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I'm Not Dead but I Need Your Help

So... that PS4? Anyway, yeah, video games. They're still cool. I still play them, write about them, and do videos. Oh you didn't know? Well I don't like to overtly plug but I sort of have to. It is for school and I really want a good grade. So I have come here and am politely asking for your assistance. What do you do? Easy. Just click around on my website I'm supposed to promote it so hits will show that it was successful. It would great if you read some of the things on there too, but beggars can't be choosers. The second thing you can do? Watch some of our stuff on YouTube. Our channel title is the same as the website, but here's the link: We made the video above to promote it. It's dumb and intentionally so (I'm the one in the Assassin's Creed shirt and aviators). We do Let's Plays, video reviews (of which I spend a lot of time on), and quick looks at new games. Your support is really appreciated and I'll hopefully pass with your help. You might even like what I do! Thanks and goodbye! :D

This is What I Look Like... With a Vita

Yes! I totally folded and got a Vita. I love it! It's such a sweet piece of hardware that is so fast and sleek in almost every way. Amazon had a good deal (no shipping/tax and free memory card) so I jumped. I also figured I'd show you what I look like, just in case anyone wanted to know. :D This is that video. I started making videos on YouTube with a friend sort of like Giant Bomb's Quick Looks. I really enjoy doing it, so if you want to check it out or subscribe or whatever, I'd really appreciate it. :D Of course, we do this site too. My name is Michael, and I'm out. :D Thanks guys!


Hey guys just wanted to stop by again. I actually started another game-focused blog with a different friend. You can find it here and it would be pretty cool if you at least checked it out. It has all of my reviews on it, plus the ones I've recently finished, like MW3, Battlefield 3 (campaign), and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Deus Ex is really damn good. Don't put off playing it! :D Totally worth the money so if you see it, get it! The biggest thing is video for this site. While I'm not directly handling it, I'm in them so if you want to hear what I sound like or just watch me play Batman (it's captured so it isn't crappy), go for it! We have a couple more (we call them "What Is...") in the works and I don't know why they haven't gone up yet. Hopefully this is just the beginning. I'm the one who talks a lot. :P Batman Video Thanks for your support guys and I'll see you guys around the internet! :D

That Top 10 Stuff

Hey guys, just checking in again. I like making the almighty top 10 list at the end of the year so I kept on the tradition and made on again, albeit in a different place. Click here if you would like to take a gander at it. I also really like hearing your top 5 or top 10 so please feel free to leave in the comments here or there. ;) The good thing about this year is that it could be completely different! Thanks guys and I hope you are having a good holiday season! ;)

A Year Measured in Money

Hey guys! I'm just procrastinating on this last final (I have to write an essay) so I thought I'd do something completely unnecessary like post this blog! :D Simply put, I've bought more games this year than almost the last 4-5 combined and nearly doubled my collection this year alone. I bought a grand total of 21 disc based games and 4 downloadable games (Braid, Limbo, inFamous FOB, and RE4 HD). Ridiculous! I decided to show the damage done and add up the grand total to see how much I've made a dent in my wallet this year in games. Smart? Not really, but I was curious. :P Keep in mind that almost all of these were bought over Amazon (so free shipping/no tax) and almost all but Resistance 3 were bought and received within the first week/month of release. Also, the few with slashes signal that they were in the same order, meaning that price after it was the price for both, not each. Killzone 3: $18.98 LittleBigPlanet 2/Mass Effect 2: $34.99 LA Noire: $59.99 Crysis 2: $39.98 inFamous 2: $27.98 Portal 2: $54.99 Tomb Raider Trilogy: $29.99 Mortal Kombat: $40.98 Vanquish: $22.72 Deus Ex: Human Revolution: $44.99 Resistance 3: $19.99 Assassin's Creed: Revelations: $57.99 (this was my Christmas present so I didn't actually pay for it) Uncharted 3: $18 God of War Origins Collection/Team ICO Collection: $59.98 Batman: Arkham City: $59.99 (this was my birthday present so I didn't pay for it) Metal Gear Solid Collection: $41 Catherine: $30 Dead Space 2: $30 VVVVVV: $2.75 Portal: $6 Castlevania Lords of Shadow: $0 (gift card ;)) Grand total: $584.32 (except for Batman/Assassin's Creed) GEEZUS! BUT there is more. Any pre order codes I got (and believe me, there were a LOT) I sold them on eBay. I don't use them and they go for a lot on there so I figured selling them was the obvious answer. PayPal account from selling codes: $189.07 Total: $395.25 Pretty insane, right? I do have 2 seasonal jobs so this isn't my parent's money and I do save a lot more than I spend. It's actually probably a lot more considering I bought a few PSN cards, keep my Gamefly account, and I bought a whole new PS3 slim a few months back. So it's actually around $785.25. Damn! Thankfully, next year looks rather tame. I can only think of a few must buys next year and a bunch of maybes and waits. Even though that total is damn big, I got a lot but saved a lot and did it fairly intelligently. So my question to you guys, how much do you think you spent this year on games? Thanks and you guys can always check this blog to keep up with me. :D

I'm #1!

