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OMG! I couldn`t have taken it anymore!! Finally, school is OVER!!!

Ahem! Sorry for not commenting on your blogs, guys. As you can see, school took up most of my time. In fact, I didn`t even have time to write my own blogs because of it. Even more, I found myself I didn`t even game for 1 full month!!!. It was actually starting to take it`s toll, making me very susceptible to going postal at any moment. :P So, please forgive me for not visiting your blogs lately. As you can see, I`ve been pretty much busy. I promise I`ll check out some of them now (usually, the ones that catch my eye), deleting my updates afterwards (on GT, that is), and to check all your blogs from now on.

Well, the hard part`s over now. I have just one more day of school (tomorrow), which will be some kind of farewell party (farewell until next year, that is :P). I hope I`ll be more active and be able to do what I want this summer.

I have so many things to say that I can`t even remember them, lol. I think I`ll just talk about what I can remember now and I`ll put the rest in my next blog (which I think will come pretty soon).

Like I said, I haven`t been gaming for 1 full month now. It was pretty hard to not even touch my PS2 or run any game executables on my PC, believe me.

Well, I was able, at least, to pick up and finish Abe's Oddysee this last week, and even complete my self-imposed objective of rescuing all 99 mudokons. It`s a pretty neat adventure game if you ask me. Though it is old-school (PS1, 1997), it more than makes up with originality and great atmosphere. I`d recommend it to anyone who`d ask me.

This summer, I`m planning on blowing up the house (by gaming, that is :P). I`m gonna game like mad, try everything in sight, and try to have lots of fun and play lots of games. I think I`m gonna start with a few easy and short ones, so as to get in the mood, and then add some spice to that, some great long games that I`ll be sure to enjoy.

Like games, I haven`t been watching many animes lately, though it`s not as bad as my gaming situation.

I`ve manged to finish Jeanne this Saturday. It was great, I guess, though I was just a little bit disappointed in the end because there were no omega power show-offs. :P Well, I kinda knew that since I already saw the ending way before this in German. I wanted to re-watch the anime hoping to understand more and to make me like it more than before. It sure payed off.

Other than that, I`ve watched Princess Monoke this Sunday. Really didn`t have anything else to do, and didn`t want to play anything, so this was my next best choice. I must say, the first part of it is really interesting and captivating.
I really liked it when Akitashi used his curse (which also granted him incredible strength) for his own good and the good of others (while also conjuring up some form of wind and raising his hair in some kind of attempt at transforming into a Super Sayan :P). After that, though, came the boring and really uninteresting second half, in my opinion. No more super power show-offs (well, there was just once, but it was anything spectacular like the one before). The ending was more like from a horror movie, and not resembling the anime anymore, in my opinion. This is probably because they tried to replace that "mystery of life" theme with a darker one. I could actually say that I thought I was watching a different anime then. Well, I don`t regret watching it, but I am disappointed at it. From the looks of it, thought, it looks like it has the perfect setup for a sequel...who knows?

Like gaming, I also hope to watch anime like mad this summer. I also have a special anime here I`ve been keeping away from just to save it for the right moments. ^_^

Well, that`s about it for now. I`ll leave it as a short blog as I`m sure no one wants a longer one right after I came back. Plus, I`m lazy and I already like it as it is. :P More info in my next (hopefully frequent) blogs.

Summer is here!

I think it`s about time I made a new bloggie. My previous one is really old, and besides that I hate it when I try to read comments and I see they`re constantly pushed down by the images that are loading.

Anyway, this blog is about a few happenings in my life since my last blog, one of which is the arrival of summer. ^-^

Favorite user movies

I wanted to post a few of my favorite user movies on GT, so that hopefully you`ll like them too and put a smile on your face. ^-^
So, to celebrate the coming of summer with all of you, here are some pretty neat user movies about animes:
1)Shaman King||Apprehension
2)Gintama intro 3
3)Gintama ending 5
4)Black Blood Brothers intro
5)Bebops in the Dark


Haven`t played much lately. Too many exams, I`m also in the middle of finals, and have too many things to do since all the teachers are desperate because we need more grades (they were kinda lazy until now). So, my gaming appetite, as well as my time, is eaten up by all the stress and stuff I must do. But not too fret, school is almost over (at least it`d be unofficially over 2 weeks from now, after I`ll give my last final and got most of my grades), and after that, I`m gonna game and watch animes like mad all summer.

