`t help but love it.

Yup, life is great right now, so I feel like sharing this love with you, hence the blog.

Kept you in the dark, eh?

Seems I haven`t made a blog in a long time, eh guys? Well, I guess you`d have probably figured why if you had read my last blog.

Yup, school is sucking all my free time away. The last game I actually finished was...6 months ago, I think. It was Xenosaga...oh, wait, I didn`t finish that either. God, how long has it been since I finished a game? I guess the next choice would be 25 to Life, which I finished 2 weeks after summer break started, meaning it`s actually been 7 months since I finished my last game. Sure, I`ve gamed here and there, but never as serious as I used to. Gaming, watching animes, and almost anything that means entertainment has taken a back stage, it seems.

I guess my life is pretty f**ked up right now. Not just about not feeling like gaming anymore, but I also have a truckload of problems that seems to tag along. The Bachelors test is coming up, entrance exams immediately after, school is also contributing with it`s share of stress (just for the heck of messing up with us), and of course my parents couldn`t just leave me alone in all the chaos, so they also have to come in and trouble me too, just so they go with the flow. So, I guess you guys can understand why I didn`t blog for so long.

To my amazement, some of my friends actually felt my absence and PMed me asking how I was be doing. I was truly surprised, since I hadn`t thought people cared about me that much to go out of their way (at least not on GT, where GTD and thumb whores flock around and kiss @$$es for their own interests). Thank you, thank you very much! Not just those that sent me PMs, but also those that at least thought about me. It makes me happy knowing I have friends here, and it helps me to keep going in real life.

Anyway, I`ll leave all the details to what happened some other time. I don`t want to make this blog helluva long, and I don`t feel like writing down about that either, so you`ll just have to wait for one of my next blogs, where I might go into detail. Of course, you never know when my next blog would be.  But cheer up, since I may blog a bit more frequently these 2 weeks I`m free from school.

Anyway, just wanted to know I haven`t forgotten about you guys, and wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (though I`ll be sure to also make a blog on New Year`s eve). Have fun, guys!