Sorry Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen (don't be too cool to get that reference ;)) but now I hold that spot.  In case you didn't know, that's from the challenge maps in Batman: Arkham City. Man have I have been completely in love with this game. I wrote this glowing review of it here and I'm still fawning over this gem. But anyway I've kinda always wanted to be #1 on a leaderboard of some sort. I got close last year with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood with the flawless kill challenge rooms, but eventually gave up because of the gaping holes in the combat. I still love the fighting in Brotherhood, but when it's put under that kind of scrutiny (of having to do it flawlessly), it doesn't match up. He wouldn't dodge when I wanted him to and there were some frustrating instances where enemies would run into you like a battering ram (with no chance to counter) to end the session. That and the framerate would go to crap (thus reducing the responsiveness even further) because of all the bodies on screen. Back to Batman, I actually wasn't even trying at first, but noticed I got to 13th place on the leaderboard. Seeing that, I knew that if I tried, I could get to #1. I'm not gonna lie, I was super stoked. :P I decimated the 2nd place score so I hope that score will stand for a long time. There you have it! Do you have a similar story to share? Comment below if you have anything to say! :D Thanks for reading, and see you guys later! PS: As of right now I'm waiting for Uncharted 3 to come in from UPS. The wait is killing me! :P

Thanks + Other Stuff

Hey guys, I'm back and better. Even though I already thanked you guys, I wanted to do it again. Thanks for the help in my last disaster blog. Just the act of writing that really helped me out and adding in your great responses only snowballed me into feeling much better. I felt WAY better the next day and am still feeling pretty normal. Girl S called me and sort of loosely apologized because she was sad I didn't call because I straight up said I wasn't happy with her doing what she did. I think she felt a little bad because she would be excited telling her friends that she could see me one day and how I'm one of her "true friends" or something like that. I still find that odd to tell other people how you want to see other friends, regardless of gender, but I guess I'm okay with that knowing it goes both ways. She does get on my nerves a little bit now, but it's all her doing. I'm still kind of interested in her, but I'm not necessarily holding my breath. I bet if I physically saw her again, I'd probably start really liking her again but who knows. One day things will work out, whether it is with her or not and all this hardship, while it sucks, makes me stronger or teaches me something. ;) Girl C, while screwing me over, taught me a lot, mostly that I shouldn't be as nice. I still would like a change in my life, be it a girl or moving out (I know that sounds pathetic by the way). My parents have been creating tension from everything and I do want to step outside of my comfort zone. I won't get into specifics now but I've always had to be "safe" because of how much they controlled back me high school. No texting, no car, stingy to take me places, living in the middle of nowhere, and having crappy internet all gave the control of my life to my parents, which is probably the most damning thing in my life. I could do a whole separate blog about that but I won't, at least for now. Anyway, games. Yeah they are coming out. MOTHEREFFING BATMAN! If you haven't played the first one, a) shame on you and b) you can redeem that. Pre order Batman Arkham City at Walmart and you get a $10 gift certificate AND you get Arkham Asylum for free! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? Other purchases will be Assassin's Creed Revelations, MGS Collection, and Uncharted 3. Everything else is a rental from Gamefly! If you start it up or want to, let me know, we can both get $20 credit which is basically a free month and more. TL;DR: I'm doing better thanks to you and YO GAMES. :D If you wanna keep up with what I'm playing, check my blog with the reviews and such. Costume Quest, Captain America, Just Cause 2, Catherine (which interesting considering what I was going through), and a lot of other things. Thanks and see you guys later! :D

