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Why does Links 2004 haunt me so?

Let me tell you an odd story... I find myself playing Links 2004 for my Xbox at random times. There, I've said it. I've admitted my weird habit.

I played golf when I was younger, but the game didn't take that much. I think a lot of it was because I was mostly playing with people I didn't like. There were the occasional bunch of nice people but it was rarely anyone who I enjoyed talking to for several hours, which is pretty much required for playing golf. There was also the expensive equipment, the long time commitment, the expensive green fees and the fact that I was only so-so at the game.

Still, a friend of mine passed a copy of Links 2004 my way a few years back and I thought, what the hell, I'll fire it up, play for a few hours then walk away from it. Ha ha ha. Ah, the foolishness now in hindsight.

It's not like I play a massive amount of Links 2004, really. I just tend to go back to it when I'm bored with playing other things. When I find myself looking for something new to play, something different to fire up, I inevitably go back and play a few rounds in Links 2004. Am I a golf nut? Surely not. But there's something enjoyably fun about playing a few rounds, slowly working my way up through the tournament ladder.

I think Wednesday will be the megalithic rant of the week, where I'll go off on poker and whether or not it's a craze. Til then, go listen to more New Amsterdams... It's good for you, and there's a free EP there.