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No PS3 this year for the US looking likely

Even more news about how the PS3 is experiencing delays.

At this point, if it makes this year, I think we'd all be shocked. No real games displayed, no final hardware, people in development companies JUST getting final dev kits, hardware delays, high expense problems... is this thing ever going to ship?

I'm sure it's going to be a solid system, as Sony would be a fool not to have something rock solid built to get into a console war, but the delays are getting something crazy. At this rate, I think we're looking at a November launch for Japan and a February launch for the US. Mind you, this is pure speculation on my part - I don't know any more than any of you.

But this news is disheartening. The "spring" launch may be Spring 2007, and by then, Microsoft will have a whole year lead. This console war is going to be an odd one, Mr. Grinch... very odd indeed.