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Off to Nerd Prom

I'll be heading down to San Diego today for Comic Con. This'll be my 6th, and every year it's loads of fun. You never really know who you can bump into down there -- I realized I was standing next to Jason Mewes (Jay, of Jay & Silent Bob fame) a few years back, we always seem to see Mark Hamill... plus I often get a ton of comics I've been meaning to read, see movies, TV shows, lots of fun stuff.. So, plane today, chaos tomorrow, back Mondayish.


Seriously, between Kutaragi and Phil Harrison, Sony needs to just stop talking. Stop talking to press, stop talking to gamers, stop talking to their friends, their families... look, just stop talking, Sony. I'm not sure how you can say anything more ridiculous than you already have, but I'm sure you're working it up already. We know you stole the controller from Nintendo. It's not a surprise - Nintendo has an awesome controller. You're jealous. We get that. It's okay. But saying we don't need a computer any more? Seriously man. Seriously. Are you out of your gourd? You think we should be using PS3s to file our taxes, to fire missiles at annoying countries, to operate on patients with medical conditions? The PC is not going to die, and certainly not because of your overpriced PS3. It's not a computer -- it's a game machine that has a next-gen DVD player in it that we, the buying public, aren't sure we want yet. Leave it alone...

Oh, as for my E3 report, I'm getting to it, I promise. It's just been a rather manic few weeks. I was back in Nebraska for several days for my little brother's high school graduation. 11 years apart. Whee. Or should I say "Wii."


So, I'll be writing up a long piece probably over the next day or two... I was half way through one and it flipped out on me and vanished... grrr...

E3 Day One

We lost several hours waiting in Nintendo's line, and it was fantastic. I could not stop raving about it. I spent significant time playing Super Mario Galaxy and after a little bit, I completely forgot I had the controller in my hand. It was enjoyable, intuitive and original. I'd forgotten how much I missed that in games.

Blew through the Sony booth fairly quickly. Tried Resistance. It was nice, but not $699 + $60 nice. Same can be said for Warhawk. Their new controller didn't feel all that impressive.

Watched the Supreme Commander trailer. Want this game now more than ever.

Took a brief pass at the World of Warcraft expansion. Draenai don't interest me all that much, sadly, but it does look pretty. May try to spend more time around there today.

Kentia Hall is, as it always is, the gaming ghetto, and nothing much is happening there.

Intend to go and spend more time near Midway today to get more of a look at Stranglehold. John Woo + Chow Yun-Fat + sequel to Hardboiled + "Tequila Time" = 3rd person shooter for me. Also, The Wheelman trailer didn't look half bad, and I still want Unreal Tournament 2k7.

Took a very quick pass at Squeenix. Intend to go back later and catch the full show, but not stellarly impressed. Oh well.

Saw Magic Online 3.0 and am enjoying what I've seen thusfar, but it sounds like the release has been pushed back a little. Better stable than rushed, in my opinion.

Still need to really see the Microsoft booth, but Shadowrun looked pretty from what I saw out of the corner of my eye. We'll see when I have more than 30 seconds to look.

Far too many World War II games for my liking, STILL. Seriously, at this point, I almost wish we'd let the Germans win so we could stop making games about it. Find a new thing to make games about, people. This isn't old, it's fully over-cooked.

Day One was kind of scattershot and sort of tiring, but that's the way these things work. I'll endevour to write more up today, but more than likely it'll be late tonight, early tomorrow.

E3 Day Zero

So here's my thoughts thusfar on the press conferences...

Nintendo's system looks awesome and was full of surprises. It may be the first thing we go see today. We're planning on definitely getting some hands-on time today with it, but I think Nintendo's press conference was the big winner of the three.

Microsoft's press conference had several impressive things and I'm glad to hear GTA is simultaneous. That's a good thing.

Sony's press conference impressed me the least. $599? I mean, good god, I can't write what I said about that price tag here. When I heard about it, I said... well, I set an expectation about this system that it will not be able to meet. But we'll see. Maybe the games will be legendary.

Right now, though, I think Sony's digging a colossal hole for themselves to crawl out of, Microsoft's holding onto a good head start and Nintendo is coming from deep left field with a whole arsenal of awesome things...

This may be a good E3 after all....

Mission: Impossible 3 was quite good.

I was afraid I wasn't going to like M:I3. There's been a lot of hype. A LOT of hype. And yet, on the whole, it was an enjoyable, high sprung technothriller type of movie. I don't have time to write up a full review today, what with leaving for E3 in, oh, less than 24 hours, but I greatly enjoyed the flick and I highly recommend people go and see it. Also, good GOD, Maggie Q is a gorgeous woman. I mean, wow wow wow wow WOW. Remind me to reattach my jaw, and if you see me attending this movie more than, say, four or five times, stop me... There's talk they're doing an M:I4, and if so, I hope they keep her and the rest of the gang around for the next one. They made a good team (especially Simon Pegg as their tech guy - but go make Spaced Season 3, you hooligan!) and definitely enjoyable to watch.

I should really write more about the movie, but I just don't have the time. No time! No time!

Heist cancelled = bad NBC

I'm sick and tired of good TV shows getting canned before they get a chance to get off the ground. Add Heist to the list of shows that deserved a better chance. One of these days, I'm going to meet a TV exec and punch him in the face... grrrr...

E3 soon...

It's terrifying to think E3 is just around the corner. While many of the staff is heading out this weekend, I'll be descending upon LA on Tuesday, making the road trip with my usual gang of hooligans and ruffians (and don't corner us, or we might become scallywags). We will leave ridiculously early, but hey, it won't be as bad. It's my car this year, and I need to start figuring out the tunes, but it shouldn't be too bad. We have a handful of things to do specifically, but so far our schedules are somewhat open. I've got friends at a few companies who want me to swing by, so I'll knock on doors and see who can fit me in where. It's good to know people. I will endevour to be writing as much as I can about the show, so keep an eye out for ramblings for me through the the show. I'm sure there will be plenty.