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Insomnia Eternia Disturbia

Well, well, seems I found something to talk about in my blog this week after all. Unfortunately, it's not something really positive, but at least I have something to share.

Wonder what in the world this blog is about? Well, strike those last two words (added for fancy title purposes), and you'll find out - it seems I have a disturbing case of insomnia. In other words, I can't find myself to sleep. Yep, that's right, I can't friggin sleep at all.

This happened two times already: one was Thursday night (my day off, and what a great day it was - I had a continuous string of fantasy and happy dreams; guess this was the compensation for the string of horrible nightmares a few days back 0_o), and one was yesterday's (Saturday) night.

In the first case, I've gone to bed at 12AM, already a bit late since I had to wake up at 6AM the next day, only to find myself turning left and right in my sheets for 5... friggin... hours...!!! Already when I checked the time first, around 2:15 AM, I was getting frustrated because I knew I was gonna be a vegetable the next day at school. After another round of left and right in my sheets, I looked again at the clock - 4:15 AM... NO... FRIGGING... WAY!!! I already accepted the idea I'd skip school the next day (I only had two hours to sleep, and it still didn't seem like coming), and tried to sleep, and after approximately an hour by my internal clock, I finally gone to sleep... a pretty shallow sleep, might I add. It was almost like I was with my eyes closed thinking of different things (i.e.: waiting for sleep to come), only that I wasn't really that conscious. I woke up at 11 AM the next morning, and felt just like I had 10 hour sleep ending in a pretty dream - I wasn't tired at all!! This can't be good...

Well, this time (second time), I managed to NOT SLEEP AT ALL THE WHOLE NIGHT!! How? Well... I dunno. I just couldn't feel asleep. It was already 12 AM and I felt I couldn't sleep if I went to bed, so I just went, took a shower, shaved my mustache and other hairy parts of the body not meant to be, and came back - 2 AM. Still not sleepy. Crawled the web till 4 AM when I said enough is enough and I got to bed, even though I haven't felt like it. Two hours later - nothing! I'm still there, waiting for sleep or the Grim Reaper to get me (whichever comes first). At 6 AM I decided it's pointless so I decided to forgo sleeping entirely that night (whatever remained of it, anyway), since if I actually fell asleep then, I'd probably wake up at 4 PM (I usually need 10 hours of sleep to feel in my full mental power), and that would screw my schedule even more. If I've gone down that path, I would've actually turned into a night-bird. Nope, can't have that! Rewind time 10 hours earlier. So, I decided to forgo sleep and just begin my day like I had waken up. Sure, I was tired a bit at first (not enough to actually be able to sleep, it's just that my eyes felt a bit cold and had trouble focusing), but then it all faded away, like I had a good night's sleep. Hell, I even felt I was in my full mental power (which is pretty impressive, given the fact that tiredness and bad dreams, which also cause tiredness when I wake up, regardless of sleep time, make me feel like I'm completely retarded)!

Man, I remember when I was a kid, I was like "who needs sleep", or "it would be so nice if we hadn't had to sleep". It's ironic that now I'm like "I want my friggin' sleep!!". I really miss the dreams I had, good or not-so-good.

So, here I am now, at 7 PM, finishing this blog about my problem, hoping this will turn out ok in the end (i.e.: the sleep that I lost today will make me feel even sleepier tonight and actually force me to go to bed early, thus setting my schedule back on track: 8AM-11PM online, vice-versa offline). Do you have any advice as to how I can get out of this better, how to force my brain to sleep earlier and not stay up so late nights in a row because I'm not tired or how to prevent this all-together?

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, even though I had a rough night, day-time was actually beautiful. Had lots of golden sun today, and I was even able to get most of the stuff I need to do on my PC done. I installed all controllers/gamepads, I installed all the drivers, I took time to read the manuals, I took pics of my controllers. Normally, I'd say I'd probably done 2 weeks worth of stuff at the pace at which I'd previously gone (it seems I was kinda reluctant and even scared to try and do anything on my PC, not after all the trouble it caused me with the faulty RAM chip), so I'm pretty happy. I'm all set up for games, and I'm even gonna fire up Prince of Persia with my new Xbox 360 Wireless controller for Windows after I submit this blog. Which is exactly now!! :P

Anyway, remember, if you have any useful advice on how to get out of this state and even prevent it in the future, please post it here. I'd greatly appreciate it.
Oh, and if you want to know if I succeeded in sleeping this time, just check my response time for the comments I'm gonna receive. If it's under two minutes, it's pretty darn clear what the result was. :P