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Back from the Dead!


Er...I mean from being inactive. :P Wait, w-what are you doing with that shotgun? NO!!! DON`T SHOOT!! I`m not a zombie! :P

Well, I certainly took a longer time than expected to write my next blog! :P How much was it, now...2 months?!
Well, not to worry! Your old buddy Cloud wouldn`t die that easily (if ever) right? :P

Well, I`m officially back, and (like always), I hope I`d be more active. I`ll tell you, it wasn`t very fun without you guys. I miss you so much.
The reason I "left" (I usually just logged on to GT and let letting movies run for my daily 50 GTD on GT) was because I didn`t had anything good to blog, and I was getting pretty tired of spending 5+ hours a day (if not even more) reading blogs, forum post and whatnot that might catch my attention instead of gaming. Usually, when I start getting into this kinda stuff (reading threads, blogs), I lose track of time and end up spending most of my day doing that, and then regretting it later cause I could have gamed or done something better.

So, my quest for gaming began, and unfortunately, it ended kinda sadly. I started to realize that I was more lonely and I didn`t have as much fun as I was anticipating. Actually, I think lately I had the worst time of my life, thanks to the frustrations provided by Xenosaga Episode 1`s unforgiving difficulty and lack of fun gameplay. More about that in another blog.

Anyway, to tell you the truth, I`m beginning to grow tired of doing just one thing everyday (gaming, and it usually means playing 1 or 2 games till it`s time to go to sleep), so I feel the need to do something else from time to time to diversify things a bit. Well, here`s where my blogging passion kicks in.

Anyway, I`m back now, and besides the usual blogs about my life, I`ll have a bit of extra content to put up here. You`re probably wondering "...What content?!?", but, like always, I`m not gonna give you the answer so quickly - you`ll have to listen to my bickering a bit more to find out. :P

My reason...for existence! (j/k) :P
Note:The remaining part was mostly written for the GT community. Since I can`t do the same things I wanted for GT on GS, you can skip the remaining blog. However, for those of you still wanting to read and talk about it, be my guests.

I thought a bit about why I don`t write so many blogs, and why I`m not so active. I came to the conclusion that it`s a mix of causes, which includes: the fact that I`m a lazy bastard :P, I`m usually not in the mood for doing something (and when I am in the mood, I prefer to be gaming rather than blogging) and the fact that I don`t have many interesting things to blog about (nothing phenomenal ever happens when all you do is sit at home and game all day).

I remember when I came here, I wanted to do some interesting things with my blogs for quite some time, which I was (and still am) very enthusiastic about, and I thought this is the best time to announce about my upcoming projects. I`ll bet you`d be interested in them too too. What are those things, you say? Read on. :P

First, I was thinking of finishing my review formatting (I plan on correcting a few things here and there) and start doing some reviews, the first of which would be for FF7. :P
However, I seem to notice that GT doesn`t have some of the games I`d like to review, and thus I came with a most pleasing solution: I`ll do the reviews as normal blogs. Now, with this, I`m actually solving quite a few problems as well as getting other benefits. For example, many complained that they wouldn`t get GTD for their review, while with this I`ll get the 5 GTD for blogging, besides the generous thumbs you guys like to give me. Another cool thing (besides being able to write a review on any game, even the ones GT doesn`t have a section for, as it`s in a blog) is that you guys would be able to comment on my review, and thus I could correct things and make it more better for you. Now this is something I`m really curious about.
Also, because the reviews will be mixed with the blogs now, I plan on making a custom tab only with (links to) reviews in it exactly (or even better) like the ones on GT, with score, thumb ratings and all.
As a side note, most of the reviews will be on older games and not the new stuff that comes out these days. This is because most of the time I don`t play games the second they come out, even if I have great interest in them, as I like to wait until guides, patches, and all other goodies like that come out (besides the fact that I have to wait till I finish the games I`m currently playing). Besides that, I`m mostly a retro-gamer, or, better said, I like to play games on emulators rather than on the original machine (except for PC games, I`m pretty comfy playing them on my mid-high-end PC) Now, this doesn`t mean that I won`t review games like FFXII or Rogue Galaxy until 3 years passed since release, it just means most of the time I`ll pretty much review games after at least a few months after they come out (eg: Gun Metal, Xenosaga).

Second, I was thinking of making a few guides about various stuff people might be interested in, just for the sake of sharing some knowledge I have. I`m talking about hidden GT features, how to download movies off sites (YouTube, GT, GS), how to configure emulators properly, and many, many more. These will also get a special tab of their own, since I like my gamepad to look professional and interesting.

Third, I was thinking about sharing some philosophical opinions of mine in some blogs, just like in a thread, where the OP shares his opinion and others comment on it and give their own opinions. This`ll be separate from my normal blogs, and have it`s own tab as well. Be careful, though, as I won`t tolerate one-word, monosyllabic, unrelated responses there (eg: "nice blog +3"). I`ll usually leave them unthumbed, or even thumb them down, depending on my mood and the response, since it`s clear the users who made the comments never even read the blog and only left the comment for fast thumbs. I`m even annoyed in my normal blogs when I find those, not to mention in my future philosophical blogs where I would really want your opinions on those.

Well, that`s about if for the things I was planning on setting into motion recently (hopefully, the following month). I still have other in mind, but those Would come later, after I see the reactions you guys will have to these three, and after I get more skilled in certain tasks.

I can pretty much guess most of you would say that I`m a bit naive to start all this and think that people would be interested. Well, I guess that I am, but it still doesn`t matter much, since I`m mainly doing this for peace of mind and to help me feel a bit better that I contributed at least something to the community. In other words, I don`t care if it`ll work out or not, all I know is that I fell like doing it, whatever the result may be. Thinking about it, that`s how I also started my blogs, and look how far I`ve come. :P Maybe this`ll work out even better than I thought...

Well, what`s your opinions on these, guys? I`m really curious to know, so please don`t forget to answer. Put as much detail as possible into it, please.

That`s it for now. I`ll leave the gaming and anime sections for my next blog, since I already wrote about 70% of it (yup, that means that it won`t be long until my next blog! ). Besides, if I`d put all that stuff here and make this blog even bigger, no one`s probably gonna fully read it, right? :P Anyway, don`t forget to comment with your opinions, guys. I`m really eager to know.