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Sometimes you just can't go back, or....nostalgia is overrated.

I'm currently in the process of whittling down my rather meager collection of previous generation games, after realizing I'm never going to play most of this stuff again. While some games hold their replay value well, most do not, due to improvements over visuals and gameplay mechanics each generation. Trying to revisit some of these without my rose tinted glasses on is a painful and shocking experience. What once looked amazing is now a jaggy, laggy mess. What once was groundbreaking is now run of the mill. As critical as I have been of Nintendo and their business decisions, they understand fun. It's why most of their games dating back to the NES era have been able to withstand the test of time. 2-D has aged more gracefully than 3-D. Same goes for the PS1 and Sega Saturn. I'll take Castlevania: Symphony of the Night over Syphon Filter any day. I'll play Batsugun (Saturn shmup) over Sonic R any time. Even the mighty Goldeneye, Halo and (gasp!) Half Life 2 are finally at the point where I won't touch them again. Time to go trade in some stuff at the local retro shop. How about you all? Any games you used to love that you can't go back to?

Remembering the first great wireless controller, the Wavebird.

When I got my Gamecube in 2004, I had used only one wireless controller previously - the Sega Saturn 'Naki' brand....and it sucked (I've since acquired the official Sega Saturn one, which is good, but still has limitations). The old infrared wireless controllers needed a line of sight between the controller and receiver to work properly, and there was often serious input lag. But I decided to take a chance on the Wavebird, since this was an actual Nintendo brand product, and I'm glad I did. The Wavebird was an exceptional controller that worked just as well as any wired one, and managed to keep the form factor and approximate its weight (with batteries added). The trade off was not including a rumble option, to preserve battery life, but it wasn't a necessity to me. Had many good times with the Wavebird playing and replaying Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime with it. Kudos to Nintendo for being a pioneer in the wireless controller realm. Here's a neat article from the old 'Gamespotting' column about the Wavebird.

Gamespot still blows.

I still hate the redesigned site, one and a half years later. I have no idea who these new editors who come and go are. Nice to meet you, new dude. Not really.