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Jack Thompson sues EVERYBODY

In the newly announced Jack Thompson v. Everyone , we can see that Jack Thompson has officially lost his damn mind. He's accusing Gamespot and Penny-Arcade of conspiring against him. Look, Jack, seriously. The games industry isn't the Cuban Mafia. No one's shooting at you from the grassy knoll.


I highly recommend we define Jack Thompson as a public nusiance, and have him committed to a mental institution. Congrats, Jack, you win. I now owe a friend of mine $5, as I bet him you couldn't get any crazier. Fool me once...


Next up, Jack Thompson sues America for allowing this to happen, the President for allowing people to continue badmouthing him and imposing on his civil rights to be a complete idiot, and God, for allowing this whole thing to happen.


Jack Thompson V. God is expected to come to trial this fall. The defendant is not expected to take the stand, for lack of anything to "so help" him.