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Going to Granny`s

Yipee, I`m going to see my favorite granny today. :D This one, unlike the one I mentioned a few posts back, I like very much. I grew up with her until I was 6, when my parents decided it was time to come with them.

She lives in Bucharest (the capital of Romania) along with grandpa, and she is very loving and caring. They are my favorite of them all. :D

I say "of them all" because I actually have 3 grannies. This one isn`t my biological grandmother though, more like an aunt. She is my father`s mother`s sister (hope I spelled that correctly), but my father used to live with her most of his childhood and adolescence, taking the role of a mother (as she never had a child), or at her age, a grandmother (as my father used to call her). And now, I guess, she`s my grandmother. :D

Anyway, I`ll be visiting her for about 4 hours or so, so it`s gonna be great chatting with her. I`m even going to McDonald`s. :D

Well, see ya around and have fun!

Long blogs, good or bad?

Ok, this is gonna be a short blog post in which I`ll post a poll. It seems that my blogs tend to get longer and longer (ooops! :D ) and it might be hard for some people to read it.
So, I want your opinion on how my blogs should be. Should they be:
3)The same
There`s gonna be the same amount of "content" as before, only that I`ll either cramp more into a blog post or separate them into multiple ones.
So, which option would you like?

An apology to my friends

Well, I wanted to apologize to you all for not being active and not commenting in your blogs enough lately. I was really over my head with school, homework and chores lately that I didn`t even have time to log in.

School`s over now, at least for a week, as the first semester just ended (finally!!), so I have more free time and I`ll comment on your blogs more, while even checking for missed blogs and commenting on them.

Warning! The rest of my blog is rather long. Unless you want to die of boredom, I suggest not reading it in one go.

On to gaming news now! I`m half way through Quake 4 now, and it seems like a pretty nice game. Not to great, a little boring and monotonous after the second half/part of the game, but it`s fair I guess. At least it kept me from death by complete boredom while I had school work to do.

Also, now that I`m on vacation, I`m thinking of starting to play a few games I always wanted, but waited for the perfect time. So my current wish list is: Star Ocean 2, Star Ocean 3, Painkiller, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2. Which of these do you recommend I start? I was thinking of SO2 or 3, but can`t really decide because I don`t know if you need to play SO2 to understand what happens in SO3. If any one of you played SO3 or both, please tell me with which to start (I already played Star Ocean on the SNES, btw), as I `m thinking of playing one of them soon.

In other news, this vacation started great for me. Saturday (the first day of my vacation), I went to an inter-region programming contest held by my school. I was also an organiser there, as this year the organising class`s supervising teacher (yeah, you read it right, we have one of those) was involved in the contest, as she is a programming teacher. Anyway, it was a great day, as all my class mates were unbelievably happy, wonderfully dressed (especially the girls) and simply fun to talk to. We all had dinner together (and for free too, as we were the organisers), and we talked about our childhood pranks and games, and about how great it was back when we were in school (not the high-school I`m in now, but the one before that, from 1st grade to the 8th) as some of my colleagues were from my former class. It was all great and fun to be there with them, as we were so close together. :D

After that, I went to the contest (which was like an inter-region programming Olympics). I couldn`t really finish some of the programs they gave us. I`ve had a good idea about how to do one of them but ultimately got messed up in my own code. :P Then I started the other one to take a break from the first, as I was getting tired.

The second one was about finding a binary sequence multiple for a given number, while making sure the multiple begins with a sequence of 1s and eventually ending with a sequence of 0s (eg: for 24 there is 111000, and 1111111111111111111111 for 23, even though 110101 is the first binary sequence multiple for it). Well, I made that program as rudimentary as possible, multiplying the given number with 1,2,3, and so on until I obtained the wanted multiple. Well, I knew that for big output numbers such as 1111111111111111111111 (where you have to multiply 23 by 48309178743961352657) the execution will surpass the allotted 1 second time limit and fail the test, so I was gambling on having smaller output numbers on most of the 10 tests (each test is 10 points, so you get 100 points for a perfectly made program, or for a freakin` once-in-a-lifetime momentary luck). I think I made the program in 20 minutes of the remaining 45, and it was very rudimentary and slow, so I wasn`t expecting to receive more than 30 points for it. As for the first, I never got to see what`s wrong with my code.

