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Jack, you baffle us all...

I don't really know how Jack Thompson plans on getting any crazier, but I'm pretty sure he's got something in mind.

In Jack Thompson's mind, all things interactive are apparently training us to do so. I would imagine he'll probably go after Microsoft next, accusing Flight Simulator of leading to 9/11. Or maybe he'll attack Postal, saying it's mocking the plight of postal workers across America. Mind you, this is the man who said Doom was training kids how to shoot people.

Between "the devil's music" of rock'n'roll, the "corrupting words" of literature and the evil of videogames, it's amazing that the world hasn't blown itself up yet. Oh wait, I'm not a highly paranoid person who believes that the masses automatically follow whatever people tell them with a snap of their fingers.

There's always something people accuse of corruption of the young, and so far, I haven't seen anything that can actually make a case for mentally controlling youths into doing things they weren't already doing.

Violent videogames aren't a cause of violence -- they're reflective of a more violent world that surrounds everyone, including kids. Wars are more in our face now than they've ever been, but really, the world is just changing.

People like Jack? They're just rabble-rousers who think the noise will get them a place in the spotlight. Jack's trying to make a career out of this, but unfortunately, it's an issue where his causality is fairly faulty. That's okay, though; it gives us something to mock.