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Late Night Gaming Tweets: Vol. 1 - Spelunky Boss Runs

I just spent an hour or two wrapping up my night with some Spelunky on XBLA, attempting to beat the boss in level 4-4. During this stretch, I tweeted some musings on my exploits, as I often do when playing games late at night. With Twitter being such an ephemeral and limited source, I figured I'd try to make a habit of collecting tweets from such sessions in a blog post so that they don't vanish into the ether as quickly as they otherwise might. Here goes!


1. Now seems like as good a time as any to try to beat Spelunky, by which I mean die from mummies and mind beams for the next 45 minutes.
2. Starting off with Dora the Builder. Her Mona Lisa smile and big yellow hat seem to convey the proper spirit for kamikaze platforming.
....which garnered a sort-of/not-really encouraging response from Carolyn Petit (@carolynmichelle): In the words of the Dora the Builder theme song, "Can she beat it? YES! SHE! CAN!" #ButSheProbablyWont#VayaConDiosAmiga
3. In the oh-so-mortal words of @smcinnis, "Oops I died."
4. Dora's shiny yellow hat is no match for the mighty Olmec's shiny yellow self. Total deaths: 421
5. Favorite Spelunky tactic of the moment: Stun a caveman/birdman/bug and whip it's dazed body into the creeping mind beams of death.
6. Spelunky breakthrough! Have managed to trap myself in a single square surround by walls on all sides!
8. Me and my Mattock had a date with Golddome. He was the perfect gentleman right up until he ended it with A MURDER-SUICIDE AAAAASO CLOSE!!!
9. Okay, 5 more lives, then bed. Smashed by Olmec. Impaled. Impaled. Brain fried by the jackal-headed god Anubis. Crushed. G'night, everybody!
So, mission not accomplished. Ah well. Probably a bit incomprehensible to those who don't know much about Spelunky, but hey, there you have it! If you fancy getting this stuff in the first-run edition, you can follow me on Twitter.