In Need Of A Life Change... Or Something, Help

Before I start, it would mean the world to me if you read this and commented. Hey guys, I'm not even going to fake happiness here, I'm in the pit and have been for a few weeks now. This whole year has been a wreck from the literal first chance it got. My favorite dog of around 11 years died January 1st before I had even woken up. I was devastated because when I was home alone or just home, he was sort of my best friend. Things didn't look up from there. A wheel fell off my truck when I was driving right after that, and even though I'm thankful I'm alive, that shut me inside of the house for a good 2 weeks or so. Then the spring semester was the worst semester of my life. I had two classes that were ridiculously difficult and made me feel dead inside. I hated it so much and going to school became a chore because waking up that early and hating it made me sort of hate everything. I tried my best to be happy as that is my coping mechanism. I got a good rep with the class I hated the most mostly because I didn't give a flying @#$#. Joking around got me through the days. When summer hit, I was thrilled at the pure fact that I didn't have school any more. No more getting up at 6:30 am to be stuck in traffic and forced to stay in Satan's classroom to learn about sponges and calculus. Then, when I went back to work in the summer (I have a seasonal job), I wanted things to change. There was this girl I had really gotten attached to from the previous years that had worked there. I've liked girls a lot before, but I was head over heels with her last year... until she broke my heart. Leading me on then friend zoning me when I manned up and told her to her face how much I cared about her really REALLY crushed me. I was a hole for a good month, but then I accepted it and got over it after we talked it out. Flash forward a year later (summer 2011), I saw her again at work and she brought her sister (remember the last part). I wasn't going to go out of my way to see her (as that was my problem from the last year; I did too much for her), but I was trying to remain friends. After a quick fight on how I never initiate contact her (after the what she did to me I don't know what she was expecting), we went out as friends to the Farmer's Market. Her sister was also present and since the one I brought was on the phone most of the time, I got to talk to the sister more. (You probably know where this is going...) After our "date" (it wasn't), I was actually thinking of her sister more (let's call her S). The sister that rejected me (let's call her C) wasn't totally off my mind but feelings were elsewhere. The S sister wanted me to accompany her to a baseball game (this is where we all work) on my day off. I obliged because, honestly I wanted to get to know S more. She was more attractive than her sister C and a bit more my type. S and I got to talking and all of a sudden she brings up that her sister C brought another guy with them last year to their sister-sister date. Her face immediately went into panic like she told me she had AIDS or something. I panicked as well seeing as there was some mystery guy in the picture that wasn't me. I poked and prodded S until she spilled the beans. Yes, her sister was dating another guy all whilst keeping me in the dark and playing me last year. This turned the world upside down. Stuff like this doesn't need to remain dark to someone trying to get at you. Then C and I got into a fight (I kept my cool and stayed civil) while she was mad at me for stupid reasons. She said I shouldn't assume things... blah blah blah. She wronged me yet tried to pin the crap on me. C and I stopped being friends after that. C came up to me a couple weeks after and tried to apologize. She did a good job but she never took the initiative to see me outside of work. She would tell everyone at work that she wanted us to become best friends again. I want her to talk me, I shouldn't need to go back her, right? I'm really 50/50 on this as some friend say screw her until she says something and some say I should try to be friends again. Honestly, I've been lonely lately and could use another friend but I don't know. All through this S has been at my side, calling me just about every day for a couple months. I got really close with her and began to (maybe stupidly) develop feelings for her. S had moved away back home back in late July about 7 hours from here so that was my only contact I had with her. We had good conversations and she's said the nicest things someone has ever said to me before which only made me like her more. Yes we've gotten in a few fights (which are honestly the stupidest things someone has ever gotten mad at me before) but we've been mostly smooth. I never asked her out because I started liking her AFTER she moved. I don't believe in starting a long distance thing, but only continuing an existing one long distance. She's been going through a lot and been taking it out on me lately which has gotten me a bit depressed. I can't see her which sucks and I don't think she has the same feelings for me anymore because we haven't physically seen each other in so long. This one guy keeps hitting on her (in sort of a creepy way) all of which I tell her I don't want to hear. That was "whatever" to me until today. She freakin' calls me and tells me how excited she is to see her "military friend." I was jealous at first but got mad as the day progressed. It struck me as incredibly rude to say how she was stoked to see someone else that she barely knows. Someone that didn't respond to any of her letters and Facebook messages for over 3 months. She asked me why I wasn't excited and I just told her I didn't know him. I couldn't get how rude it was out of my mind. So now here we are, at the present. I look at my stupid Facebook feed and she her at dinner with her sister and the mystery dude and how happy she looks with him. Some dude that ignores her and she still finds joy in seeing him. She may or may not have feelings for him but either way, I'm mad. That sent me spiraling deeper in the pit. I'm angry and deeply sad and depressed about this. Every girl I get close to throws me away after all I do for them. I don't open up a lot but I ALWAYS get crushed. I'm at a 100% failure rate here. I'm just sick and tired at being this deep in the pit all the time. I'm always sad or just manageable. If I get somewhat happy, there always is some sick and twisted time of depression to make up for it. I need change. I need to see girls that see me as a nice guy but not a dime-a-dozen doormat. I don't think I'm horrifically ugly and I'm pretty fit and I'm not a jerk. I know I'm not perfect, but someone has to dig me, right? I'm tired of feeling like I don't mean anything to anybody. It doesn't help that I don't really go out as much any more. My friends decided to go their separate ways for now, leaving us to do our solo thing. School is dumb too. All the women are stupid and full of themselves. Not my type. I just need change. I just don't know what. Maybe you can help me with this. Thanks...

I Am A Sheep. I Have No Brain.

How many times do you browse the forums? Probably a fair amount. I'm willing to bet that just about every time you click on the home forum page (I choose to post in the PS3 topics) you see "Game X Vs. Game Y wich do i get" threads. Do you have no brain? Make your own damn decision! Read reviews! For Pete's sake, form your own opinion and spend your own money to buy a game! We can't tell you what you like! If you can't formulate an opinion or do research, then pick another hobby. I don't know about you, but I tend to know what I like or read reviews with reviewers with similar tastes as me. Watching gameplay videos helps as well. About 90% of the time, I just know what games I want. Does this kind of bother anyone else? Anyway, hope you all are well and brace because the gaming season has started! :D PS: PS3 broke again so I bought a slim. Gonna attempt to fix it and sell it (launch 60 gig :D). I was amazed on how damn quiet the slim is! I also bought Deus Ex: HR for $45 but haven't played it yet due to not putting my profile on my new PS3.