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I am back!

Well you might have noticed, but I have not been on much recently.:(

Anyway in the time of my absence I purchased the following Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat. I enjoy both of them greatly.:D

I also pre-ordered Dark Souls.:D

Thanks for reading.

Veteran, you will not survive..... well you can but will make it annoying


Well I have been playing the Call of Duty Black Ops Campaign lately on Veteran, it is my first play-through. It is not supper hard, it is just annoying how your helpers do almost nothing to help, and how enemy bullets go right through them.?

Anyway I am thinking about getting vanquish sometime soon, what is your opinion of it if you have played it?

Image 2

Thanks for reading.:D

They Were Here, Now They Are Not, Simple As That

I have been playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood lately.:) I just beat sequence three, and I have acquired seven assassin recruits that are on average level 7.:) I use them a lot, for instance i sometimes run around Rome and get a lot of gaurds chasing me then I call them and about 10 seconds later all the guards are gone.:P

Image 30

As you can tell that is a GS image not mine.

PS: After you beat the campaign can you continue roaming around like in ACII?

Thanks for reading, have a great day.:D

Tsu Nami

The Japanese words for harbor wave (Title). A terrible tsunami hit Japan recently. My prays are with them, and I request that you pray for them to recover quickly as well.:D

I am on google...

I just noticed if I type ClearDagger in google, it has my profile and union,;) I am sure it has everyone's but I just thought it was interesting.:P

I am shocked.:(

Okay two things; first, I beat Dead Space 2, it was awesome.:D

Second I got moderated.:( For disruptive posting.:o

So I want to ask you to tell me if you mind being mentioned back in a comment; so I do not disrupt any of you.:)

If you do not want me to, then I will try never to again, and I will not say who moderated me so do not ask, and if he reads this, I hold no grudge to him.:)

Anyway thanks for reading, oh thats also why I did not mention the rest of you back from the last blog, and if you do not say if you mind being mentioned in a comment I will just not mention you back.:)

Okay please let me know, thanks again.:D

A New Soul and a new list

Okay for an update.:D

I have been playing Dead Space 2 and Two worlds II recently, they are both really fun once I get further in them I will try to give my impressions.:)

Dead Space 2 BoxshotTwo Worlds II Boxshot

And also games I am anticipating.:)

Most anticipated games, ones that I want to pre-order:

Dark Souls I hope it is harder then Demons Souls.:)

Image 2

Ninja Gaiden III

Games that I am keeping my eye on and might buy:

Prototype 2

Metal Gear Solid Rising

Image 3

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Boxshot

Dead Or Alive 5

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat (2011) Boxshot

I really cannot wait for Dark Souls considering it will be like Demons Souls, which was awesome, I hope I get Broadband Internet by then.:D And I really need info on NGIII.:)

Anyway thanks for reading.