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Odama - from great to profanity in 6 hours

0-30 minutes: "Okay, this is cool. I like the pinball mechanics, I can tilt the table as much as I want... the guys seem to mostly be listening to me, so that's entertaining. I like the flavor of the game, even if this advisor of mine is a bit of a sycophant. But hey, so far, so good."

30-60 minutes: "Ha ha! Take that, you horrible little men! Feel the wrath of my mighty, Odama! I shall crush you! I have smote you there! Smiting is occuring! I have an angry wrath! Let none stand in the way of the bell! I shall conquer all of this land!"

1-2 hours: "Bloody hell, this looks complicated. Three rivers, two keys, two locked doors, a pulley, some ladders and they have a whole mess of troops. This does not look good. Not good indeed."

2-3 hours: "Okay, this mission is just stupid hard. I smack the ball too hard and it hits the floodgate and I end up drowning half my own men. Several of my guys keep dying for no particular reason. On top of all of that, they have the memory of a gnat!"

3-4 hours: "Even the advisor's making fun of me, I've tried this mission so many times! It's only mission three! What's the learning curve on this, a brick wall?! There's just too much going on at any one moment! Grrr... I'm gonna get through this!"

4-5 hours: "Ha ha! I beat it! I am unstoppable! I am ruthless! I am... boss fight? Erp."

5:00-5:30 hours: "Oh you've gotta be ****ing kidding me. No ****ing way. I only have the troops I brought with me from the last one! And the boss has his own flippers! And an endless number of troops! **** it, I'm going to at least beat this first boss before I return it to the office library. I'm going to!"

5:30-5:45 hours: "Oh come on, die die die! I'm almost there! Just push through! Get the ****ing bell through the ****ing gate! **** ********* *****-****** **** ** **** ***** *** ***** ******* **** ***** *** **** *** *** *****!!!"

5:45-6:00 hours: "Okay. I give. You win. I surrender."


Dave (head of the library): "How was it?"
Cliff: "Don't ask. My throat's sore from swearing."