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Grand Theft...Ping Pong?

I read this story and then I checked the calendar... it's not April Fool's yet...  so I guess I just don't understand. Is there some massive underground table tennis scene I'm missing out on? Are people tricking out paddles while kicking some thumpin' beats? Is there an east coast/west coast rivalry? Do people tag tables when they win? Is there a tennis player who's been wrongfully accused of murdering his wife and child? Do you have to hope to serve the ball to your opponent from the shadows while his back is turned, without any other weaponry, for the benefit of a madman who's recording it all?

What am I missing?

Finished Psychonauts today...

I'd been holding off on playing it, and it had been sitting on the shelf, taunting me, unwrapped, because I knew I'd play it start to finish and that it'll be awhile before we see another Tim Schafer game. And it was all that I expected.

If you do not own a copy, go out and get it. PC or Xbox. You have no excuse. If you already have a copy, buy another and give it to a friend. I think we owe Tim Schafer that much, and you know what? I wanna play another Psychonauts. Maybe we can make it a sleeper hit... the kind of thing where the sales continue to ring in long after the game should be selling.

One can only hope...

So I scored my 360 yesterday...

And my time has been spent between Perfect Dark Zero, Geometry Wars, Full Auto and Hexic.

You know, I know Jeff's review of Full Auto wasn't great, but I am enjoying the game -- I know our review of it wasn't spectacular, but it's the kind of game you can have fun with. I don't expect it to continue lasting like some epic game experience, but it's been fun thusfar, and that's enough sometimes.

Burnout Revenge hits next week, and I'm sure that will claim a good portion of my life. My friend Dom has plans to come over the night it hits, which I find funny. Dom is just as much a Burnout junkie as I am. I should probably finish up Psychonauts tomorrow and maybe I'll put some more time in Empire At War although I should get caught up on my TV as well.

I lost a good part of the day today to working on the Magic Online release events. Came close to getting myself a premium avatar, but came up short in the end, sadly... oh well. Still won a bunch of packs and got a dual land out of the deal.

Now off to see what I can do about finding the episode of House that I missed...

"Spring" launch date? No way in hell.

At this point, the absolute earliest the PS3 could ship would be this summer, and even then I think it's nothing more than a pipe dream. So far, this "next gen" has been filled with more bumps, snags and problems than any other, and I'm not just talking about Sony here. MS's launch has done a ton of things wrong, not the least of which is not launching with a big enough variety of good games.

Looking forward, I'm finding the next year of gaming to be fairly suspect. I see stuff on the far far horizon that looks pretty good (I get to PLAY as Chow Yun Fat? SIGN ME UP!) but I think there's also a lot of things that are going to bomb.

Maybe I'm just old and cynical, but so far, I'm finding the "next gen" systems to be nothing more than empty promises. I mean, Microsoft promised more 360s - where are they? Sony said a "Spring" launch and we haven't see jack and squat. (Maybe they meant Spring 2007. Don't laugh; I might not be kidding.) And while the Revolution idea intrigues me, I do not yet see games.

Perhaps these are the Dark Ages of Console Gaming... "How long do you think this darkness is going to last?" "Oh... ages."


As a reminder, it's Thursday and that means I'm on the air from 8-11 PM PST again.

It's Thursday...

Back on the air between 8-11 p.m. PST right here so go listen and have yourself a grand old time.

If you're using iTunes, just open the "Listen Now" link with iTunes and it should go in fine, or save the link to your computer and open it in iTunes. It does work somehow, I know this much.

Music Devinoch has been known to enter/exit a room to:

"Baba O'Reilly" by The Who (Best. Entrance. Music. Ever.)
"Aerodynamic" or "Digital Love" by Daft Punk (depending on the mood)
"69 Police" by David Holmes (exit only - somewhat cribbed from "Ocean's 11")
"...Slowdance On The Inside" by Taking Back Sunday (exit only)
"English Summer Rain" by Placebo
"Midnight In A Perfect World" by DJ Shadow
"Ashes" by Embrace (entrance only)
"Promise (reprise)" by Akira Yamaoka (exit only)
"Fool's Gold" by The Stone Roses (for long exits/entrances only)
"Waiting Room" by Fugazi
"Teen Angst" by M83
"Escape Artists Never Die" by Funeral For A Friend
"If They Move, Kill'em" by Primal Scream (remixed by My Bloody Valentine)
"Journey To Reedham (7 A.M. Mix)" by Squarepusher (more in-transit music, really)
"Circles" by Soul Coughing (also more in-transit, but can serve as entrance/exit)
"John The Baptist" by The Afghan Whigs
"Million Miles" by J. Ralph (exit only)
"All Tomorrow's Parties" by The Velvet Underground
"Everywhere You Turn" by Longwave
"Take The Long Road And Walk It" by The Music
"Be There" by U.N.K.L.E. (w/ Ian Brown)
"The Staunton Lick" by Lemon Jelly (exit music - but I admit to cribbing this one from the british TV show "Spaced")
"I Woke Up In A Car" by Something Corporate (entrance only)
"Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well" by Mike Doughty
"Born Of Frustration" by James (entrance only)
"Hyperballad" by The Twilight Singers (exit only)
"Donna Everywhere" by Too Much Joy (entrance only)
"Mr. Brightside" by The Killers
"Get Higher" by Black Grape (exit only)
"Hoover Dam" by Sugar (entrance only)
"Anybody Wanna Take Me Home" by Ryan Adams (exit only)
"Enjoy The Silence" by Failure
"At Nature's Mercy" by Hot Rod Circuit (entrance only)
"Southbound Pachyderm" by Primus
"Just Like You Imagined" by Nine Inch Nails
"Soon" by My Bloody Valentine (exit only)
"Above" by Blue Man Group (entrance only)
"Christmas Song" by Mogwai (bittersweet exit music)
"Nightdrive" by Jimmy Eat World (exit music only - I would have also said "My Sundown" but that would have been cribbed from the "Global Frequency" pilot that never aired...)
"Long Live The Party" by Andrew W.K. (entrance only)
"Never Gonna Come Back Down" by BT (entrance only)
"Not The Same" by Ben Folds (exit only)
"When I'm Dead And Gone" by Fury In The Slaughterhouse (entrance only)
"The Remote Part/Scottish Fiction" by Idlewild (exit music only)

You can see I've given this quite a bit of thought...

(My friend Dom recently issued this challenge, so I thought I'd oblige him.)

Microsoft's VP makes me laugh...

This is one of the more entertaining interviews I've read in a while....

"By Tuesday." What a maroon. What an ultra-maroon.

For other industry people, this is how you handle questions you know you're not going to give an answer to....