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Happy Birthday Exber, if you won't read this, well don't read this

I know things go badly for us, but is not the end of the world, you go ahead without worrying about the problems, no matter which appears to be the end, you are of those who always goes ahead, I admire you for that, because you give me hope, so maybe you will not have the best birthday, the best family in the world, the best girlfriend and friends, but we do know is that no matter how bad things are, they always acompany you becouse they love you for who you are.

this is the last thing you'll know about me: I love you and I'll wait for you like always. i wish you the best on your birthday, and look what I had prepared for you: look in my images

Happy Birthday Exber!!

Greetings to all! :D Today is the birthday of Exber :) most of you already know him, is kind;) very good friend to all and is a great poet:P so in his day, write it a good thing for him;)

I for one, I will tell him: Exber, you're the best friend that anyone could have, you're a good boy and I love you, I wish you a happy birthday. :oops:

ClairexD, Maria, your girlfriend.


Hi Everybody! :) I write this just for greeting all you! ;) I hope you're all well, have a nice day, bye! :P

Happy New Year!

Greetings to all! I know I'm hardly ever here, finally, I want everyone to have a happy new year! together with their loved ones .... and that next year is full of peace, joy and love:P

Yesterday my Birthday... and New Games

Greetings to all! my posts have been absent for a long time here, is because sometimes I have no time to write one or I have no idea about what to do.

Yesterday was my birthday, sure many of you have read anything regarding this in the blog Exber.

I say, my boyfriend gave me 4 good games, since time had not played since Driv3r (game not played much because I don't liked very much :P) the games were: Fable, Beyond Good & Evil, Halo and Sonic Adventure, the probe each and every I loved them! I'm playing Fable, it is very interesting, I still do not fully adapt to this kind of games, but I know eventually I will do,I have really wanted to play them all :) but I must be orderly ;) first I must finish one to start another :P

Thanks to all for reading :P

Pic of My Dog...!!

Greetings to all...!! I upload a picture of my new puppy...check it in my images! somebody here told me that do that...welll here is..!!

Black Finally Finish...

Black finally finished ... I said that after finishing it was to play Indiana ... but the truth is that I spend my inspiration to play that game, now I'm playing Crash Tag Team Racing ... I must say that Crash is not the same .... have changed much and the gameplay as well, that's terrible for me because I've played their classic games, but I'll give this game a chance, because after all, is interesting :)


You are the best Boyfriend ever...!!

You are my Man Forever...!

You know that I Love You Very Much...

You make me feel Happy and Good...

All moments that I am with You...

And... other thing my Darling, I tell you that: I Want to Kiss You Baby...!!! :oops:

A New Friend...!! And I love New Games!!

Greetings to all...!! Yes ... yes ... yes! my mother last Wednesday brought a puppy :oops: ....!!! after my dog Blackie died ... has made me much needed .... and just I had my dog Claire Dog, now I have the two ... although Claire Dog is a little jealous of the new member ... is that soon get along, this morning they were playing .... I just hope they get along very well in the future :P

Well, I was going to end Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb ... and also was playing Burnout 3 ... now I'm in love with a new game: Black ...!!! I love and I decided to finish it ... when it does, I will finish so, Indiana and Burnout, also I interesting in a game called: Heores of the Pacific, I wanna finish it too :P

After Waiting...So Long...!

Greetings to All...!!

-Yes after waiting so much (do not know if I told them my xbox controls had been damaged and my father had not been able to buy) now if ... and I have my xbox back! I felt very comfortable that he had bought one of the controls ... so now I have my time for gaming again I am very happy! I'm playing two games a called Burnout 3 and one Indiana Jones and the Emperor Tomb are very good ... and I'm dedicating myself to finish ... my boyfriend gave me a list of games that are good ... and I want to buy .... which attracted my attention are: Fable and Otanagi. :lol:

-And yes ... after waiting so long ... I could finally see my boyfriend again ... from holiday I was not able to visit me because he had been sick ... and had almost two months so ... good now that my godmother is in my house (she has come from the USA for a holiday with my family and she do not like visits of boys in my home) my boyfriend had not been able to visit me ... Well ... we will have to wait ... for now only visits the home of my grandmother ... and go to parties together ... but all good ;)

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