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Haven't made a post in awhile!

What's up guys? I haven't mode a post for an old nostalgic game in awhile, I feel like giving this whole deal another round about, so i'd like to guy sto choossystem from one of the following!

  1. Nintendo
  2. Super Nintendo
  3. Game Boy
  4. Game Boy Color
  5. Gameboy Advance
  6. Game Gear
  7. Sega Master System
  8. Sega Genesis
  9. Sega 32X
  10. Commodore 64
  11. MSX
  12. Atari 2600
  13. Turbo Grafx
  14. Nintendo 64
  15. Apple II
  16. Game Gear

So, If you guys can think of any specific games from these console eras that you'd like me to give a spin and my take on, or if you'd just like to see any game in general from one of these certain consoles, give me a shout in the comments below, I'll post my results the first chance I get!

Yie Ar Kung-Fu - MSX Edition

(One, Two! Kung-Fu!)

There are many versions of this game, Including one that was released in 2007 on the 360, every game is slightly different from the last console version, by different I state that each game either has a different hero, opponents, or just secret characters that the other console does not, the (J-MSX) is a console known for punishing games, or as you've seen from my past article? Horrible ones, this game is no different! However there is a mini-back story to anyone who wants to look up the game, you play as the MSX port hero 'Lee', he has to battle five Grand Masters in this port storyline, for honor for not only himself, but his father! Course I wasn't able to beat Chen, so sadly I won't be able to post all of the bosses looks, but if you decide to try this game out in the end, maybe you can get a little farther and show me what they look like? Of course your journey is going to be weathered by some of these faults i'll list below!

AI Cheating:

You know those times in a game when you could've sworn you had the computer beat, but somehow they just rise up and open a can of worms on your victory parade? Yeah, this is one of those games! The NPC can hit you from ridiculous ranges away, but if you get up right in their face and show them your Bruce Lee moves? Won't do you a squat bit of good, your blows won't land and they'll most likely unleash a combo that turns you from Champ to Chump within seconds.

Range Attacks:

From the ninja stars, to fireballs, to this guy here with a really long chain? You get absolutely nothing to toss back at these guys, the best you can hope for is being able to time your hit just right to knock away their weapon, but even that's a 50/50 shot when you connect, you can always jump over the weapon as an alternative, but the game likes to mistake your jump button with the high kick action, so all you can do is pray you land some decent shots to finish the match before they can spam you with it.

Counter Attacks:

(Hint to the question below: It's not them.)

In other games this wouldn't be considered cheating, but the fact that the only people that can counter attacks is the bosses, I find this highly unfair to the player, more so when the bosses already have so many other advantages over our hero, If you throw a kick and that kick lands with the bosses can you guess who gets the damage out of that?

Throw Attacks:

That's right, If countering/projectiles weren't enough? You get in close to these bad mother lovers and they'll do an extreme number on your face, the only one I had the miss fortune to see was actually Wang's, he does a sweep kick which causes you to fly into the air only to be smacked down again by his giant pole he swings around.

In my honest opinion, this game is not for everyone and I wouldn't exactly push nostalgic players into the path of this destructive game, however there are a lot of people that like games that will stack the odds extremely high against them, so this could be a hit/miss depending what kind of person you are, If you're the kind of person that likes these kinds of games that toss you on your butt and kick you while you're down? I'd say go for it, absolutely 100%!

(Oh the humanity!)

For those of you who enjoy feeling powerful, or roaring like a girl scout with your battle cries while ripping your enemies limb from limb, this game is not for you and will be an assured pass! As always, thanks for reading and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Space Camp - MSX Edition! (Fat Kids Need Only Apply.)

(You mock me with your MS paint made rocket!)

Oh, Space Camp... How your cold shuttering gates have always flapped closed in my face just before I was able to apply to any such field trip to your base of operations, thanks to the MSX made in 1983! I finally got my shot at Space Camp!

(It's not going to take you long to figure out why this game stinks so badly..)

So, this is what they considered Space Camp to be like back in the 80's of Japan, It's basically about dodging what looks to be giant red meatballs, In a spaceship that was obviously ripped from RD-D2, that blue thing there? Yeah, that's not an energy boost, some cool weapon, or a shield. It's just some random looking alien glyph that will indeed (can you guess it?) kill you with one little touch, or even just an area within range.

