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Longest Comment. Ever!

So, with great pride and shame (at the same time) I present you the greatest comment ever on GT. Of course, as most of my loyal readers already guessed, it belongs to me, the user here on GT named Cloud737, who has no social life whatsoever and just likes to beat around the bush and ramble about all the things that spark in his tiny skull that generate a never-ending string of ideas. :P

At the same time, I also present you an interesting and somewhat neglected user of our community here, MarioFan22, which, despite his time with GT and his interesting blogs that may make you laugh at least once per blog, has, unfortunately, a poor audience, so I really recommend adding him to your friends and visiting and commenting his blogs once in a while. (PS: He does blogs daily! Yup. Let's see who wants to reads his blogs now! :P [j/k]).

Anyway, enough with the intro and onto the subject. The comment was posted as a response to MarioFan22's blog, Officially On Strike!!. Here's the comment for you reading pleasure (which any sane person can only justify if you're totally bored):

Phew...! Where to begin? Just grab a cup of coffee and some bags of chips while reading this... :P

I'd suggest you don't try to do blogs to win awards in the bloggers faction or stuff like that. Write them for yourself, not for others! Write what you feel like writing, say what you have on your chest, yell whatever upsets you - just do whatever you wanna do, don't do things just to please others, otherwise you'll end up in this situation: you burnt yourself trying to please others so much, yet they don't show any appreciation.
Just write about whatever you like, whenever you feel like it. At least this way, even if no one appreciates it (doubt it, when you are yourself and express yourself originally, people really tend to stick to you more than if you'd done otherwise), you still feel ok (well, at least not that bad as when pleasing others) because you wrote what you wanted.

Another point worth mentioning: don't, and I mean DON'T EVER do blogs daily. People are lazy SOBs. Even if that's not the case, barraging someone with friend updates everyday will really intimidate them from commenting or even checking the blogs anymore (even going so far as to remove you from their friends list) in the worst case scenario, or just make them ignore the rest of the blogs and just read the most recent one in the best case scenario. I think GT's encouragement (through their GTP rewarding system) to do only one blog per week is very fair, if not the best. It's frequent enough to keep people on their toes in anticipation of your blog (and also to motivate you to write it and have what to write), but not frequent enough to burn people and get them put off (or burn yourself by consuming an enormous amount of almost contiguous time).

I know you want those awards, but heck! They're also there next month, right? And the next. And the next! You might not succeed with 4 blogs per month right exactly now, but as you gather fanbase, you will. You don't need to make many blogs just so people can have more content to thumb just so your score increases faster. It's actually having a negative effect if you do it too frequently. It's like the graphic for a concave second degree function (a geometric parabola): if you go too far (from the origin), the function will start to actually decrease!
And honestly now, how much do those awards mean to you? For me, they're more like bragging rights, which mostly equate to nothing more than cr@p if they're hard to get. You have awards here, another type of awards elsewhere, but all of those really bring me nothing to say it was worth wasting my time. Great, I got a virtual title only a handful of people now! And I only spent like 14 hours a day, 6 days a week to get it! Yipee!
These things really make no difference. What, you think that what titles you were virtually granted by just a small bunch of folks over the net is gonna make a difference when you die? You'll only die knowing you just spent a great deal of your life for nothing. What does matter, in my opinion, are how many good friends I have and how wonderful they are. Those things, I can honestly be proud of when I die that I wasted time for.
What I care for in my blogs is what my friends say about what I talk about. Now that's GOLD to me! It's the driving force behind my blogs. I do blogs ESPECIALLY for them! That says a lot, don't you think?

Now, as for feeling like not many people actually give attention and respond to your blog, I can very well understand that. I know how it is to work hard yet not very respond. However, take into consideration that more replies =/= (not equal to) more feedback. I was on GT since the start of the Marketplace (the great black hole that attracted GTD/thumb whores, fanboys, trolls, 'tards and every social plague you can imagine because people thought they could make fast bucks and get that PS3 or that game in one day or so [I'm serious, some were really this retarded, though most 'tards expected a maximum of a month or a year] by either cheating the system or spamming the crap out of the site) and, while it was nice, has also caused many GTD/thumb whores to just respond to my blog with nice blog 3. Would you want those kind of responses? Even if they are more detailed, I'd usually just don't want some individuals, even though respected by the community, to comment on my blog. Those people are usually not my type - they have something I generally dislike about them (e.g.: There are some users that abused some logical loop holes to create their own raffles in which they took some percentage of the total income, while the winner took the most part, but the GTD rewarding system was supposed to reward your contribution to the site, as in contributing material, but all these users did was organize raffles - no real contribution to the site at all; needless to say, raffles soon got banned [not soon enough, in my opinion! It took a darn well amount of time and a very high peak to reach before they did that] and soon after GTD transfers followed too [these two things should have been banned from the very first start!]; another example is those posting pic blogs or just copy-pasted news and getting lots of thumbs and GTD in return, although their overall contribution and effort was minimal - all these are examples of asstunels I wouldn't want to even see on my blogs less they get burned!).
In this regards, I think that you are pretty much ok with 6 people regularly commenting on your blogs. That's kinda how much I have, and I think it's more than satisfactory. Hell, I even did blogs before with only 3 people commenting on them (though I did feel a bit sad with them being so few). Now, with 6 people, I feel like having all the friends in the world I need (and I really got a kick from my last blog seeing how many remembered me and actually came to welcome me back and comment - I only expected 3-4 to do that).
Trust me, more is not (necessarily) better. I much rather like less but more quality. :)