Anyway, I finished God of War recently, and pretty great timing too, since after that I didn`t feel like dedicating myself to playing anything seriously. Anyway, the game was great. I really enjoyed the variety of moves and the interesting story it had to offer. Now I`m looking forward to God of War 2, which I saw had more platforming elements, more freedom, and more moves and other goodies.


Haven`t watched pretty much anything till now. I have recently watched about 4 episodes of Jeanne - The Kamikaze Thief cause of boredom, but I`ll leave it at that until school`s over. I`m currently halfway through, btw.
Anyway, coming this summer, I`m planning on watching allot of animes, along with playing lots of games, so that I make up for the lost time thanks to school and my slowness.

Funny and remarkable events

Well, I don`t know if this section will appear more often in my blog, but rest assured, as long as something funny, strange or remarkable happened in my life (real or virtual), this section will be included in my blog.

Anyway, in this blog I`m going to talk about a really funny event that happened at school, and about a really good day I had to start summer off on the right track (described in the section below this one).

It was in the middle of biology cla$$ The adrenaline that once rushed through my body was gone, because thankfully the teacher didn`t examined my knowledges about the previous lesson (in that moment quite lacking) to give me a grade, leaving it for another time (remember, I, along with other 7 in my cla$$, skipped the biology test, because it was hard and I had to go to the Olympics).
The teacher started to talk about the next lesson, the blood circulation through the human body. While dictating frenetically, she paused for a while, wanting to just talk about some things before writing them in our notebooks. Cla$$ was 5 minutes short of being over.

After she talked a bit about the heart, she stopped a bit to remember something, asking us to wait a little cause she forgot.
In that abysmal silence, in the middle of of cla$$ when most of us were serious, and when absolutely no sound could be heard, someone suddenly farted pretty loudly.

All of us were almost falling from our desks and rolling on the ground in laughter. I could contain myself. My mouth was bloated like a balloon while I tried to put my hand over it trying not to laugh. When I looked at someones eyes, I started to laugh again.
In that happy moment, the teacher seemed to not have understood what happened, so she asked a guy (who we all knew was the most noisy one in the cla$$ what he`d done. He just replied with "I haven`t done anything" every time the teacher repeated the question.

After cla$$ I heard it was actually his desk-mate who farted. The funny thing is, when the teacher asked the noisy guy what had happened, his farting desk-mate said "Shh! Contain yourself!". LOL, like he was the one who should have contained himself. :P
Anyway, after our next cla$$ was about to start, he returned to the cla$$room, and we were all like "Heeeey!". Man, was he embarrassed when he saw that all of us knew.

Summer is here!

Well, it seems summer just came here. After a while of normal, mild temperatures, nature suddenly decided it was time to bring summer here, and quite abruptly.
That`s why the temperatures rose from 20-23*C, this Friday, to 30-32*C the next day.

Anyway, along with summer comes the dreaded finals, and shortly after that the happy summer school break. The only problem is that, because of this heat, almost no one feels like working anymore. It`s kinda hard to focus on your exams when you feel sleepy and dreamy because of the heat outside.

I even had a project I had to do for this Monday, which I was planning to do Saturday. However, I didn`t feel like doing it Saturday because I was close to finishing GoW, so I left it for Sunday.
However, I totally forgot that I had to go to a barbecue this Sunday. When my parents came home saying that we have to go, and would be returning quite late, I was like "What? But I didn`t even do a single homework!". They said I could either come, or cancel the whole barbecue for another time. Of course, I really wanted to go, cause I haven`t had one for a while, and my best friend also came there, and I knew I`d enjoy talking with him pretty much.

So, in the midst of what probably was a combination of instincts (which seem to be pretty effective in my case) and a dream-like state (probably caused by the good night`s sleep I had plus the overwhelming heat outside), I said "Screw School!" and gone to the barbecue. I haven`t regretted it one bit, as I was able to see my parents new country-house for the first time, while eating a finely made barbecue and talking with my good friend. Plus, I had absolutely no problems at school the other day, thanks to luck.

So, I had a great day to boot this Summer with, and all seem to be pretty nice for the future.

So, it seems summer finally arrived here and everything is going pretty great, minus the finals which will all be over soon.
So, happy summer to all of you! May the temperatures be mild, the beverages flow, and the hot girls wink. Summer has finally come!

Pics from my Journey

Kept you waiting, eh? :P
Well, I know I said I`d post them soon, but do to the nagging school (and my laziness :P), I suppose it couldn`t be helped.
Anyway, this is gonna be a blog mostly with pics (with minor exceptions), cause if I would also put lots of text in it it would be hella long. So, enjoy!
...But before that, a little rant of mine. :P

School break!!!

