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The ultimate RPG?

What do you think it takes for a game to be the ultimate RPG?

I believe there are a few things

  • The unlikely death of a hero/heroine (f.ex Aeris in FF7)
  • Weakness (For instance the hero/heroine can't beat his or her way out of an army if she's really pissed off. Maybe be unlikely powerful, but should be somehow overpowered)
  • Trauma (If a character suffers a physical or mental trauma you've suddenly got a lot more interesting character, especially if this trauma affects gameplay in addition to story.)
And instead of starting in cozy inns and big towns, but towards the end they throw it all away and go for the spaced out and desolate place where you'll destroy the final boss, who's always a pushover.

The birth of a blog!

Well, I love writing so there's no reason not to start one ^_^

My name is Brian, I am 16 years old. I am a avid fan of the Metal Gear series, and Final Fantasy, however I think that Final Fantasy is getting a little watered out...

I've also played nearly all Zelda games even though some of my friends say they are boring and repeatative, well... I DON'T CARE!! People always nag about the sequel not holding to the core of the original gameplay, so whatever :p