Yeah, this thing? It's not a giant epic boss, or some HQ mother ship where you get to find out the whole plot to this horrid insanity, nope! Cause that'd just be too easy, this is just another giant object that fills 70% of the screen that has a 50/50 shot of killing you within one hit, or just phasing through you as if it was never there in the first place.

That giant ship wasn't even the best part! Oh, no-no-no! See that red flame there? That's what's left of my ship after a black hole has warped it into the black abyss, that's right! I said it, a black hole on what is already the darkest backdrop i've ever seen in a game, trust me! This game is littered with the black holes, you get about three lives and every time you die? Yep, It's one of those games... You start back on level 1, this game is all about dodging what you cannot see.

So all-in-all, this is 110% the biggest pass i've ever given on a game, It's like showing cake to a fat kid and then promptly pulling it away, only to replace that delicious said cake with what can only be described as 'Tofu', whoever took the five minutes out of their day to create this horrible tragedy? You're a sick individual, good day!

(As always, thanks for reading!)

Assassin's Creed II: Discovery

For all of my readers that sent me PM's, comments, ect.. Asking when my next review was going to be, I couldn't give you a straight answer until this very moment, I'm going to try a new segment tonight and I hope it'll work out for the better, I'm apologizing for the delay of about two months since my last one, I've had much going on and not enough time to write blog entries, but now without further ado.. Assassin's Creed II..

Unlike most past games that I have reviewed, I decided to go with the DS this time around!

When I read IGNorants review on this game, they compared it to Sonic The Hedgehog, I know most of you don't buy into this and why would you? These are the same guys who couldn't even nail a Batman: Arkham Asylum prediction on baddies, my readers are smarter than this and anyone that's played this game? Will know they're still far off the money.

The main storyline of this game takes place between the two DLC of AC2~ Battle of Forli, and Bonfire of the Vanities, just so we have the general drift of everything going on in this game, sadly even though the game takes place in Ezio's universe and is after the time he got his dual-hidden blades, he only sports one in this game and you never really get the chance to use two blades anyways.

This game sports up to seven memory blocks that you must complete, over the time of which you will discover the Templars plans on discovering the 'New World', every mission consist of what I saw to be three types, which is: Normal/Stealth/Chase.


You can indicate what type of mission it is by the Abstergo logo in the top right of the screen, this level was a straight shot from point A-B with no real special tasks to complete aside from finishing the level in the play ****you choose, of course there is a set amount of things you must do in order to achieve 100% synch in the end of that run, but you can go through multiple times to try and find everything to increase your synch 'HP' meter.


(Failure is not an option.)

Stealth is indicated by the Eye in what appears to either be an Abstergo logo, or possibly a glyph?

Either way, you have to make your way through the mission as silently as possible, you have a total of three chances to make it through the entire level without being caught, every time that you get caught a red marker will fill one of the pieces around the logo/glyph until finally it finishes and the mission is a failure, you can still kill everything in sight and make it through without one alert, but you have to be extra cautious on your timing.


Chase is indicated as you can tell by the double arrow, every mode comes with a map that gives the location of your enemies and possible points of interest that come in various forms, mostly seen as hiding places though, these missions are all based on speed and your ability to counter/defend from enemies in your path, the faster you get these levels done? The better your synch score will be at the end of the level, most times you don't even have to kill anyone.

You can see the result of your doings at the end of each level, I did this one as fast I could while taking screenshots and sadly enough, I only needed four more kills before I reached the hundred percent synch tile, there are many factors that can weigh in one what kind of score you get, how much damage you take from enemies when fighting, how much time it takes you to run through the level, how many kills you get by the end of the level, you will also find maps and wanted posters that you can rip down, maps will unlock hidden challenge levels that can take some serious patience and timing to get yourself through, posters don't do much aside from acting as sort of a save point for your game.

This is what a wanted poster will look like up close, In game you can see it clearly upon the walls of the lower floors of a level, I've yet to see one that was higher up than that! But they're a major contributing factor to you being able to hit 100 synch to that level.

If you're a graphics junkie that's always living off the high of HD, as this is a DS game? You're not going to get that from this game by any means, but if you're looking for that perfect game to kill some of your time during a wait in some sort of lobby, or just a long ride in the car? This can kill of a couple of your hours till you get where you're going, the negative part to this game is there is no replay value to the storyline portion, however there is a multiplayer mode which i've yet to tap into, my guess would be that it's based on speed runs, or some kind of mini-coop trying to get from point A-B.

