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Nintendo whatnow?

Okay, now I'm totally lost... what the hell is Nintendo doing?! They're actually going to call this thing the Wii?! Tell me this is a hoax. Tell me this is some terrible practical joke. Tell me Nintendo hasn't completely gone off the deep end and thrown its common sense to the wolves to be devoured randomly. Tell me I am still sleeping in my bed and this is one long, poorly constructed fever dream. Some madman has snuck into my house in the middle of the night and stolen my brain and replaced it with, I don't know, an ipod and a microphone, or something.


Nintendo, it's not too late. Somewhere inside of me, a little piece of my soul is breaking. You can't do this to us. Go back to the Revolution... please, for the love of God, and your own personal safety... you cannot, CAN NOT, call this thing... the Wii.


Edit: All I can think of every time I see this name is this video. I warn you, though, it has profanity (and has been around the internet for a long, long time).