Hehehe, we finally got a small mini-break (4 days) from school. The reason is that this Tuesday is "Work Day" (a sort of holiday for all the members of the European Union), and ironically, this is celebrated by staying at home and enjoying yourself. Since Tuesday is close to Sunday, we also got Monday off.
Unfortunately, talk is that we`re gonna recover the cla$$es we`ll miss this Monday next Saturday, but it`s still ok as it`s better than going to school on Monday and then getting a 1 day break.

Disappointed with Star Ocean 3

I knew I probably would be disappointed with it, because someone mentioned SO3 in a thread about cr@p game endings. Even if I didn`t saw that, I kinda guessed it would have been a bit bad since the game kinda missed on so many great opportunities, it kinda gave it away that it was a great game in theory, but lacking in practice.
Well, not gonna spoil it to anyone, but the ending really was kinda lacking. No special, ultra-amazing, ultimate "P0W4R" FX or scenes. Just some talking, even more talking, and bam, "The End".
To me, SO3 seemed like a game with lots of potential. I`m really disappointed in it because it didn`t achieve most of that potential.
Anyway, I said this is going to be a short blog (text-wise) mostly, so I`ll talk about it more in my next blog.
As a side note, I began playing DBZ Tenkaichi 2 and God of War, and I really like them both.

The long awaited pics

Well, here are the pics I promised (in the order I took them), all 47 of them! :P
As always, click to enlarge them if you want. Enjoy!

The place where I died. :P

Massive, ain`t it?

Woot! I love water!

Man, how I would like to have one of those in my new house`s backyard.

Following this are some pics of how the interior and exterior of an orthodox church look.

Uhhh...yeah, just another orthodox painting of some sort.

No offence to the one`s painted, but the painting is downright ugly. The proportions are all messed up. Was the painter drunk when he painted it?


That`s about all of them. Only one thing I regret from this journey, and that is that I`ve missed a great pic opportunity (mountains in the background, trees and a river passing beneath me in the foreground) because my batteries ran out and I couldn`t find the replacements. Sorry guys, it was a great view, but unfortunately I got unlucky then. Maybe next time I`ll go there (not necessarily for the Olympics), I`ll take that pic.

Hope you enjoyed them!

Back from the Olympics

Phew...that was a long a tiring trip. Well, I`m back now, and hopefully everything is gonna be a little easier and have more free time on my hands.

I guess you`re probably wondering if I done something? Well, only way to find out is to read below. :P

The trip...

...Was very tiring. I had to wake up at 3AM in the morning so I could catch the train at 5AM. We took a slow train to Bucharest, taking about 2 hours (because it stopped at every station on the way...still, there was no better option to chose from), and then another train to Cluj Napoca, where the Olympics was.

To add to the long trip, we haven`t talked at all on the train, so all I could do was sit there and look at the ceiling, close my eyes, or get outside the compartment and into the train`s hallway to take some pics from time to time.

After approximately 9 hours, we finally arrived there at 3PM. When we arrived, I could barely stand up straight. Because of the constant motion of the train, I felt that the ground beneath me was still moving, even though I had my feet on solid concrete ground. I felt like that throughout the day, even after I went to bed.

Upon arrival...

...We still had to wait some more, as the mini-bus that they had for us was to small, and we weren`t the only ones who arrived. So after waiting for it to come back and pick us up, I`ve found out that there were no more seats for me, another guy, and 2 of the teachers. The solution to the problem? I had to stand up in the small space that I had there (the bus wasn`t designed for people to have enough space if they wanted to stand up), being cramped on one side by the chairs, on the opposite side by the door, in front of me by the baggage I was carrying and the other one that had to stand, and by the teachers that were behind my back.

Even worse was the driving. Because of how the city was built, most of the roads weren`t perfectly horizontal, meaning that I had to have a tight grip to not bump into anything on either side even when the car wasn`t moving. But even worse was when the car was moving. Sudden brakes, accelerations, and turns means that I frequently had to hug the nearest piece of metal with all my force.

When we arrived there, we were immediately sent to the dorms. To tell you the truth, they weren`t comfy at all. We had to sleep with 5 other people (usually the noisy types) in the room, we had only one plug in the whole building (cheapskates!), and the walls were downright ugly, washed out, plain and had cracks in them. And I`m not talking about small cracks. There was one exactly in the corner of my room from the floor all the way to the roof.

I was expecting better conditions from them, especially because this was the national phase. I guess now I know the full hospitality and generosity of Romanians.

