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Kratos May Cry 4: The Gods Must Die!

Wohoo, another blog in so little time! I must be on a row, right? Well, that too (my blogging passion starts to kick in so much now that I want to do one every day), but another reason I`m doing this is because I wanted to announce my departure (unlike last time  ), so my friends wouldn`t worry. What departure? You have to keep reading to find out.

Going Greek and killing Zeus

You all remember a couple of months ago I was talking about how I was at the Olympics and all, right? You know, the National Programming Olympics I have attended (I was nominated somewhat by accident because, in my opinion, I wasn`t worthy enough, yet for some reason I had almost no real competition). If not, here`s some links to my blogs (sorry, to lazy to post the GS counterparts) which mentioned those.

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Oh, and feel free to comment on those blogs if you feel the need, I still check every one of my blogs to make sure I don`t miss a comment (and I even have the "receive updates on comments" option on GT enabled), so I`ll be sure to reply and thumb you up on them as long as the comment is worthy (eg: no "nice blog +3"s, ok?).

Anyway, one thing I didn`t mention is that by going there, I was automatically qualified for a field trip the school organized for it`s eminent students (the ones that participate in the National Olympics). Our principle (we actually call him director in our country, so sorry if I sometimes type the later  ), during a festivity while also promoting the ones that would go to the Olympics, said that, due to the overwhelming number of children selected (the highest ever since the school was established some 20 years ago - we had kids from all grades, and our school participated in almost, if not all, the main subjects possible that our school focused on), he received a suggestion to make this next field trip to Greece (unlike other times when it was just around our country), all expenses (including the trip, food, drinks, and a place to sleep) covered by the school.  He said he wasn`t sure about it, but that he`ll look into it and he`ll try to make it happen.

By the end of the school year, though, during another festivity while also announcing the "olympics" (the ones who participated at the Olympics), he confirmed that we would be going to Greece for approximately 10 days, and that it was going to be sometime at the end of August (which is the best time, since by then school is close and my mood for gaming is kinda in the pits because of the nearing thread  ). I`ve known about this for quite some time, however, since I`ve been called to some meetings from time to time to discuss about this.
Anyway, the slightly bad part about it is that the expenses aren`t entirely covered by the school (they said they didn`t have enough money - mostly coming from donations and such to a non-profit organization established by the teachers to help the school in these kinds of things and organize other extra-curricular activities - and they were skeptical they`d receive some sponsors to cover the remaining costs) and that we have to shelve out around $71 if we wanted to go (if not, the trip would be made around our country, like other times). Of course, most of us agreed that they would prefer to dish out the cash than to have a normal field trip like other times (actually, paying that ammount compared to how it normally would have cost an individual for the same thing isn`t that bad, it`s probably at 1/5 the normal price, if not more), and so it was decided that we`d have a fantastic trip this summer.

Anyway, back to the present, that time is almost now. We`ll be leaving Friday morning (while it`s still dark outside) on a buss to the capital (Bucharest), then exchanging buses for the one taking us to Greece (btw, it`s private, has everything we need, including food, drinks and whatever we wanted, and even a toilet LOL  , or so we heard). We`ll probably be traveling for 1 and a half, 2 days till we get there (everyone agreed it`d be better by buss than by plane as this way we`ll see lots more stuff), temporarily stopping at an inn to sleep midway. So, in total, we`d spend around 4 days traveling to and returning from Greece.

As for what we`d do once we get to Greece, we mostly don`t know. I`m sure the principle already made a plan, but we aren`t quite informed about it. We heard we`d stay in a 4 star hotel (or was it 3 star? can`t remember, but I think the later is the most any case, the hotels there are waaaay more comfortable, better and cheaper than the ones in our country) in a resort town close to the beach ( think it was called Paralia Caterini), somewhere around Mt. Athos and Metheora, which are said to be some of the attraction points we`ll visit. Besides that, we don`t know anything, but we are pretty sure it`s gonna be a blast.

Anyway, this means that I`ll be gone for the following 10 days starting this Friday (probably even more, depends on when I come home and how tired I am), so I wanted to inform you all about this before leaving. I sure do hope you won`t punish me for this by giving me lots of blogs to catch up to. (j/k)  Anyway, I`ll be more than sure to take pictures of everywhere I`ll go (thank God I bought a 512MB memory stick and 4x2500mA rechargeable batteries a good while ago, cause I knew I was going to need them now  ) and I`ll even take some notes to remember how the string of important events was. That being said, I`ll be sure to treat you to some pics and stories in my next blog when I get back, my friends.  Until then, I hope you`ll look forward to it.