At the end of the contest, I hang out a little until the show began. You see, we always have a show for all the participants to relax after this annually held contest. Usually, the winners of the annual Programming Ball`s Aptitude Contest and other teams with remarkable performances participate in the show. My current class also participated this year, as they were the winner of the said ball. They drew the most applauses out of all the shows, as they did so twice previously (at the ball and at the high-school`s day show). We really ruled the stage, as we had the best show and the showmen (the ones who have the first word at the beginning of the show and introduce the other teams and special events) were also from our class (because, again, we were the organisers ;) ).

After all of our school`s presentations, a strapping team of 20 or so young`uns dressed in our (ancestral) national clothing took the stage to present some (ancestral) national dances. They preformed pretty good, and might I say very loud considering they had no microphone at all (except for the guy with the accordion, of course). They sang and danced with such power you could have said they were aiming at tearing down the stage. Powerful little young`uns, aren`t they? ;)

After 5 dances from them (each one taking around 3-5 minutes to perform) we were getting so bored and desperate that people started to exit the room like a pack of rabid bulls. :lol: They gave some signs of leaving, like picking up their jackets, but always threw them back and started to dance again. :P Even the guys that held the microphones close to the accordion started to get tired and their hands to go numb.

After 10 dances (!!!) (approximately 1 hour), the school principle (which everyone hates, btw) stood up and made them signs to leave. We couldn`t be more grateful to him then. :lol:

After that, he announced to wait a few more minutes for the results to come in (it was approximately 3 and a half hours after the programming contest and 9 and a half hours after the maths one). His magic was so great that with those words he cast a spell on all the crowd and made them all leave instantly. Or was it the monotonous, repetitive, and boring young`uns previous performance? :roll:

Anyway, after that I went to see the results, as I heard they were already shown quickly after the principle`s (btw, we say director here) announcement. I was surprised to see I got 3rd place! Yes, third place!! :o :D

I had 20 points out of a total of 200 (lol :lol: ), and got third place. That was because no one (except for the first two in the list) got more than 20 points. Almost all of them got 0, yes, zero points, with the exception of a few who got 4th place (which had the same score, but below 20).

I was surprised, considering my rudimentary, 20 minute slow program got me 3rd place. I think anyone could have done it the way I had. Well, anyone who knows a few basics of programming. The gap was so big between me and second place that I was happy I hadn`t done more, as I would`ve taken others` (who had the same score as mine) third place.

First place had 160 points, and second had 130 points. Both of them were in the first programming class. I`m in the second, btw, and it`s much better than having all the stupid teachers they have, including the merciless and dreaded principle as the physics teacher, the schizophrenic maths teacher that freaks out if you drop a pen, and the mutant, unintelligible and often senile supervisor programming teacher (which I mentioned at the beginning). I guess it was because of the children`s remarkable intelligence and level of understanding that they got first and second place, as the teachers are good for the garbage can. In any case, I expected them to get a higher score than me, as they surpass me in programming knowledge and experience, but I`ll get them next year. ;)

There were 2 more which got 3rd place. One was a class-mate of mine, which I knew was good, and one was the guy sitting next to me at the contest. Ironically, the ones who arranged the seating of the participants (it wasn`t my class, the teachers had the power there) put an 11th grader (the same as me) which programmed in the same language as the one taught in my class (Pascal) between me and my desk-mate, probably so we can copy each other`s code and have the same results, which, btw, wasn`t allowed. :lol:

Anyway, this guy that stood next to me seemed more knowledgeable than me, wrote more code than I, and said he`d done all the programs perfectly. When I saw that he obtained the same score as me (again, I only did a rudimentary, slow, 20 minute program) I was like "WTF?!?". I guess I`ll never know...

Anyway, I got a nice diploma and $27 for my place, as well as some freebies for participating such as a folder for my files, a pen and a "participating student" badge (which looks almost identical to my "organising student one).