At least I was lucky my parents also came with me on this trip and I could sleep at the hotel with them.

The exam

Well, it wasn`t pretty, that`s for sure. The tests were moderate in difficulty, the only exception being the last ones on day 2 (the last day). However, if you`re not pretty experienced with the problems you would encounter when trying to program them (which you could only know by doing similar tests), you only had time for 1 one of them to do. The time allotted for the tests was 4 and 1/2 hours on the first day and 4 hours the second day.

Before the exam on the first day, I was asked to take an interview regarding the exam by some chicks. Of course, I took it, as I didn`t have anything to do then. After they took my interview, they went to other people to interview them, and I saw one of the girls having a badge on one of their arms where it said "Chicks rule". Believe me, if you looked at that girl, you would have said loudly "They sure do...".  Too bad I didn`t have my camera with me then.

Fast-forward to the end of the exam on the second day, and I had a total of 0 points. Well, it was to be expected since I think I mainly got there by luck. Still, I`m a bit disappointed because I think I knew how to do one of those programs perfectly, thus getting 100 points (6 programs in total, 3 each day @ 100 points maximum for each @ 10 points for each test answered correctly, in time, and without bypassing the memory restrictions by the program). Oh well, I guess I`ll do it again home and see where it was wrong, as I have access to the evaluators now. As for the rest of the programs, I`m not feeling sad for not doing better on them, as I know I probably couldn`t do them.

After the second exam, I got another interview, btw. This one related to my personal tastes and stuff like that. I guess people want to know what`s so different about programmers. Anyway, I guess I must have a pretty face or something like that, because everytime there was someone taking an interview, they all came to take mine, out of all the people near me, and it`s not like I had "I take all interview" written on my T-shirt or something. Guess I really have a pretty face.

The city

After the exam each day, we went to explore the city. Btw, Cluj is a city located in the western part of Romania, in the region known as Transylvania (yes, for those who still think it is a country, it`s not, it actually is a region in Romania).

For those of you wondering, no, I didn`t meet Dracula. :P We mainly got to visit the town centre, with it`s massive catholic church, and the Botanical Garden, which was a bit uphill from there.

The botanical garden was really nice, with lots of natural plants, springs and sights. We also got to climb all the way up on the Observatory, a huge building where you could see the whole town from there.

Unfortunately, I didn`t have the camera with me then also, so I only have a few pictures of the catholic church I mentioned, which I visited again when on the way home.


Well, it was a unique experience, and I guess it was worth going there, even though I had a rough time. I think I got to see the world more, and gotten a bit more mature and experienced after this.

Well, that`s about all that happened in those 4 days in a nutshell. I`ll make a special blog with the pictures from my journey sometime later, maybe next Saturday, as I don`t have the time to resize and upload them now. That would also give me the opportunity of writing about anything important that I missed to talk about it in this one.

Well, take care everyone.

Wohoo!! Presents!!!

Long time no blog. I was thinking of cramming into this blog all the nice surprises and presents I got between the last blog and this one.
Be prepared cause this is a pretty long blog (with pictures also). I suggest leaving it in your updates or adding a bookmark so you can come back and continue later if you want. Here goes!


Well, to sum things up, I passed the point where I restarted SO3. I`m at disk 2 right now and I haven`t finished it yet, but I think I`m pretty close (half of disk 2 if I`m not mistaken). It is a very enjoyable experience, and I think I`ll replay it again pretty soon after I finish it. It has a great replay value.

Wait, who am I kidding? It`s an extraordinary game that I`ll surely reply the moment I finish it. In my opinion, I haven`t gotten close to this much fun and interesting story since FF7. So, if you haven`t played it, what are you waiting for? :P

On another note, I`m pretty much close to finishing my review model. I think I`ll start doing reviews of games soon. I`ll try to make them as detailed and informed as possible, so that you know what it`s all about in a certain game.

The Olympics

It`s pretty close from now. We leave this Tuesday at 4:30 AM. That means I have to wake up at 3 AM just to be there on time. Oh, joy of joys, there`s nothing more I wanted than to wake up extraordinarily early in the morning. Well, it`s a unique opportunity so I guess I shouldn`t miss it.

I`ll probably be back Friday at 9PM, if everything goes right. Basically, we arrive on Tuesday when the opening ceremony begins, we give the first exam on Wednesday, followed by the second on Thursday, and we`ll leave Friday after the results are announced. That is, if everything goes right and I don`t have to give another exam on Sunday for deciding who gets X place (in case 2 or more persons have the same score). As long as I`m not in the Top 20 (where, if your score is close to the one below of above you, you have to take that test), which, btw, is very hard to reach, and I don`t think I`ll reach it, I`m home safe.