As a final note, I want to point it out to you that you are not so uninteresting as you may think you are. I actually think your blogs are really good, funny and interesting! Seriously, even on this blog where you complained (especially this - I seem to like to hear people complaining a lot cause that's when they take off their behavioral shell, their Persona, and be their true selves), I actually found it very interesting and especially funny. I actually had fun, smiled and laughed reading it (not because of how pitiful you are - and may I remind you that you aren't -, but at your jokes and way of expressing yourself - seriously, you're just that good). So, in short, I had a good deal of fun reading your blog, and just look at me: I'm level 35 (40 is the cap around here), have 7,738 thumbs, I got 122 thumbs and 14 comments (including me) on my last blog and have been a member of GT for 2 years now! Besides that, I'm in the process of cutting down my friends list to only those people that interest me (I'm tired of the useless crap updates I keep getting from people, especially now since it isn't really worth to have many friends since it won't help get more GTD) and I actually ADDED you to my friends list. Besides that, I even spent so much God damn time to write this huge comment that will probably end up bigger than any blog someone has ever written in their entire lifetime!! If that's not something, I don't know what is!

All I'm wanting to say is Cheer up! (but not in as few words, otherwise it sounds like I don't really care :P). Everything is not really that black as you see it.
If you want more friends and comments on your blogs, just go about the site searching for people you like to talk with and read about. Don't add people just cause they added you or commented on your blog (I can't believe I'm saying this even though I myself am inclined towards that since I feel in debt for him, but, still, there's a reason said individual posted that on my blog - he actually found something interesting in what I said and has something in common with me) - add them cause you want to be friends with them or read/look at what they say/post!

Well, hope my comment really cheered you up. Have a nice day! :D

Phew... I wonder what my friends will say when I'll tell them about this comment on my blog. They'll probably think I'm nuts and gone over the edge!

PS: I'll thumb up ( 17) all your blogs now (as soon as GT stops glitching on me) just so you can have a higher score and I'll comment on them later when I have time.

Beat that! I dare you! :P

PS: If I have made any grammar mistakes, sue me! :P I doubt I've made even one! :D

Oh yeah, and I also have some personal remarks to make: use more paragraphs, dammit!!

No word wrap:

With word wrap:

And that's only part of the message! I thought that would exemplify what I just said better, cause if I used the whole message the gigantic vertical scroll bar would appear and you couldn't quantify the length of the message very well with that.

To make the blog longer, of course (as I usually do), here's the pic of the whole message:

No word wrap:

With word wrap:

Well, here are the stats for the whole message (taken from M$ Word):

Pages: 3
Words: 1600 (haha, nice number! what a lucky coincidence, eh?)
Characters (no spaces): 6983
Characters (with spaces): 8568
Paragraphs: 17 (holy s**t! This is why I said I need to use more of them!!)
Lines: 127

Darn...! That's a whole lotta characters! Let's see someone being even more socially lifeless and top me at that! :P

So, I guess this is the end of the blog. I just wanted to give my greatest achievement a blog of it's own, however stupid that sounds... Yeah, I really couldn't find anything worthwhile to talk about this week. :P
Oh yeah, and on a side note, I got my spanking PC fixed (finally!). Turns out, one of the RAM chips was malfunctioning, which caused artifacts to appear on my screen and my computer to frequently restart when running 3D apps. Now it's working PERFECTLY! So stay tuned for the blog in which I disclose the full awesomeness of the beast I have under my desk. :D

Edit: Even though the title says Longest comment. Ever!, I am fully aware that my comment may, in fact, not be the longest comment ever. I only named the title like this to give it grandeur and humor. As some of you GT users posted, Crazybird holds that record (never knew that, though it was totally expected), and I bow to him. I don't intend on beating him (it's not like I'm making long comments on purpose just to beat the record), I'm just doing long comments when I see it appropriate and only out of interest for sharing information with the user I'm communicating with. That being said, this blog was done solely for the purpose of celebrating me beating my own record (even though I think I may have another comment just a bit longer than this), and not to claim that I hold the world record (though the title might suggest that, like I said, I only did it that way to give it grandeur and humor).

Hmmm... no user seems to beat him, eh? Just give me time! My comments seem to consistently be exaggeratively long. One of these days, I just might happen to surpass him. :D