I had a great time there, and the strange thing is that after that the teachers seemed more...(ZOMG!!) human!?! And caring!! And happy!! That`s something I`ve never seen before. Everyone praised me, not only for my achievement here, but for other things such as my Romanian project which I started working on after my last blog and until the end of the semester, which folder got up to 2cm in thickness!!! Also, everyone (including teachers) wanted to take pictures with me and appear on tape (the official version, btw, which the school and students are gonna keep and which will probably be showcased in school numerous times). Even my draconian and communist supervisor teacher seemed more human and happier than ever.

In the end, it was a great day and I would have probably regretted it if I hadn`t been there. That`s a day I`ll never forget.

Ok, that was Saturday. On to today`s stuff now.

My grandmother from the countryside couldn`t be more annoying really. And btw, when I say countryside here, I mean a really rural, ancient, undeveloped and uneducated place for people. She burps and farts all day without even saying "excuse me", you can`t have an intelligent talk with her (you can only have a discussion with her only if the topic is about agriculture, country lifestyle, pigs and domestic animals), she always moves so slow (you can eat dinner, have a cup of coffee, play a game and come back and smack her until she finishes going from one place to the other), always leaves the fridge door open in the morning enough so that it starts beeping to wake me up and leaves it open another 20 seconds just to further piss me off (probably because she moves so slow and doesn`t hear very well, but mostly because she`s dumb because my mother, which is her daughter, told her a million times now not to do touch the fridge, especially in the morning), always has to walk in front of my door in the morning so she has to see me naked or in my pyjamas, and of course is prehistorically dumb. :evil:

But today, she really pissed me off with another thing. She put her horrible smelling, probably pissed on clothes on my parents`
radiator, just to spread the smell of putrefying life all over the house. After I told her that and removed the clothes from there, it was already too late. The house smelled like someone had died recently, and even after I ventilated the air in there, I had to close the room and isolate it as the smell was still coming from the then washed-till-my-hands dropped radiator. :evil:

The thing is, I can even smell it now!! I don`t think it`s the reminiscent smell however, as I have taken care of that, but the memory of the smell. I think it`s that as I feel the smell in my throat rather than my nose, and unless I have a hole in my throat (darn those mosquitoes!! Oh wait, last time I checked I didn`t have one. :D) I just can`t forget how bad it smelled, I guess.

How did I get stuck with her? Why did she have to come and stay this Christmas here? Well, it`s because she lives in a village far away from any town or civilised people, and because winter can be so harsh here and a farmer`s income is so low (although she is retired, she only gets approximately $50 every month, because she retired in the communist period, and those pensions haven`t been raised as much as others to match today`s prices), she can`t heat herself very well and doesn`t have enough money to buy wood to sustain herself for the whole winter.

As for why I had to be stuck with a grandmother from a undeveloped prehistoric village, it`s no wonder that it`s because that out of the 22.355.551 people in Romania, 47.30% of them are still living in villages.

I understand my mother`s decision to bring my grandmother here for the winter, as she could surely die if she stayed there. Still, I can`t help but be pissed off at the sheer stupidity in her. I only wish people weren`t so stupid.

Speaking of stupid people, another occurrence just flashed through my head. I remember going to school one day, and having P.E. (I`m guessing it stands for Physical Education, or Sports in other words, right?), so I asked my mother to put my clothes in my bag (we have some lockers in my school, but we can`t store anything in them except if it`s P.E. class then, and in most schools you don`t even have this, so you have to get clothing from home). When P.E. arrived, I got to the lockers and started undressing and putting the new clothes on me. When I took my pants out, a horrible and death bringing smell of putrefaction hit my nose. I was amazed by it, and smelling my pants I deducted that it was them that smelled like that. I wondered why they smelled so horrible, as I haven`t used them so much after last time they were washed to be such a strong insecticide (and probably a better defensive measure than pepper spray). It really made me puke right there and then. Unfortunately, I really had no choice but to wear them. It was either wear them and try to stay 20 metres away from any people (which was impossible), or not wear them and get a really bad scolding from my teacher. Mind you, regarding the scolding part, that what I was thinking then, and I was exaggerating because of panic, as my P.E. teacher is rather nice.

