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Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year, everyone!!!

I hope you`re all enjoying the fireworks and the festivities. Don`t stay up too late, y`hear?! ;)

I hope this year will bring a little more luck for everyone than the last one (as the 7 at the end of it should have some magic effect ;))...and a little more snow than the previous year, too, as it hadn`t snowed here at all last winter. We only had 2 days of snow during March (spring). Global warming I guess...

May you have a lucky, long and happy new year!

Merry Christmas!! Here`s a little something for you...

Happy Christmas to all of you!! I hope Santa dropped by with your favorite presents tonight. :D

I`m sorry I wasn`t able to comment in your blogs these past couple of days, but I have been busy with school work and a special project. What project you say? Read on...

I would like to give you all an early (or late, depending on your time zone) Christmas present. You all remembered Final Fantasy VII, right? Did you know a prequel to it is being made right now? That`s right! It`s Crisis Core. The events take place 7 years before Final Fantasy 7, and revolves around Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth and some other new characters (one of which is Genesis, also known as 'G' in Dirge of Cerberus). Well, for all you Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth and Final Fantasy lovers, here`s a new Crisis Core trailer to get your hype up.


[Update] You can now view the video on GameTrailers (best quality) and YouTube or download it to your hard drive from FileFront.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed it! I sure did. :D

This is that special project I was talking about. I saw various CC trailers on the net, but none of them offered high-quality video, audio and subs, all in one. I was hoping one to appear, but then I thought that maybe I should do it.

So, this is the result of almost 3 full days of hard work of getting the source video and audio, re-encoding them, boosting their resolution, synchronising sound and image, adding subtitles and subtitle effects, and finally uploading it.

I would like to thank TheAngelaFox (on YouTube) and Suzaku (on for their translations (I would have been able to sub it if it weren`t for them), strikegames (from YouTube) for his great high-quality video trailer, and Xcomp for his high-quality sound trailer on his blog.

I tried my best at making this trailer look and sound awesome (and I think it`s the best you can find on the web up until now), and have great quality subtitles. I don`t know if the subs are 100% accurate, but they should be close. If anyone finds anything that`s innacurate, please inform me and I`ll change it.

Please tell me what you think of the trailer. Anything will do, be it good or bad, and any suggestions on how I could have improved it are welcomed.

[EDIT] w00t!?! It seems like I got an emblem for this also. I`m on a roll!! :D

Happy Holidays to you all!!

The power of Google

*Warning! Really long and boring post!* :D

Well, it finally happened: my computer got a nasty virus. It had to happen as I dind`t have one for months, with no antivirus on my pc (just spybot, as antiviruses take up alot of ressources, although I do have one, just in case), and this week it seems lady bad luck noticed me all to well.

And it wasn`t just any virus. Considering my luck, it had to be something that infected my files to the point I can`t clean them. So it turns out that I had the Jeefo virus, which infects all the exe files on the computer it runs on. And guess what? My antivirus (and the virus info page it sent me to, as well as other sites) didn`t say anything about the exe files except to delete them (there was no mention of a possibility of cleaning the files, and my antivirus couldn`t clean them on it`s own).
And, of course, the virus had to infect almost all of my exe files on my C drive (173), some of which I had no backup for. Lucky me, eh?

The virus encrypted the exes, stripping them of all their resources and appends them to the newly created exes (which contained the virus in it`s non encrypted form). When an infected file runs, it first executes the virus, which stores itself in the active memory, and then decrypts the rest of the program (the original part of the exe) and runs it. So it was forced to either delete the exes along with the virus, or keep them and the virus.

I noticed something was wrong when I tried to run ePSXe (a ps1 emulator), and it seemed that my computer was loading something, but the program dind`t start at all in the end. After a spyware scan (with spybot) and a reboot, the situation was the same. So I installed PC-Cillin, and found that I had the nasty thing all over my HDD. And not only that, it was even an active process in svchost, a process I cannot terminate, infecting other files (10 per minute) while I tried to find a solution.

After I modified the registry, with the help of the aforementioned sites, I was able to stop it from booting at startup. I scanned my computer afterwards, putting all my exe files in quarantine, waiting to be deleted.

So, what does the title has to do with what I`m saying? Well, as it turns out, while I searched for an option on the antivirus sites I knew, I thought giving Google a try. The first page that came up was a thread on a forum, and it was even in my language. :D

After reading a little, I found that a member there submited a program that claimed it could disinfect my exes. So, I made a test try by removing a file from quarantine, stoping my antivirus from monitoring, and running the program.
To my surprise, the program said it cleaned the file. After that, I immediately scanned the file to see if there is any trace of the virus, and it found nothing. The program even ran fine, like it should have.

It turns out that the program was made by a site,, which I have never head of before, which made disinfecting programs for viruses which modified computer files. And it even offered those programs for free.

So, with luck on my side, I was able to clean all of my files on my hard drive, except for 2 of them. One was a screensaver (which I dind`t needed), and the other was ePSXe itself. Fortunately, I had a backup for the last one, so everything was ok. Judging by how the virus works, I think that ePSXe and the screensaver had a different and uncommon exe structure, which prevented me from running or cleaning the modified version. Anyway, all is well when it ends well.

Believe me, I have been through many cases of viruses on my computer, but none of them modified my files.

In the end, I want to say a BIG thank you to Google, for making everyone`s life easier, including mine. I guess it`s true what I have been thinking up until now: you can find anything on the internet, you just have to know where and how to look.

And, for the ones that read my post up until here, thank you! If any of you have a problem similar to this, I hope my information helped you in any way. If you ever need help, feel free to PM me.

Level 10

Hurray, I`m finally level 10!! :D

All those ratings, reviews, posts and reading finally paid off. And to celebrate this, it seems gamespot has given me 2 new emblems (althogh I got the first a little before I leveled-up). :shock: Thanks Gamespot! :D

Now, it isn`t like I don`t like it, but I`m curios why I received the second one. I know it was Thanksgiving yesterday, but what did I do to receive the emblem? Or was it handed out to everyone on gamespot? Oh well, it doesn`t matter as long as I received one, though a few hints would be appreciated.

On a side note, I`m starting to play more often now, as I`m almost through my rough times at school now. I`ll also post a few reviews when I have time, so keep an eye out for them!

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! May you all sleep well tonight with your belly full! :P

Happy gaming to you all!

First blog post...ever

Welcome to my first blog post ever made. Seeing as everyone has started a blog here and there, I thought I`d give it a try and see how it works. So, to start off, I`m going to tell a little about myself.
I`m 17 right now (18 on the 23rd of January) and I live in a not-so-known country called Romania. I`m more a pessimist type, as I have had my share of bad things in life served all to well, and also probably because I take things all to personally and seriously (what I wouldn`t give to be more ignorant...).
I guess you can say that I`m a person that hopes for the best, but expects for the worst to come.
Currently, I`m in high-school, 3rd grade, and I sure wish it would all end soon. Not that I don`t like studying, but because it`s just to hard to cope with all. For starters we have a very mean principle that seems to be all to happy to kick you out of school for any minor incident, the teachers give us exams one after another like we`re machines or something (last friday I had 5 exams out of 6 classes),etc.
My passion and hobby is gaming and programming, and it`s probably the only thing keeping me happy throughout the day. My dream in life is to become a game developer/programmer.
Well, that`s all for this post. Expect more posts in the future (hopefully).
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