As seen here, you can continue your story wherever you've left off from, Wanted! Is the name of the mode that requires DS Wi-fi with a friend, or the Animus hacks that you can run through once you've completed enough levels to get enough points, they're sort of like cheats and upgrades to your experience!

The game is full of adventure, If you're a fan of the series and the first handheld AC game got you down, you should have no fear! This game should be enough to redeem the sad quality that Altair failed to present us, the AI isn't exactly top notch, but that's to be expected with a handheld game, as they will chase you for a good portion of the time and will fight you on sight, but if you roll under a surface to escape from them? The guards will literally run back and fourth to try and find you, like in my photo above! Even so at $20, you can't do much better for the money and it'd even make the perfect gift for someone.

As always.. Thank you for being such loyal readers, keep on rocking!
(Look forward to a Christmas Game Review!)

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Omoide no Sonata

Fullmetal Alchemist: Sonata of Memories

Now this in my opinion, Is one of my favorite Anime series of all time, I'm not even that huge on anime, except a couple of series, mostly because a lot of them are just a reused and rinsed storyline, with the same voice actors and a bit of variation to their plain and boring worlds of most teen drama, or teen drama mixed with vampires/monsters/ect, but this series has it's laughs and if you're even remotely interested in anime's/RPG's, you should give this one a look-see, course to get the full storyline, back stories, relationships, and the reason why everything is as it is? You're going to have to watch the anime.

However, If you just want to jump straight into this universe, you can do that by purchasing the 'Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel' game on the ps2, It's fairly cheap and it actually got a medium review, though I wouldn't take any game reviewing sites word for it on any of the anime based games, cause most of them turn out to be fairly good at story telling and game play, you just have to be a fan of this kind of thing to fully enjoy it for what it is!

The animations are vast and you can really tell that even for a hand held game, a lot of art design and detail went into making it as anime as possible when it came to the text screens, as well as some cinematic moments that happen during the game play, I didn't capture any of it cause I don't want to set in spoilers for those of you who have it and are going to play it, or for those of you who will buy this and play it some day.

(Oooh, Kitty!!! :D )

When it comes to the personality of this game, these guys don't skip a beat and it lives pretty true to the nature of the characters and how they would react in the situations we've actually previously seen in episodes before, sometimes this isn't as good because some of the characters, even in anime were slightly dull and this leaves some things to be desired, but for the most you don't have to listen to some of the cheesy voice acting that comes with it, this could be a plus, but also a negative since other games have captured text and voice for this series already.

The games combat is very traditional and true to the RPG ways, It copies from systems like Final Fantasy when it comes to turn based, but also takes some pointers from DBZ-RPG's, where the landscape actually moves whilst you're fighting the enemies off. This can be rewarding as the characters will sometimes switch positions, putting your weaker characters in the back where they won't be the primary target, this can also be a bad thing cause they can actually move them up closer to where people will only attack them till they're dead and with your supporting team members being very low leveled compared to Ed and Al, this doesn't take very long at all, It also takes some unique features from Yu-Gi-Oh, with a unique card system that you can tap into and use to gain yourself the upper hand, I didn't get too in detail with all of that business yet! But it's all works fluidly, for a solid Action/RPG experience.

There's also a nice combo system that comes into play if you're patient enough to take a couple of beatings before letting multiple bars charge, but if you wait it can be much more rewarding in the long run by increasing your chance to hit a critical, both your characters will attack one after the other and from what I believe i've seen, their attacks got a little stronger too.

The only negative thing I have to say about the combat is the fact the bars take a little too long sometimes to recharge and it feels like the enemies have some kind of modded bar that are only half as long, keep in mind they aren't weaklings either, they can easily take your character out with two hits, I'd have Ed taken out before by a regular enemy who hit me for a critical almost every turn.

Other than that, everything you love about the cartoon is still here, It's lost none of the essence and all the character favorites from what i've seen, have made an appearance at one time or another, If you're a fan of anime? Or fan of this series in particular, It's a must buy and by now it's super cheap, something to take on the road with you during a long trip, or even on the airplane to just pop in the DS and go! If you're just a fan of RPG's, I'd recommend going with one of Squares games before settling on this one!

As always, thanks for reading!