Well, I hope you root/cheer for me guys! I`m hoping to at least do more than 0 points. :P

Two new tabs

Well, I wanted to point out the addition of two new tabs to my gamepad. One is a normal tab (My Status) where I update and write about my mood, my games, my anime, my objectives and my pc, while the other is a photo album (Cute Anime) with guessed it...Cute anime pics. :P

Please tell me your opinions on this, and rate and comment on the pics if you feel like it.

I`m updating them pretty often, so be sure to check them out!

Happy Easter, everone

Well, I don`t know about you guys (though I think today is Easter for Catholics also), but today it`s Easter for us Orthodoxes.
Well, in case you do celebrate Easter today, I wish you a happy Easter and a nice time with your family. And don`t let the Easter bunny run off with your eggs! :P

School Break!!!

Wohoo! Finally, after all the pain, we get a spring break from school. It`s only for a week, but still, it`s better than nothing!

The only downside is that I have to spend 4 days of my break to go to the Olympics. Well, I knew this would happen, so I made sure I got them back before they took them. If I count the total of how many cla$$es I skipped and how many school days I stayed at home, I guess it`ll add up to 6 days. Not a bad deal if you ask me. They take 4 days from me, and I take back 6 days for that. Hey, I`m going to the Olympics, right, so I have to get some R&R.

Speaking of school, here`s a pic of mine, carefully taken by a photoshop artist friend of mine.

 Click to enlarge

Now, few notes. My school`s short name is "Liceul Teoretic [My City]", which means [My City]`s Theoretical High School. Now, in that pic, the title is a bit changed. It says "Penintenciarul Teoretic [My City]", which means [My City]`s Theoretical Penitentiary. Because of the fact that once you`re in, you can`t get out, that`s exactly how everyone imagines our school.  :P


Well, it seems the Easter Bunny also brought me some great presents for me this time.

First, I got a new chair for my bedroom, where I have my computer. I really wanted this new chair, as the old one was too small, an arm-holder/elbow rest (or whatever you want to call it) broke, the sponge from the back rest was falling off (not to mention that the back rest was too short and I couldn`t rest my head on anything), and the sponge from under me was used so much that I could feel the metal screws and other bumps from under it when I sat on it. It wasn`t very pleasant, believe me.

So now, I got a new chair that looks more like one found on a coach-bus. It has a blue stripe in the middle of it from top to bottom, it has a long back rest, I can rest my head on it, and it even has a special seam for placing a pillow where my head would normally be.

So, here are a few pics of my chair. Click to enlarge them if you want.

I call this last one "The Mammoth and the Ant". Great comparison, eh?

The second present I got was a laptop. Ok, it isn`t actually mine, it`s my parent`s so they can use it for work (cause they wanted to open up a new shop). I really enjoy it`s crisp and shiny widescreen LCD monitor. It somehow resembles the shiny plastic the PS3 is covered with.
It probably isn`t a powerhouse (1.4 Ghz, 512MB RAM, integrated Intel graphics card), but hey, it`s a laptop! I can go wherever I want with this beauty.

Here are some pictures of it. Again, click to enlarge.

A nice Easter Egg from SO3

Well, SO3 made me a nice surprise these last few days. When I went to Airygliph castle the second time, after watching the cutscene, the camera simply zoomed farther from the screen (though I don`t think you can call it "zoom"). Simply put, I could see everything behind the walls (usually it was complete blackness), and my character was but a tiny dot between dots. How nice, eh?

Even when I got outside of the castle and outside of the city, it was the same. Btw, did you know Airygliph has no sky? Nope, none! It`s because the camera never switches to the sky once in that city. So all you get is a black sky with snow falling from nowhere.

Speaking of camera angle, SO3 is kinda notorious there. It always seem to display the character from above, at a maxium of 45 degrees measured from the top. Few are the moments where you can actually see your character from his back, so that you can see where you are actually going. Most of the time, you have to rely on your map to see what`s in front of you because of the angle. So I always wanted to see an option or something to change the camera angle. This glitch, however, was something I didn`t want to happen. Still, I guess someone tried to grant me a wish and f@cked up. :P

I`ll post some videos to see what I mean in my next blog.