After I put them on, the smell seemed to have evaporated and I could start breathing air again. After I finished putting close on, I gone and taken my bag to put it on the bench so people don`t stumble on it. The moment I touched my bag the smell attacked me again, this time more horrid then before. Also, I noticed my bag was kinda heavy considering I had nothing in it because I emptied it. Touching my bag, at the bottom, I noticed there was still something in it. Looking in it, I`ll never gonna believe me...SH!T!!! :shock: Yeah, you read right, and it`s not meant to be an insult, I actually found human sh!t (aka excrements) in there. :shock: It wasn`t my pants that smelled, it was my bag the smell came from. I quickly taken my bag when no one was in the locker anymore (I quickly rumpled, or better said made a ball out of my bag to try and seal it hermetically) and gone to the bathroom and dumped it`s contents into the toilet...although there still were some traces of it left on the walls because of how heavy it was, but at least it wasn`t like before. I sealed my bag as much as I could and was careful when I put my clothes back in so not to dirty them too with that despicable, still fresh and horrid smelling, soft thingie I don`t want to say. After that, I pondered on who could have done such things to me. Asking my mother when I got home, she told me it couldn`t have been there before as she surely would have noticed it when putting my clothes in the bag that morning. The only reason I could find was that someone or some people thought of playing a stupid prank and scrape it off the road after a horse-drawn carriage (yes, we still have those, and they`re mostly used by gipsies or farmers here) passed, or actually got it from after someone exited the toilet (probably them), as I can`t really determine the nature of the origin of that thing, and put it in my bag when I was at the programming laboratory, as there are some classes in my school that don`t have classrooms and have to go to another class`s classroom when they`re away. It was a really stupid prank, but thankfully it never happened again after that, even if the same class stays in our classroom that day when we`re away. It probably wasn`t a targeted prank. This was Tuesday before the party, btw.

And speaking of stupidity (again), have you noticed my new blog description? I put a quote I`ll never forget from a very famous person there, which also somewhat became my motto.

Well, it`s off to gaming now, and probably spend some more work on my review formating and categories as I`m still not satisfied with it. :D

Again, sorry to my friends that felt I had forgotten about them. I haven`t, so rest assured. I`ll be trying to keep in touch as much as I can.

Phew...that`s all I had to say for now. Looking at it, this is a pretty big blog post. Guess that makes up for the time away. :D

One blog to rule them all! :lol:

After party feelings was a great party last night, and although it could have been better, I really enjoyed it.

There were a total of 2 girls (one of them dropped out at the last moment because she had to go with her parents somewhere) and 6 boys.

The girls arrived a little later than the rest (for some unknown reason), and only stayed for 2 hours, but I appreciate the fact that they came in the first place. Plus, I think it was better (for them) when they left because I think they were getting a little bored.

It was a bit hard for them (the girls), I think, as I think they were a little uncomfortable. In this regard, I focussed all my attention on them, as to make them feel better. While the boys played Worms, Warcraft, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 and other games in my room, I talked in the living room with the girls (which I presume weren`t familiar with games) about my crazy neighbours, about what they want to become in life (one of them wants to become an actress ;)) and other things that came to mind.

I guess I made them comfortable at first, as they seemed smiling and happy, but after 1 and a half hours, when we were playing cards, I noticed they tended to look at the TV quite often (sign of boredom, usually).

After 2 hours, they left, and I politely (or because of pity for them) walked them downstairs to one of the girls parents car, who picked them both up.

Anyway, the party was a blast. I remember some guys were trying to show us a video on Youtube with a comedian repeatedly saying X-rated words (such as 'f*ck') in Romanian (which my parents understand oh-so-well). They suggested we close the door, as to not let my parents hear what he was saying. The guy wasn`t really funny, though, but after we seen like 3/4 of the video, we realised we forgot a speaker outside of the door! :lol: I put that there when we were eating in the living room to hear music, and forgot it there when we came back. You can imagine all of us rolling on the ground in laughter, as we thought about how we were trying to not let my parents hear what the guy was saying by barricading ourselves in my room, only to realise we forgot a very loud speaker outside. :lol: That`s something I`ll never forget, and it was well worth it.

