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Clefairy2000 Blog

I'm Back On My Birthday!

Yup, Clefairy2000 is back and ready for duty! Sorry about being gone for the last few months, but if you had to get up at quarter to five in the morning and in school for over 12 hours, you'd be pooped too! All the hard and grueling practices were worth it, though. We finished our season with 9-1 overall, 5-0 in our division, and we won the MAC White Division finals! This makes us back-to-back division and duel meet champions.

I also got myself a new pet lovebird a week ago Saturday. We don't know its gender yet, so its still nameless. But once the results of the blood test come back, we'll name it! BTW, the bird did NOT like the vet handling it at all. It kept chirping and screaming the whole time she was examining it. Oddly enough, though, it didn't make a sound when she was actually drawing the blood.

I didn't realize you guys missed me that much! I found 55 messages in my inbox! :shock: But oh well. Today is also my 15th birthday, wahoo! :)

Lastly, my brother got me hooked to World of Warcraft. It took a lot of pursuasion from him to convince me, but I like the game. He's CONSTANTLY playing Warcraft... But I'll try to get on when I can.

I Won't Be On as Much...

Just to let everyone know, some things are coming up, and I won't be on as much. First, I start my swimming practice again on Monday, so that'll take up all of next week and the few months after that. Second, next Friday, I'm going camping, so I won't be on at all for those two weeks. Third, after our camping trip, school starts again (Oh no!). With school and swim practice taking up most of my time, you probably won't see me much again until the end of the swim season in November. Yup, you'll probably see me asoften as a shiny Clefairy. Lame joking aside, my point has been made. I'm also considering resigning from my Ice Gym. You may comment, but I wonder if I'm gonna have time to read those comments...

Back From Chicago!

Well, I came home from Chicago last night. It was a great trip, and I ate like a gourmet! On Sunday, werode the train to Chicago for six hours! Then we unpacked our stuff at our hotel, the Embassy Suites, and ate a a place called Lawry's Prime Rib. I had lobster ravioli andvanilla ice cream with hot fudge for dinner! Then we took a walk around the block and hit the sack for the night. Dad and Mom were astonished that people were eating outside at 8 o'clock at night! They'd be ransacked in Detroit. Or the tables would be stolen. On Monday, we took a boat tour of the Chicago River and the buildings around it.Then we took a free-but-crowded trolley to Navy Pier, an old navy base that has been turned into a theme park.We explored the peir, and Dad and my sis and Iwent into an attraction called "Amazing Chicago". It's basically a fun house that has a house of mirrors, a narrow passageway, a spinning tunnel, and a ton of facts about Chicago. For example, did you know that toy poodles are banned in opera houses in Chicago? Well, it was something like that. Also, my sisshouted "Danielle!" to me after a foghorn blewfor a few seconds. Then we cracked up... Man, my family's weird.Anyhow, we went to a seafood place for dinner, where I had tasty New England clam chowder and one and a half pounds of king crab! To top it off, I had chocolate ice cream with more hot fudge! :P Yum! Then we headed back for the hotel for the night. On Tuesday, Mom and my sis and I went to American Girl Place in Chicago. I really won't go into detail about that trip because there's lots of boys on this sight, but if anyone's interested, just PM me, okay? That night, we went to Gino's East Pizzaria where I had a big plate of baked pasta and cheese sticks! Then on Wendsday, Mom and my sis and I went to see the musical Wicked, while my dad and my brother saw a Cubs vs. Giants baseball games. Wicked was really good, and the Cubs won their baseball came. Then we met up again for dinner at the Weber Grill, where I had grilled jumbo shrimp (and believe me, they aren't called "Jumbo" for nothing!) and garlic mashed potatoes. I finished off the meal with a sweet treat: Chocolate cake, ice cream, and even more hot fudge! Lastly, on Thursday, we took the train home. It took about 8 hours this time because there was a lot of... Train traffic. We didn't get home until about 10 PM. I was so tired I flopped into bed and fell asleep. Well, that about raps our trip to Chicago. If you have any questions, just PM me.

I'm So Sorry! (Again)

Gosh, I'm really, really sorry thatI haven't been on lately! Well... Some things came up. First, I've been having too much fun on the Wii. Second, my brother is hogging the computer AGAIN, only now it's because he keeps playing Company of Heroes. And finally, my family is hopping the train to Chicago for our vacation on Sunday. It's been really busy around here, but I promise to tell everyone about the trip when I get back. My inbox had 18 messages... Most of them union invites. Guys, please stop sending these invitations that I keep declining. If it doesn't say I joined, then stop sending invites, OK? BTW, if you wanna become Wii Friends, my system code is 4808 7427 0608 5595. See ya later!
P.S.: I changed my icon for the first time in a while. I hope everyone likes it! :P

Happy 4th of July!

It's the fourth of July, Independance Day, and I'm... Doing nothing today. Except having fun on the Wii. Anyhow, I saw Transfomers yesterday with my brother for a dirt cheap deal($4 a ticket, my mom went before noon because the prices were lower). That was a great movie from start to finish. I actually neglected using the restroom until the movie was over, something I rarely do because I usually have to "go" about halfway through most movies. The last battle was long - Maybe a little too long. Still, I'd give Transfomers a 9 out of 10. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday.

An Apology... I Love my Wii and PBR!

I'm so sorry that I've been gone the last few days, but I've been playing the Wii waaaay too much. I bought Pokemon Battle Revolution, and it ROCKS! I already beat practically every colosseum; my team kicked butt! Neon Colosseum was the hardest. I had to use the Rental Set because my own Pokemon were too powerful, but I got the timing down pretty well. WiFi is also great. I beat four guys in a row, two of which cut off their communication! My mom said they were probably bummed because they were getting beat by a girl. :P:lol: The guy I beat who used a Rayquaza, a Groudon, a Mewtwo, and a Regigigas must have been especially frustrated because I beat him using Espeon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Blissey. Dang, this is so cool!

Mii Loves the Wii!

My sis got a Wii for her birthday, and my family has been playing it all night. Me, my sister, and my brother all made Miis in our likeness(except my brother gave his Mii a goatee), and we even made a Brock Mii! I also worked up a sweat playing Wii Sports, and I want Battle Revolution even more. My sis is playing our Wii as I type! It's so cool!

My First Sinnoh Shiny!


Finally! Just a little while ago, I captured my first shiny in the Sinnoh region and second overall: A golden Fearow. It kinda took me by surprise while I was training my Leafeon near Stark Mountain. This level 52 guy was caught easily with Leafon's help and a Repeat Ball (I already have a Fearow). But still, I'm glad I finally found a shiny since the Phanpy on my old LeafGreen file that I deleted!

School's Out!!!!!

FINALLY! I'm out of school! That gives me time to train Pokemon. Speaking of which... Today when I leveled up my secret Pokemon in Stark Mountain,I caught Heatran.... in a Dusk Ball! Which is funny because I spent what seems like a hundred balls on that guy. Well... a capture is a capture, right? Anyhow, I'm glad school's finally out!

An Eggs-tremely Rare Item!


Yes! After three days of searching, I finally found one of the rarest items in Pokemon: A Lucky Egg. I used the level 40 Skitty I caught and a Butterfree I raised out of a wild Caterpie. I put Butterfree in the front, since its Compoundeyes helps find Pokemon that hold items, and when I found a wild Chansey, I'd switch to Skitty to use Covet. After three days and about a dozen Oval Stones, I finally got that Lucky Egg. I also sold all those extra Oval Stones for a nice profit. They're worth about 1,050 Pokedollars each, so I made a nice profit. Next up, training time!