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What a change time makes...

So, it's been some time since I've written here, and I should probably write more here soon, but for now... I'm a Producer and a Game Designer these days. Can't talk about what I'm working on yet, but you can see the company's site over at Fierce Wombat Games. We've got cool things coming down the pipe, I assure you.

I am going to set Microsoft's CS department on fire.

Three plus weeks and still no box to send them back my 360. I have had to have them put in an order for a box three times now. When I call back tonight, I am going to be the most calmly livid person they will ever have to deal with. This is an insult. I will treat it in kind.

Red Ring of Death

Downloaded Bowie to play on Rock Band once friends arrived. Download goes through fine. Turn off 360. 1 hour later, turn 360 back on -- RRoD. *sigh* no Rock Band, no Assassin's Creed for a month. Not a nice thing to get just after my birthday.


BioShock down (and loved) and on to Stranglehold, while trying to replay Halo 2 as fast as we can on coop to get prepped for Halo 3.


Oh good lord. Why am I at work? Why am I not home playing Bioshock? Is this job thing really more important than being at home exploring Rapture? Is there a justifiable reason that I'm doing anything other than playing Bioshock?


Probably not, but I need the money.




Looks like I have one of bum models of guitar for GH2. Guess I'll be phoning up Gamestop soon...

GTA IV - A reaction

I think the GTAIV trailer has just made 3d artists weep with joy and envy all across the world. It was as if a million voices were crying out, then suddenly silenced... as they marked their calendars.

Degree of caring...

...approaching zero. I know a lot of people seem to be all "oooh" and "aaah"ing about the new 360 Elite, but I can only respond with an overwhelming "Meh."


Okay, HDMI. Nice. Not thrilling, but nice. A bigger HD? Okay, sure, I guess, but I've learned not to be a packrat when it comes to files and demos anymore. Being a PC gamer for, oh, two decades or so has taught me that lesson well.


Of course, Sony's claiming this is a victory for them. Because, you know, they thought of it first.


I expect the Elite will sell to a few people, but will not replace the regular 360 for a while, until, y'know, a year or two from now, when the Elite becomes the only one they're selling, and of course the price'll be $200 cheaper...


Man, are we that cynical? "Yes, yes we are, Bill." As the late, great Bill Hicks once said...