My ultra extraordinary internet speed

It seems my ISP also wanted to give me a present for this Easter. In a strange occurrence, one day, I saw I had an internal IP when checking out a site that had a security measure of checking a change in IP address. I thought it was really strange, and when I looked closer, I realised I now had an internal IP. This usually is a bad thing, because some programs require you have an external one (eg: being behind a router implies having an internal IP) to work.

The great thing was that when I tried to download something, my speed went through the roof. I downloaded a 5 minutes clip (around 100MB) in less than 10 seconds! So, I went to check out my internet speed on a site, and this was the result:

 Click to enlarge

Even though the site says I have 8mb/s (megabits/s), remember those are not 8MB/s (megabytes/s). 8mb/s=(8mb/s) /8 (MB/s)=1 MB/s (1 MB=8 mb). That`s right, I had 1MB/s download.

That was the best result out of 10 tests. Now, a few days later, I try to download a file and see that I have an incredible amount of speed:

That`s right, you saw it! 1.57MB/s download tops. I was in digital heaven.

Now, the bad part is that it all ended the day before yesterday. That`s right, I`m now back with an external IP, a normal speed, and all the problems associated with it. One of these problems is also the GT upload one, since it seems my ISP has a crappy ISP that has servers that most of the time they time out, meaning if GT isn`t configured to send more requests before saying the transfer is cancelled with an error (with it isn`t), then every time I try to upload it gives me an error. Great!

Well, at least it was nice while I had that speed (approximately 1 and 1/2 months).

A present for you, too!

Well, I thought it was unfair for me to get so many presents while you probably didn`t. So, I decided I`d give you something to see that I do care about you.

I said in a previous post of mine about uploading a few videos of Jeanne - The Kamikaze Thief anime, didn`t I? Well, I wanted to keep my word and offer you a glimpse at this great anime. Unfortunately, as I told you , it seems my ISP decided to switch back to my old connection, so now I have the same upload problem on GT as before (with the Crisis Core trailer). Until this is solved, I uploaded the video to YouTube, so, I`m sorry for the crappy video quality, but I didn`t have any better choice. Enjoy!

Link: Jeanne - The Kamikaze Thief intro


Well, that`s about it! I hope you don`t mind the length of this blog, since I also posted some pics and videos to keep your attention up.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I had a pain making it (translated: the bigger my pain, the more enjoyment I hope you have). Gosh, resizing images to fit and not brake out of frame and linking them to the originals takes ALLOT of time. It took me almost 9 hours to make everything ready.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Well, hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment if you like!

A fantastic day

Yesterday, I had a pretty good time in a while. After all the stress accumulated from school and whatnot, I was finally able to relax.

To those of you wondering, I skipped the biology test. I heard it was pretty hard, and that it was best to skip it instead of spending approximately 3 days to study it all.

Anyway, it wasn`t so fun at school (it was actually quite boring and stressful), but when I got home, I felt so wonderful, being finally free. I also found out that I can stay at home the next 2 weeks whenever I want, and I think I`ll do just that as the Olympics would take all of my upcoming vacation, so I have to get it back somehow. ;)

Anyway, I had the time of my life yesterday. Knowing that I was free and that I can do what I like, I was able to enjoy watching animes and playing SO3 like never before. I`m almost at the point where I decided to restart, btw, and I enjoyed it a lot more now. I even got to do all the things that I`ve missed, known and not known by then. In short, I had the best day in a while. :D

A new anime for me to watch...

I started watching a "new" anime. It`s actually an old one that I saw when I was little, albeit in German (voices), so I didn`t understand a thing, but I totally loved it. But now, I can see it in Japanese + English subtitles, so it`s great. :D In case you`re wondering, the anime is "Jeanne - The Kamikaze Thief" (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne). I really recommend watching it, as it`s definitely wonderful, though the graphic quality is kinda poor (as it`s kinda old).

I`ll post some scenes of it on GT and GS for those of you curious sometime soon.

Oblivion: 360 vs PS3 trailer

Today, I stumbled upon a comparison trailer of the 2 console behemoths running Oblivion, so I thought about posting my opinions about this.

I think the difference is quite small and negligible between the two, although if I was to say which looks better, I`d say PS3 as it has better textures than the 360 one. Although the PS3 doesn`t support HDR, I don`t see the difference between it and the 360 (which has HDR). In one of the pics, I actually could have said that the PS3 has HDR while the 360 doesn`t, but I guess it`s just me.

In regards to fluidity, it`s at a standstill. In one of the trailers, the PS3 has framerate drops (see when the horse is going uphill), while the 360 has popping artefacts at close range (see when the horse is travelling downhill, following a road to some ruins).

