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Starcraft: Ghost ... fighting Duke Nukem Forever...

Okay, now I'm all for holding games back for quality, but we are now officially bordering on ridiculous here. Starcraft: Ghost has been postponed indefinitely, maybe being moved to next-gen systems, maybe being canned altogether.

Good GOD people, what are you doing out there? Ghost has changed development hands twice, been in development since the beginning of time and may not, in fact, even be real. Nova and Duke Nukem are busy slugging it out to see who's more vaporware.

The shame is that what I saw at E3 last year had potential. I wasn't totally sold, but it was an intriguing start. We can hope that this isn't a cancellation notice and they're simply moving to 360/PS3/Rev development, but at this point, I'd say anyone who claims to actually know what's going on is also trying to sell you beachfront property in the Florida everglades and a bridge in Brooklyn.