There were some minor alcohol problems, as one of the guys brought me a bottle of gin, and they wanted to drink it, but I quickly hid it until the girls left, as girls + drunken boys=trouble. After they left, I let them drink, and after emptying the bottle (they diluted the alcohol with soft drinks though) they were quite normal. They even offered me some diluted gin with Coke and Fanta, but after smelling it even a little (and taking a very, very little sip) I quickly refused turned down the offer, as I didn`t like how stingy it`s taste and smell was. Actually, I don`t like the smell and taste of anything that has alcohol in it (or alcohol-like taste, such as a no-alcohol beer).

It even snowed that night, so it seems someone up there thought of sending me a gift, even if the snow didn`t last, and I was grateful, as it`s the thought that counts.

Well, the party ended and I was like totally wasted. Not because of the alcohol, as I didn`t drank any, but because of the exhaustion. After the party ended, suddenly a state of tiredness combined with sadness (as I have to do my very, very, VERY long homework the day after) hit me. Well, that`s the after-party effect for ya.

So, in short, this is how the party turned out. I think it was great, as I had a lot of fun. Comparing it with my previous party, where I invited like 13 people, and when one of my 'friend', though I don`t consider him one, started to act like a moron and thought he owned the house (he even searched in my fridge and everywhere else for alcohol, even though I said no and didn`t gave him permission for it), this party was all I wanted. A little less crowded, more relaxed, and without my annoying 'friend'.

Hope you had a nice read! :D

Birthday party

Ok, so it`s exactly 2 hours until the party starts here. I really wish I could invite more people (including the girl I talked about) and all of you guys too, but because of the circumstances (like you being in totally far away places than where I live), I can`t.

Well, I got a good night sleep and feel very well rested, energetic and charismatic today. It`s just what I need, seeing as I have to be happy at my party.

Unfortunately, some of my guests (mostly girls) said at the last minute that they couldn`t come. I hope that the others aren`t gonna drop out, as I currently have 2 girls (out of 4) and 6 boys (including me). Oh well, I just have to see it to the end.

In any case, I`m very eager to get the party started, to see how it works. But I guess I have to wait 2 hours for that, and fortunately I need that time to get things prepped up.

On the gaming front, I just finished my new review model. Check out the Quake 4 test review, and please comment on how you like it.

Happy gaming!

Feelin` better

Ok, I`m starting to feel better because of all your support guys. Thank you very much!

I decided to invite her next year, while I try to get closer to her. I would need a little more help from you guys though, but now I`m pretty fine.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you something. I guess some of you were surprised by how I look (probably because of having another image of me in their head based on my avatar, personality,etc.). So, I wanna ask you, did I ruin your image of me by showing you those pics? :P Also, what would you say about how I look? Do you think I`m ugly? Do you think I look similar to Cloud?

I`m really curious as I didn`t really care much up until now about what opinions others have of me. Well, maybe not at this magnitude. Anyway, I want to know what people think of me and how I could change myself to be a little better.

Ok, on to the gaming news. I`m playing Quake right now, and I`m enjoying it a little, though I still think it lacks interactivity. Also, I promised I`d improve the formating of my reviews, so here`s how the review would look like. Feel free to comment on what you think about it and suggest things I should improve.

[Edit] Actually, seeing all the troubles I have trying to tell gamespot how the formating should be (everytime I try to submit it, it cuts all the extra spaces in my review) I`ll post just a preview of how the review would be after I work on it a little.
I`ll have a test review on Quake 4 soon, as I want to see how it reacts there. Have a look, I`ll post it soon.

Question! Does anyone know how to keep spaces (like 10 consecutive ones) in the review? GS always seem to cut them in the normal editor, the one with HTML source only (and in the full, blog and forum one, it cuts them in the editor after I preview the changes, though it still keeps them intact in the preview).

Wohoo! It`s my birthday!!!

Today, I finally turn 18. Now I`m finally able to make that PSN account I wanted. :D

Anyway, this should have been a special day, but unfortunately it doesn`t feel to special to me. I had bad luck as always, and just came home partly happy, partly always.

But I hope that`ll change until Saturday, when I give my birthday party (everyone`s too busy in the weekdays so it`s better then).

