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What happened to the days of good game soundtracks? As of late, videogame music hasn't impressed me all that much. I mean, seriously, the licensed stuff is good and all, but what happened to the days of videogame music that stuck in your head?

Now, before you go off on a tear, I realize there are a few exceptions to this rule. (I'm talking about you Katamari.) But on the whole, have you noticed that game music simply isn't as catchy as it used to be, unless it's pretty much the focus of the game? (I'm talking about you Lumines.)

This morning on my way to work, I was jamming out to part of the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack, and it transitioned right into part of the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack. From there we hopped to Einhander, and from Einhander we went to some FFVI music (okay, sure, it was the Black Mages version, but come on...). As of late, though, what game music has caught my ear? There hasn't been a whole lot. There's no Symphony of the Night soundtrack on heavy rotation. There's no Diablo II ambiance. There's no Breath of Fire. No Xenogears.

Where has all the great original game music gone? It's enough to drive a man insane. I like rock'n'roll as much as the next man, maybe more, but if you can't give me some original tunage to stick in my head, I'm going to turn your sound down and turn my own music up. And I know people are hyping this "custom soundtrack" feature for games, but you know what? Sometimes I like hearing something new. I enjoy being exposed to new things.

Feh, I'm getting old and grouchy, I guess.