Shin Megami Tensei II

I'm going to have come right out and say that the Megaten series is among one of my favorites, why it is that i've chosen such a series, even after the MMO has done nothing but frustrate me to wits end? I'm not sure, but it's just pure fun!

So, this game came out inMarch 18, 1994 in Japan on the Famicom! And was later remade on the PS2, like all other games of the series, you're able to persuade a slew of demon's to join your party to help you fight the array of baddies you're faced with, since there isn't all that much to say different about this game from the rest of the series, I'm just going to post some stuff from official sources and post some screenshots of game play!


A new system of "magic succession" was introduced in the Demon Fusion system, the trademark system of the game series. The spells of the demons used for the fusion can be passed on to the outcoming demon, which can even allow the weakest demon to possess the most powerful spell in the game.

Other changes include,

  • Several of the demons' alignments were changed from LAW/CHAOS to NEUTRAL, in order to increase the diversity of the player's party.
  • Party can be divided into front-row and back-row, but only affects the amount of damage it can receive or inflict.
  • Player can now choose which spells and special attacks its demons can use, except they will now cost the demons' hit point or magic point.
  • In the previous version, the player only encountered one kind of demon at a time, but in this game the player may encounter two separate kinds of demons.
  • Important items and gems are stored in separate item slots.
  • All of the demons' data can now be stored and viewed (there was a limit in the previous version).
  • A casino was introduced, where player can play games with coins purchased by money and trade them with special items only obtainable in casinos.
  • Several new spells were introduced, such as NECROMA, where you can revive a dead demon as an undead.


This game follows the story of Hawk, a battler in the Valhalladistrict of Tokyo Millennium. The citizens of Valhalla compete in a tournament in hopes of gaining citizenship in the Center district, which is out of thereach of demons.

Hawk fights in the tournament and wins. He gains citizenship in the Center district and has a personal meeting with the Bishop of the Messian religion. During the meeting, he is told that he is actually the Messiah, who will one day save mankind from the current bleak world and bring about a paradise called the "Thousand Year Kingdom".

Hawk, whose true name is revealed to be Aleph, is sent on missions from the Center to eradicate demons and prepare the world for the Thousand Year Kingdom. Yet while he travels across Tokyo Millennium, he witnesses first-hand the atrocities the Center inflicts on the people and must decide whether to follow his pre-determined destiny or fight against it in the hope of creating something better.

In another life time, these stats could've been yours!

It's a game filled with action and first person perspective traveling, but there's a lot of reading and i've come to notice that a lot of todays gamers don't like sitting through a bunch of text, which is why it's sometime seen as a flaw in some games, I happen to enjoy all the reading that comes with RPG experiences though! So if you love to read, this game may be for you!

This is the startup screen, It's kind of messy.. But it's to the point and it doesn't take long at all before you're off into the real thick of the game, so that's always a nice plus compared to other games out in this era.

It's a poltergeist! It's also one of the first enemies you face in the battle simulator when you first wake up, they're pretty easy and go down without much of a fight, considering your guy seem's to be ninja quick with his reflexes, you get plenty of dodges out of him when the enemies attack you early on.

This is the second enemy that appears a bit later down the halls, It has a chance to hit a critical of '3' on you, which pretty much sums up the fact these guys aren't very hard to kill, I forgot to take pictures of the boss of this area, but his normal attacks do all the damage that these guys critical's do and then some, he was never able to hit a critical on me, but it was a zombie for reference and it went down with around three hits, these guys here however could also dodge my attack and that usually made the battles last a little longer.

This lady stops you mid-way in a hall way and insists you come into her shop, I haven't read all she has to say but she gives you her reading for free, so why not give it a try? This is all I have for right now, but i'm nowhere near finished and that means my journey has just begun, I'm most likely going to stop here in a bit and take a break so I can get my hands on some more Dead Rising 2, possibly throw in another old nostalgic game and write another semi-long blog post!

What do you think of the Megaten series? What do you think of Atlus in general? What's your favorite game made by them? These are some things i'd like to see being chatted about in the comments below, If you haven't already, please track me and my contributions to this community, I've been slightly slacking lately but i'm going be picking up LBP and RE5: Gold Edition, so I can go back and finished what I started on the pro mode of RE5, that's all for now!

Thanks for reading!

Four Free Netflix Trials! (Complete!)

Hey, readers! I just got two things in the mail today that expire around October 31st and they're both for a month free of Netflix, just to give you a taste of what it is? If you're in the US, but don't have it yet! I would like to give these things away.