But, to tell you the truth, I`m not to optimistic about it. I really wanted to invite a girl I have a crush on (she was in the same class with me in school), but the thing is I can`t invite any more people, as I don`t have much room left (the party will be at my house, as all the restaurants, pubs and the like don`t want anything to do with birthday parties, as they had allot of trouble because people always broke stuff up, got drunk, started fighting, stealing,etc.). Plus, I`m not too close to her, so I`m a little scared she`ll refuse me...I think that`s my worst fear up until now.

I was thinking of inviting her on my next birthday, as my family would have finished building a new house at the countryside, with lots of room to accommodate more than 20 people. I`ll also have more time to get closer to her.

What do you say? What should I do? I`m really confused right now, and this thing has been eating me up from the start of this month.

Boy, and I thought birthdays should have been fun. I liked them when I was little (ahh...I had so little worries then...), but now it feels more like a pain and a burden...Sigh...

Oh well, good things have to come...eventually... Right?

Anyway, to celebrate this, here`s some pics of me. :D

2)Me with glasses
3)Me trying to look like Cloud
4)Me trying to look like young Cloud

I hope I`m not THAT ugly...

One down, more to go

Phew, this has been a busy (and painfull) week. Fortunately, I finally finished my fourth final (say that 10 times fast :P), and finished giving my biology test...that, however, was the worst of them all this week (guess not-e-n-e was right about how much it sucks :P).

First off, it wasn`t a normal "test your knowledge" test. It was more like "test your luck". The test is something that would be translated into English as a "grid test", but I don`t think that`s correct (maybe there isn`t an appropriate word for it, as I can`t find it). Anyway, it was basically made of 2 parts : simple and multiple complement (wtf was the teacher smoking when she came up with those names?).

The simple complement required you tick the correct answer for each question (6 possible answers, out of which only 1 is correct). That was pretty easy, although some were trick questions.

The multiple complement, however, was made specifically so you screw up. You had to assign only one letter to each question, depending on which answers were correct (A-answers 1,2 and 3 are correct; B-2 and 4 are correct; C-1 and 3 are correct; D-only 4 is correct; E- none are correct).

And of course, there were questions that made you wonder what letter to put, even if you perfectly knew what answers are correct and not. For example, there was a question were answers 1,2,3 and 4 were correct, but you were only correct if you attributed letter A to the question.

That was a little misleading (and actually unfair) because she said to write the letter which corresponded to what sentences were true, instead of actually saying to write the letter which has the more truth.

Also, there was a question were only answers 2 and 3 were correct, but you were right only if you wrote "E" (as in NONE of the answers are correct, even though there were two), as there isn`t a letter which says only 2,3 or both of them are correct.

And what makes me even more mad is that this isn`t the first time she cheated us. A couple of weeks ago (before Christmas), her class was temporarily moved instead of maths, because the maths teacher was absent that day. Of course, it wasn`t enough to torture us for 1 hour/class, so she asked us if we could remain after hours (we could have gone home after before the 5th class, which is biology, because we already attended it). Seeing as we didn`t want that, she accepted our "condition" to give us +1 on our then current test rating/grade.

After we remained after hours to attend the optional biology class, we asked/reminded her again about the bonus on our rating/grade. And she said that she would give us our bonus, but not by practically adding +1 to it, but by taking 1 point (out of 3) from one subject and putting it as the "starting score" (which basically means she gave us nothing, because a lower maximum score on that subject means a bigger penalty for a mistake if you made some of them, and no bonus if you made no mistakes).

So, in the end, I just want to say one thing behind her back... bi@tch!!

Regarding my Romanian (native language, remember) final, it turned out great. I got a 8.75/10 (which actually means 9/10 officially, as grades are rounded here).

Thanks for all your support guys! It really helped me! :D feels so good to let it all out. I think that`s enough for school, don`t you?

On the gaming side, I hadn`t had much time to game this week. I think I haven`t played anything for 6 days (from Saturday to Thursday), having to study from day to night (one example being Saturday when I studied from when I wake up to 2AM for my final the following day).

That has passed though, and I`m starting to get more free time since Friday. I`m starting to play Quake 4 on my PC (which rocks in my opinion...will post about it in a future blog), and it doesn`t seem to fun. The graphics are wonderful, though the textures don`t look to good from the close-up, but the main problem is the gameplay...not too much interactivity with your surroundings, apart from blowing things up. Still, I only played it for a few ours so I shouldn`t complain.

