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It's snowing! :D

Yep.....something we don't get very often here. & even though it's past 1 in the morning, I just took a quick (careful) drive down our driveway onto the highway.....though since our property is rather hilly, there was a bit of slipping & sliding down the road......but good thing I have a 4WD :D So I got down to the highway & the whole road was covered in snow.....actually, just everything was covered in snow. So yeah, there wasn't a single car in either direciton.....I actually wouldn't be surprised if they stopped traffic from coming through, considering that the snow is still coming down. So natrally, I enjoyed my freedom & had a bit of a walk out into the middle of the road......though it was a rather strange feeling tbh, considering that this is a highway that a lot of semis use......so yeah, that was kinda fun.....heh, I'm such a kid ^_^. But I hope it keeps on snowing until daybreak.....the snow will hopefully get even thicker then & that'll be really......."cool" ;)