The noticeable differences between the two are in terms of colours, and how the emperor looks (younger in 360 version, much older in the PS3 one, much like the PC one). You could say the PS3 has washed out colours, while the 360 has a dark tone (which in some instances is very inappropriate, like in sunny, open field areas). An intermediate would have been best.

Well, that`s about it for version differences. The conclusion? The PC version ROCKS! :D

A new GS editor?! Thank you, GS!! :D

I see GS has changed it`s editor for blogs, forum posts, and almost everything else for a cool new one. I like the new one very much, as it`s sooo cool, but there are some things about it that bothers me. For instance, the horizontal separator bar button is missing, which means you have to copy->paste it if you want to use it (or edit the HTML code manually), and every time I press Enter, it jumps 2 lines down instead of one.

Well, I guess it`s still in beta, so I guess I should wait a little bit more. In any case, it`s a great new feature! :D

That`s about it guys. Have a great time everyone!

Feelin` better...a little

Well, thank you, everyone, for your help! I was able to get out of my dilemma and decided to go to the national phase. In the end, I think this is actually the best choice now.

Friday was the best day I had in a while. All day I trained for the Olympics, doing nothing but programming for 7 hours straight. Strangely, I was able to keep focus despite being longer than before. Maybe this was because ideas simply were gushing out, and I took a break every hour to rest a little, unlike Wednesday when I was clueless and had no breaks.

I was able to complete the program I had gotten 20 points for at the regional phase, and now I got 90 points with no help. I just have to improve it a little (there`s a variable that goes over the longint value in one of the tests) to get the full 100. I really felt wonderful then, having done that with no help whatsoever.

The reason I`m not feeling that great...

...Is because now I have so little time on my hands, and many things to do.

For example, there a biology test this Friday (NOT AGAIN!!) for which I don`t know anything, and don`t have the last 2 lessons the teacher gave us to study written in my notebook because of the Olympics (last Friday I was off because they were the next day, and this Friday I had training, like I said).

It`s getting frustrating seeing I can`t make ends meet (it`s too late to study now, and even if it isn`t, I have to neglect the training, and I`ll still get a low score). Of course, it`s not SO bad. Because I`m going and training for the national phase, I`ve gotten an approval to skip any clas$$ I want (without any consequences) to go home or train at programming when I want.

The problem is that if I skip this test now, the teacher would surely have to give me a separate test, or evaluate me (orally) from whatever lessons she wants (depending on how many were absent that day...the more skipped clas$$ the higher chance for a separate test).

So, I was thinking of what to do next. Should I skip clas$$ and hope the teacher understands the situation (which I`m pretty sure she`ll do), or try to study for the test and go?

In any case, I hope things will settle down soon, cause I hate to be in a fix because of this. Things seem to be so packed lately that I hardly have time to breathe, not to mention being hard to do them all.

Need some advice blogs...sometime later

Well, I would need some advice as to what hardware to buy for my computer soon, and I thought about breaking it into several blogs, as I have many things I can`t decide what to buy. Just wanted to ask you all if you could give me your advice (if you have any) in my future blogs (entitled "Help! : Part X - [title]").

In any case, have fun guys!

NOOOOOOO!! (caps)

Well, today just had to be one of those days I wished I could erase from history.

You remembered I talked about getting 1st place at the Regional Programming Olympics, but not going further to the National Phase, right? It`s a government organised, important contest for anyone who is in school or high-school (especially there). Well, today I found out, from my programming teacher (which I kinda hate,btw) that I AM going to the National Phase.

To tell you the truth, I really hoped I didn`t have to go there. I was really happy knowing that I got 1st place, but didn`t had to go to the next level and spend another 3 days working hard to get a low score. Seems like fate doesn`t sympathise me.

So, today, I spent about 3 hours continuously while my teacher forced us (me and others who`d go there) to work on even more programs. Hey, it`s not like I don`t like programming, it`s just that I can`t program for 3 hours continuously. To make matters worse, he wanted me to perfect my previous program (the one I got 20 points out of 100) so I`d get a full score. Man, those 3 hours have been boring as hell, cause, besides the continuous work I had to do, I really had no idea how to improve it. So, my mind started to wonder about if I really want to be a programmer as my career in the future. The other 2 with me seemed like they were doing fine and understanding everything (the girl next to me got 90 points out of 100, btw), while I trully didn`t have a clue what to do. It was then that I thought that I had a great fluke that I moved to the next level, and that my programming knowledge and logic were insignificant compared to theirs. I really started to wonder if programming is the way for me. I mean, I like programming, I understand a fair bit, am the best in my cla$$ in that department (and maths and physics), but never in my life have I felt outmatched, with no chance of surpassing them, not even in my dreams. I really wonder if I am fit to be a programmer.

