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Job Crap, New Games, End of Forums, PS4

Man, it's been ages since I last updated my vlog.. your asking what I've been doing? Well, I finally have a job! Been working at King Richard's Faire and it has been okay so far, 8 bucks an hour isn't so bad right? I have been doing trash work lately, also at times I get food for the cooks if they need it which is nice I guess. I guess when I'm done at the Faire I could possibly work at Wal-Mart, Shaws, or Target.

Been getting new games as well like the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Edition, Killzone Triliogy, Skyrim Legednary Edition, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, the list goes on. My game collection will continue to grow when I keep getting more games. I've been doing this because my bro left for New Orleans and he took all the fun games with him so I've been trying to get the games he had plus more.

So.. it seems the Forums will be gone forever when the new site eventually gets released, shame though, I enjoyed going to the forums and talking to people. But there's always the Zetaboards I guess, but it won't be the same. All good things must come to an end right? :/

I'll get the PS4 probably next year, so that some of the PS4 bugs will get fixed by that time. The PS4 has impressed me a lot, that's why I want to get one eventually. This does not make me a Sony fanboy in any way, it's just that Sony has been doing well in the last few years, I'm hoping that Sony does the same with the PS4.

This is all I have to say, I will continue keeping track of game reviews on this site. I'm going to play some Borderlands 2 for a while until I feel that I have done enough. Chaos out :)

New Years Eve, Reason for Inactivity, and Being Sick

Damn, it's been what 2 years since my last blog? I know, it's crazy. But anyway my reason for my inactivity is that I have been very busy with school work, playing Skyrim, Driver SF, etc. and of course dealing with anxiety problems as well. So I guess I just stopped posting for like a few months, and I'll try my best to post in unions more often now. Of course, that'll be hard since I have a fever :/.

I got Sonic Generations for X-Mas, haven't really played it since I'm in a Elder Scrolls mood, along with playing R&C: All 4 One. Both of which are fun games. 2 flashlights, new sweathshirt, and a Monty Python in your pocket are also what I got for X-Mas. Weird that it didn't snow yet, thank god because I hate the snow.

Oh, and it's also New Years Eve, let's say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012. :)

Bought a PS3 Slim

Along with R&C Future A Crack in Time, as well as the strategy guide for it, I'm surprised that the graphics don't like bad. Well it was a pain in the ass to set it up, but I managed to put it somewhere THAT actually fits into. I'll have someone work on the Internet crap. My account name is TheEnforcer.

That's all, thanks Chaosjak93

I won't be active for a while

Why you ask, it's just that school made me lose interest in this pathetic site and I don't like to be active when I have damn HW that takes me like 3 hours to's a waste of time.

I've been watching Bleach(anime) and I'm up too episode 74 in it and I would be up to 86 if I wanted to watch Bleach for the entire day or something. Started playing KH1 and I completed it by choosing the Staff and getting rid of the Shield in the begginning of the game.

Ipromise I will be more active on Winter Vacation and that will be it for me being active in GS..until Spring Vacation(which I will be more active on that time as well), when Summer Vacation starts up again, I will be active a lot more.

Thanks, Chaosjak93 signning out!

My bro leaves for college tomorrow

Yeah, he's leaving to college tomorrow morning and I will miss him a whole lot when he leaves. Okay the 360 will be moved into my room and the same goes for his Comcast Box, it works very well for my TV.

Summer is thankfully almost over and Fall is closing in:), which also means the start of my school and it usually starts after Labor Day:(. Also, when I got to my friends house, I will be unable to take the memory unit because he's taking it with him :x.

Thanks Chaosjak93, his account here is..[spoiler] I like ham for breakfest, and this is a joke [/spoiler]

I will be inactictive for a little while

I need to watch 119 and 120 because I'm doing a review of both of them for the Ninja Classroom.:D

I will start it at 11:00am because I have to go to Summer School tomorrow:x, and I may rush it as well if it takes too long.

I will post for a little bit, but not what I used to do:(, but when they're both done, I will be active more;)

Thanks, Chaosjak93

My top 10 most annoying enemies in KH

#10. Wizards(KH1)

These enemies have the magic fire, blizzard, and thunder at their disposel, which is not that bad. But, they have teleportation as well wich makes it more annoying, espescially when your doing time challenges in the Olympus Coliesuem:x

9. Sorcerers(KH2)

The sorcerers are resistent to all of your magic(except reflect), they float around some red cubes which they use to attack, which is strange actually:?. All you need to do is use reflect on their red floating cubes, which is annoying actually because you spam that a lot in KH2:x

8. Large Bodies(both games)

You need to attack their back in order to kill them, that is just really stupid when you think about. You need to do this for Defenders, Fat Bandits, Beserkers, and Vexen from COM. They need to imporve that in KH3(if there is one)

7. Assault Riders(KH2)

The assault riders are these big fat horse-solider like heartless that appear in the Land of the Dragons world(based on the Mulan Movie). What make these guys jerks is when doing morale missions, these guys probably take it to 90% of the bar to 0%, why because when they first appear they spin their spear and a lot of morale orbs fall out of Sora:evil:. When damaged enough, they do this chraged attack that knocks you into the air, when you attack them they don't flinch either:x.

6. Fat Bandits(both games)

These guys are just like the Large Bodies but slighty more annoying, they breath fire and shoot fireballs at you, but you can dodge the fire breathing in the first game. But in the second game they combo you to death:x, the new move they added in for KH2 is delayed fire punch, how is that annoying well hitting the back is more of a problem because your accidentlly hiting the side of it(which doesn't do any damage) then it hits you and Sora gets knocked into the air. That will it's only move until you kill it.:x

5. Devastators(KH2)

These heartless move around like tanks but probably that makes them jerks too, why because these eneimes could possibly kill you if underleveled:x. It has a cannon that shots electric orbs at you which does not such much damage, and it hits you with its 4 legs and that's the most annoying part because they combo you to death with those as well:x. When doing the mission with the salor sailor, these guys will bring the weight bar down to 100% if your careful:x.

4. Berserkers(KH2)

These guys require to hit their backs AGAIN, what did you expect:x. These nobodies hit you with its large axe, which does massive damage. When it's health gets down to a certain place, it becomes smaller and its axe becomes bigger. Why because it combos you to death with it which can get you killed if underleved.:x

3. Aqua Tanks(KH1)

The heartless that used to appear in Atlantica in KH1, these big fish like heartless carry 3 screwdivers. When it releases them it starts to spam it's thunder attacks on you:x, so kill them quick before it releases the annoying screwdivers:evil:. They don't flinch either.

2. Crimson Jazzs(KH2)

These gawd they are annoying as hell, why because it unleashes it's multi fireball attack that only go after Sora. When it's HP gets low enough it places 3 fire landmines around Sora, then they explode and do massive damage:x. It is resist to fire magic, so use blizzard and thunder attacks on them:x.

1. Defenders(KH1)

These are the most annoying enemies in the KH series because they could kill you if your not careful, they do fire and blizzard magic and you they are resist to your fire and blizzard magic so use thunder if you want. These guys do massive damage by the shield bitting at you, and it spins around which does a lot of damage as well. So you need to have a lot of strength to kill them fast:x.

That is all;)

Beated Phantom on Expert

Yes, this fight was just BRUTAL, 3 hits and I would've been dead. I was level 79, with Goofy at 80 and Peter Pan at 80 as well. One scratch from took out more than HALF of my HP. :o Yeah, totally cray.

Well, my bro is going too college soon, thought I would say this because I'm going to miss him when he leaves :cry:

Here's a pic of the Phantom from KH1