So here is what I want to do, It's just going to be a simple first come, first serve kind of thing and if you're one of the first four people to private message me with the answer to these trivia questions, I will give you a code for a free month!

You can watch movies instantly from your tv if it has that special feature, or a special dvd player that is made for this kind of thing, or you can order from the website and have it sent by mail from a choosing on the list, If you watch a lot of movies and don't want any late fee's? Netflix is easily the way to go, you will more than likely watch more movies than you paid for if you keep a regular routine of watching movies and sending them back, you can even order a free dvd that you can install on your 360, or Wii. (I would not advise getting this disc for the PS3, as it's caused mine many of problems, as well as others I know that have tried it.) But the other systems seem to do fine, so here goes the question!

(Keep in mind, that even if you don't want the trial and still want to answer, could always give the code to someone else.)

1. What was the race of the bounty hunter that was chasing down Han Solo on Tatooine. (Hint: Ant eater face.)

2. What were the two new main characters of Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection.

3. Franks covered what? And Chuck knows his way around what?...

4. Devil May '???'

5. Bioshock took place in what city, that also introduced us to the first Big (?????)

This is all for now, thanks for reading and i'm looking forward to seeing your answers, regardless of wanting the codes for yourself, or just to gift to someone else that likes to watch movies!

(Please keep in mind, you need to be in 1 of the 50 states of the US, or District of Columbia to redeem a code for yourself.)

EDIT IMPORTANT: On the back of the card, states that in the 'Your Account' settings, you will find instructions on shutting off your account, that is if you don't find yourself wanting to keep the service!

Fantastic!: We've completed the contest and there are officially no more codes, I love all my readers and would like to thank all of those of you who participated, If I get any more deals like this then I will host more give aways! Keep reading for more interesting articles coming in the future!

Biohazard! (Nintendo)

I haven't gotten that far into the game yet, but it seems to be a much older version of the PSX game that many of us have come to know and love, you start off in the mansion and for those of you who don't know! Yes, the game is in total Japanese, you have some English preset words like the one in my screenshot, but the overall text of the game is very much so Japanese! So for those of you who cannot read the foreign language, you're just going to have to play it by memory! If you've ever played the first PSX RE game, that won't be such a hard task to combat! But for those of you who've never given this series a try, I highly recommend that you started from RE1 and work your way up to 5.

For me, I just played youtube clips at the right moments of the Japanese text, so I could recall what they were saying. Didn't confuse me as much, but the game obviously isn't as cool as it's PSX remastering, but it's a gentle step into the past that I know most of you didn't even know existed!

Now all of this nostalgic purpose aside, I've actually just beaten the game as I was writing the review, so it's actually not as long as it's remastered version either! For those of you that played the RE1/RE1: Directors cut, this is a game you still would probably want to try and find somewhere, as it's technically the first game in the series!

However, If you're a newbie to the series! I highly suggest that you just start from the PSX game and work your way up from the ground floor, so you're not totally turned away from the series in general.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror!

(It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a UFO!? NO! It's KIRBY!)

Now I am not going to lie to you guys, I've never really been a fan of the Kirby series, I'm not even really sure why that is!

Because this game is pretty awesome, I've had so much fun with it from start to finish, I'm even thinking of popping in another one and seeing what kind of adventures it takes me on, If you've got some spare cash laying around, why not give one of these games a try? You can find them pretty cheap at just about any gaming store, you can platform and bloat up to float around, you can even suck up and mimic your enemies to preform new kinds of attacks.

Kirby is an apparent heart throb that I have been missing out on, you have no real reason not to give it a try, I did and i'm not regretting it a bit, also Tarixon if you comment on this about how you don't like Kirby... (Prepare for a smacking.)

Dead Rising 2!!

I just came back from my unannounced vacation and the car ride has destroyed my back, we had to take a detour and that made it like 17 hour car ride from Missouri, to Michigan... But now I can start blogging and all that good stuff again, but I pre-ordered Dead Rising 2 on my way back and now I have to transfer the order tomorrow to the store we have here.

Who else is ready for some zombie bashing fun? I'm ready and excited for the co-op aspect of the game, but i'm sure it'll have a great single player experience as well, If anyone is getting this on the PS3... I'd be happy to add and play with you guys, just PM me your PSN names, or post it down there in the comments.