Anyway, I really have a dilemma now, and I`d appreciate your opinion. Like I said, I don`t want to go there and waste another 3 days for getting a low or even 0 score. The thing is, I`m guessing that my teacher might get mad at me if I do this (mad enough to take a few points from my tests just for that). If I do force myself to go there, not only do I have to waste 3 days of my coming 1 week school vacation, but also have to suffer further boredom and inferiority until then.

Though, I`m not sure my teacher would actually be mad if I gave up. Today, when I had cla$$ (sorry, gs bug that prevents me from using the word) with him, he said "Get to work, and let`s see what you`ll do to see if I`ll put you on the list or no". I know he can`t do that, so no worries there. The point is, though, that he seems like he could care less if I gone there or not (probably because he also knows I wouldn`t be able to do anything), even suggesting (indirectly) that I shouldn`t go there.

So, I`m asking you, what`s your suggestion? Should I go there or not? I`m really in a mind-ripping dilemma, which really affects me greatly, so your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

I`m baaack!

Well, even though I didn`t announce my departure, I was kinda away from Gamespot for a while (3 weeks or so). The reason was that I had lots of things to do, and also because I wanted to allocate more time to gaming (as a big part of my time was eaten away by gs).

Anyway, I see lots of things happened while I was gone. The site has improved, lots of blogs to keep up and the Final Fantasy Confederation Union is kinda inactive (according to a PM sent by Valmier). Well, I guess it`s time to do my duties there.

Oh yeah, and a little request: if you don`t mind, please join the union and (hopefully) post on our boards. It would be greatly appreciated.

On the gaming side...

I`ve re-started Star Ocean 3, after 78 hours already spent on it. :( The reason is that I`ve missed so much that it kinda bugged me and I wanted to redo from the beginning to enjoy it fully. I can say that it was the best choice, as I discovered that I also missed other things I hadn`t known of.

Also, I`m spending more work on my review model to be more professional (and appealing). Take a look (if you haven`t already) and tell me your opinions, but keep in mind it`s still a Work in Progress.

A cool "new" site: GameTrailers (signup here if you want to pls)
For those who haven`t heard of it before, GT is a pretty cool site that cares for it`s users (enough to give you the opportunity to get a free console).

The good? Well, for almost every action you do on the site, you get GTD (GameTrailers Dollars), with which you can buy virtual items (usertops, public photo albums, custom tabs,etc.) or even real, attractive items (PS3, Xbox360, Wii) at a higher price, of course. In short, you can get the console you wanted just for using the site, and not spending anything. Oh yeah, and you are allowed to have multiple accounts there, as long as you don`t use them to bypass the limits imposed by them per account.

The bad? Well, there is the small problem about the community, at least in my point of view. I find GS`s community much closer and friendlier than GT`s, but I guess it`s just me. I didn`t spend very much there to make friends, so I guess that`s why.

If you find the site appealing, then I ask if you could please join under me (either by clicking the previous link or by making sure you put "Cloud737" under referrer, without the quotes of course) if you aren`t a member already. If, for whatever reason, you join the site but not as my referrer (don`t worry, I don`t mind), and you are in my gs`s friends list, then please add me as a friend as I have no way of knowing under what name you signed up there.

Anyway, I`ll talk more about it in a future blog. Hope to see you there!

Back to school...again

Ok, so my vacation`s nearly over (in about 3 hours or so), and tomorrow it`s off to school again. My vacation wasn`t so great as I wanted, but it wasn`t so bad either.

Today, I finished Quake 4 after about 20 hours of play (I like to linger when I`m playing a game, to admire and enjoy it more). It was pretty fun, though I wouldn`t recommend buying it if you`re just for the single player. Multiplayer is somewhat fun, though it looks very similar to Quake 3, and a lot of the single player elements (like weapon mods) are thrown out.

Also, I`ve officially begun playing Star Ocean 3. I must say, I`m quite impressed by it. The graphics are pretty nice for a PS2, one of the best I`ve seen (though jagged edges are a bit annoying sometimes). The textures look remarkably well, the combat is great and really innovative (and real-time :D ), there are lots of customisation and other options, the characters are very well done, with great personalities, and great voice-acting to match it, and the story is rather interesting. I think I`m definitely gonna like this game.

Well, that`s about it. Have fun guys!
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