In hopes of not ending this blog with a bad taste in your mouth, here are a few pics of my city during sunset.


Well, that`s about it for the update. Is it me or my blogs tend to get bigger and bigger? Ooops!... :D

The peak of boredom and frustration

Well, I`m sorry I hadn`t talked with most of you and was inactive since Christmas. I had a lot of things to do, and little time to spare.

First off, my Christmas vacation (2 weeks) was great. I was able to finish Xenogears and Vampire - the Masquerade: Redemption.

Xenogears had a lot of potential to be a great game, maybe even equal in story with FF7`s, but failed in almost every other category (especially fluidity/presentation, which made it frustrating to play).

However, I enjoyed Vampire very much. Even though it was old, it had surprisingly well graphics (probably because they made sure to include future-proof features like EAX 2.0, higher resolutions, anti-alasing, vertex shadows, etc.). The gameplay was kinda irritating, because it was mostly a click-fest RPG with a hard difficulty, although it made up for it`s mistake in the story, atmosphere and sound department.

***Warning! Spoilers!***
The story is about a Crusader, a man of God, who slayed a vampire while trying to protect Prague (which was like village back then), who was turned into a vampire by a kind and moral Vampire clan (at least compared to the others). Now, Cristoff (the main character) tries to regain his humanity and human self, and never gives up hope of redeeming himself. The story evolves, and you find yourself in the modern world (year 2000) as a saviour of humanity from the Apocalypse.
***End of spoilers***

It was the best game I enjoyed it a long time, and I finished it a little before my vacation ended (making it and the vacation more enjoyable).

Expect a review of these games soon. Speaking of which, I decided to further improve my reviews. I was thinking of adding an Atmosphere category (which basically means how well you feel like you`re in the game), and adding some descriptions to each category, all the while making the formatting much more prettier. I`ll edit my FF7 review to meet these standards, also.

Unfortunately, school started and my enjoyment dropped drastically. I had to give a final this Thursday on Romanian (my native language), when our teacher came up with this great idea: what if we add even more things to learn by heart a day before the final? You can imagine my "excitement" then. Fortunately, after a little begging, he agreed to move the final to Monday, which is great because I need all the extra time I can get.

This week seems like it`s gonna be tough. We have a final on Monday, a Biology test on Friday, and who knows what other surprises in between, so I have very little time on my hands to spend on other things.

I`m trying to play and enjoy Dragon Quest VIII recently, mainly because it isn`t so addictive to distract me away from my duties. But boy, is it boring and frustrating! The story is very generic, the music is very repetitive and ugly, and the difficulty is very hard (the enemies are either very easy to slay, or they rip trough you like butter...there`s no in-between). And the high encounter rate (every 10 seconds or less) and low experience after a battle (meaning you need a lot of training to survive further in the story) doesn`t help either. At least I`m starting to enjoy it a little more lately.

Well, this was kinda long...Guess it makes up for all the time I was inactive. I hope to be on GS more often now, and respond to everyone I couldn`t.
Wish me luck with my exams!


Finally, after 2 years of having snowed only in March or April (spring), it seems this year God decided to make it snow when it`s actually winter.

I was surprised when I woke up to find large snowflakes dancing in front of my window, and when I looked outside I couldn`t believe that it was snowing.

It was really strange, as the snowflakes were as big as a dime, and fell like it was raining rather than snowing.

I took some pictures to celebrate this rare occasion, so click on the links bellow if you want to see a little of my hometown.


And here`s a wallpaper for those that want to linger on that holiday spirit:


Sorry I couldn`t take pictures of the larger snowflakes. By the time I got my camera, they were gone.

My camera batteries decided to give up on me when I wanted to take some pics. Strangely, after I removed them to put another batch of used batteries and putting them back again, my camera said that my batteries were full.

No point in wasting that occasion, right? So I took all the photos that I could, and luckily they all came out alright. After I closed my camera and booted it up again, my batteries turned back into the normal, depleted state.

Heh, I guess miracles do happen. But who would have thought 2 would happen in a single day?

The holidays have passed, so I don`t think it`s appropriate to say Happy Holidays, right?
Well, happy whatever to all of you!! :D
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