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Govenator attempts to overrule 1st Amendment

So the Govenator thinks the 1st Amendment is unimportant...

This is ridiculous. It doesn't get more idiotic than this, folks. As of late, we've seen a blanket statement that things are being done "for the children, to protect the children." It's hogwash.

Really, all we are doing is giving parents another out to be bad parents. Grand Theft Auto games are all rated M. That means a retailer can only sell them to people over 17. Are there some retailers screwing this up? Probably. Should they be punished? You bet. Do we need to add more laws to the matter? You tell me, how much is going to be enough for you people?

I think, honestly, what these people want to see is to have videogames wrapped in black plastic sold behind the counter. I think their genuine hope is to shame people into being afraid to buy thing they don't agree with. Let me tell you, it's ridiculous.

You think videogames make kids kill people? Well, let's try this one on then, Mr. and Miss I Know Better Than You -- so does the Bible. There is more violence in that book that you can shake a stick at. And you know what? You let your kids read it.
You want to ban videogames. This is nothing new. Irresponsible parents have always been doing this kind of thing. In the 80s (which I remember, thanks), it was "rap music." People like 2 Live Crew were being attacked for putting out music that parents considered "harmful." Before that, it was "rock'n'roll" -- that's right, Elvis Presley, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were once considered as dangerous as videogames. There's been something parents have been blaming for as long as there has been parents. But you know what parents rarely blame? Themselves.

This kid who went out and shot cops didn't do it because the videogame told him to, or because Judas Priest wove subliminal messages in their songs, or because of any other reason than the kid did it. So-called child psychology has said that kids are influenced by violent videogames. And yet there are other psychologists who say that gaming actually decreases violent tendencies. The kid can say the game "inspired" him all he wants -- that's an excuse to try and get out of things. And just because the parents didn't want to admit to raising a horrific kid doesn't mean we shouldn't let them.

I'll tell you what -- sooner or later, one of these game companies is going to do the smart thing. They're going to sue one of these parents and their lawyer for defamation, libel and slander. And you know what? They're probably going to win. And God bless'em. Parents, legislators and lawyers need to learn they can't go around blaming someone else for problems.

They genuinely believe that someone MADE little Johnny and Sally turn INTO violent people. And Heaven knows it couldn't be them. They will find anyone they can to say "We're not bad parents. This isn't our fault."

When Columbine happened, everyone blamed Doom, Marilyn Manson and gun manufacturers. Anyone other than the parents. In fact, when was the last time we held parents up in court and said "This is your fault, you raised a monster, therefore we're going to punish you along with your child" hm?

So why don't we do that, I ask you? Because parents are afraid it would mean they're responsible for their kids? Well, too damn bad. Most of the time when kids get games like Grand Theft Auto, you know how they got it? Their parents bought it for them. Or their grandparents. When that whole Hot Coffee scandal hit, a grandmother said she was going to sue Rockstar over the whole thing. But you know what? She bought the game for her grandson! She claimed the sex was inappropriate, but yet, was apparently okay with the mass violence and gore. Who are these people and why are we letting them breed?

On top of all of that, kids can't buy guns. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but a 13-year-old who goes into a WalMart to try and buy a hunting rifle is going to get refused, much less if they want to buy a Saturday Night Special. That means that parents bought the guns and left them someplace where the kids could get access to them. The videogaming industry didn't do that. So how are you going to blame them for that? No no, don't answer that... I know you'll find a way.

I stand by my "parents need to start taking responsibility" statement. Let's stop giving them an out. Let's take away all of their crutches and make them act like the adults they purport to be for once.

And, most importantly, let's see how long this bill holds up under the scrutiny of a court. Because I love this pesky little thing called the First Amendment. And it grants me the ability to call the Govenator a clueless politician, who I intend to vote out of office.