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The one GBA game that I love more than any other is Pokemon Sapphire. It was my first introduction into Pokemon (shamefully enough) but this game has made me want to play all the others because it's so good.

Other than that, the Sonic Advance trilogy. I really enjoyed those too.

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Admittedly, I got my old DS before Lites even came out, and I have no intentions of switching to a Lite. My friend has a Lite and while it has improvements in that it's smaller, brighter and has longer battery life, all I care about is whether or not the handheld plays the games. My original DS plays games just like a Lite would, so I'm happy with it. That's all that matters to me. So it kind of irritates me when on my Youtube videos I have a lot of people demanding me to upgrade to a Lite; it may have all those improvements, but I care about playing games. If my old DS ever does break, I'd get a Lite. I don't care so long as I can play games on it.

That's really my thoughts on it all. ^^;

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The first one I ever owned for the Gamecube was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, which was IMO decent. First one I played on the GC was SSBM on my cousin's. ^^;
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It was around January-February earlier this year. Once I had enough money I tried SO hard to find a Wii since my desire to have one was very strong, but no success. I eventually went into my local GameStation and pre-ordered one, realizing it'd be harder to get one otherwise. I waited a whole month for my Wii - I tried to get one sooner, even nearly resorted to eBay - and I ended up getting a little bit jealous of my best friend who's parents found one leftin Argos and bought it with no problems or waiting.

But eventually the day came, when I was surfing the Internet in the first week of March, that I got the phonecall from GameStation saying my Wii had finally come into stock, and that I could pick it up anytime. As soon as I got off of the phone with them, I screamed with joy.:D My mum came home not long after, took me up to GameStation and I bought it. That's pretty much my story. ^^;