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A farewell to Gamespot

6 Years of activity, level 68, 17,627 forum posts, and 168 blogs posts. None of these matter anymore because I have decided to leave Gamespot. Reason? I'd say about 95% of my reason lies with Gamespot decided to get rid of unions. Unions were pretty much the whole reason I've stuck with this site for so long. A few months ago I became the leader of the union I have been active for in my 6 years here. We were still fairly active, and have a long history, so it was rather crushing to hear that all the work the previous leaders put into the union was going to be swept away.

In spite of this though, I and some members decided to move to an off site forum. Its different for sure, but we have more freedom there than we were ever allowed to have in the unions.

If you wish to keep in contact with me, you will find me here.

I would also like to take this moment to thank a few freinds that i've met here that have influenced me alot over the years.

Diego (AKA Nintendo_warrio)

Diego, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how much you've been there for me. You've taught me to never let what others think rule my own thoughts and actions, and instead find my own answers. You've helped me see things and discover things about myself that I may not have ever found. You've been a true friend and I'll always be grateful that I've had the chance to know you.


I doubt you'll see this bak since you've left Gamespot yourself last year, but thanks for being such a great guy. In all the years I've known you, I've never once seen you get angry at someone or just flat out be mean to anyone. You have inspired me to try and be a better person. You also put your all into running the union I have been calling home here for 6 years. If you see this, know that I appreciate all you have done and sacrificed for us.


To be honest Gohan, when I first met you I think I was a bit scared of you :P. Overtime though we have grown to become pretty good friends. Anytime I had a problem, I knew I could count on your advice. Your always fun to talk games with and usually always have a good sense of humor about things. Your a great guy and I'm glad I've been able to share my union experiance with you :).


Things may have ended badly between us, and I doubt you will ever read this, but I just want you to know that your friendship meant the world to me and I will cherish the good times we had together always. You've helped me through alot of problems in my life and I will never forget that.


Sort of a similar situation to Gohan here with you. I started out being a bit intimidated by you, but then we got to bonding over Fire Emblem and became quick friends. I always enjoy talking to you about numerous things, and on some ocassions you've even helped me through some problems. Your always very honest and will speak your mind, which is something I admire about you. Thanks for being a great freinds :).

SoaringEagle88, Tomic2505, despa1r_fact0r, Shantrix, papermariofan57, miles-prower, Zeromus1337, SuperSmashBro1, zmanrwks, and Bzilla56 I'd like to give an honerable mention to you. I'm sorry I don't have anything meaningful to say about you all, but know that you all had a great impact on my time here and I'm glad I had the chance to be freinds with you all.

And so now I will take my leave of this site. I will probably get on every once in awhile just to check my PMs and read a few blogs. Other than that most of my internet time will be focused here

Hope to see some of you there and I wish you all the best. :)

My top 10 favorite Mario Kart courses

Mario Kart is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises and one of the few that I have owned/played all the games in. So I felt like doing a top 10 list of my favorite courses from all the games. I'll try to included a variety from each game, but to be perfectly honest I didn't like many of the courses from the original SNES or GBA games, I only liked the remade ones in DS and onwards.

To the list!

10. Mushroom City (Double Dash)

Toads Turnpike was one of my favorite courses in the N64 due to how unique it was with dodging traffic. I like they expanded on the idea from that and made it better. In addition to the traffic to look our for there are also a few alternate paths to take and a few risky shortcuts to look out for. Its my favorite Gamecube course and it lands in at the #10 spot.

9. Royal Raceway (Mario Kart 64)

I have alot of memories with this track, mostly having to do with Peach's Castle from Mario 64 appearing alongside the course towards the end. But the part that always intrigued me as a child was that you could drive up to it and around the area in the font of it, this led me to believe that there might be some secret way to get into the castle :P. Of course there wasn't, but never the less the course itself it also pretty good. Lots of dangerous turns that could land you in the water if your not careful. And a pretty sweet ramp that launches you.

8. GBA Bowser Castle 3 (Mario Kart Wii)

My only reason for liking this course is purely that I just love drifting around the corners :P. There are a lot of turns in this course so I get plenty of that. I also like laying bananas in the jump area so people will hopefully fall into the lava.

7. Toads Factory (Mario Kart Wii)

Toads Factory is just one of those courses that I always enjoy to race in. At the start of the course there is this conveyor belt you can use to build up some speed, but you have to watch out or you could get squashed. Then you move to this multi layer area that keeps moving left and right. They have conveyor belts of their own, but they hold boxes that you have to dodge. In the final area you have to time it just right on the boost pads or risk be slowed down by the mud. One final boost ramp before the finish line ensures an intense finish to any close races.

6. Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart 7)

There were many Bowser Castles to choose from, but I ultimatley decided to go wth the most recent one. There are a few alternate paths and a few tricky shortcuts. Also the course always stars with you gliding into Bowser's mouth, which is pretty awesome. Oh and I love the remix of Double Dash's Bowser's Casle music :P.

5. Airship Fortress (Mario Kart DS/ Mario Kart 7)

Airship Fortress starts off pretty intense. It has bullet bills firing at you from the airship. Its always fun to knock opponents into them :P. You then move inside the ship where you have to dodge fire before being shot out the canon to a winding down tower. Its a fairly short course, but you never have a moments rest in it, and thats why I love it!

4. Koopa Troopa Beach (Mario Kart 64/ Mario Kart 7)

Another childhood favorite of mine. The music in this course always hits me and takes me back to a simpler time when I would always enjoy a few laps around a beach themed level. As a child in the N64 version I never figured out how to get into that cave, so it was always another one of those great mysteries I had as a child (how the concept of using a mushroom on the ramp eluded me I'll never know :P.)

3. Tick Tock Clock (Mario Kart DS)

Who would have thought racing on a giant clock would be so fun :P? Between boosting past clock hands, dodging pendulums, or riding on gears, this course is just so creative and fun to race on!

2. Koopa Cape (Mario Kart Wii)

Koopa Cape is just the perfect water themed level. It starts off simple enough with you racing on land with a few turns and jumps. But pretty soon you find yourself racing down a river at increased speed! There is just something I find exhilarating about that, its like going down a water slide. It gets better though! After a bit of racing down the river you will find yourself inside a tube tht takes you underwater. You get to see all kinds of Mario sea life while trying to avoid some electrical currents along the walls. Exciting, beautiful, and just all around fun lands this course at my #2 spot.

1. Yoshi Valley (Mario Kart 64)

And at #1 we have my favorite Mario Kart course of all time, Yoshi's Valley! There is just so much for me to love about this course, starting off with you never really know what place you are in untill the end! If this course ever appears as a retro course in the newer games I hope they keep that in. The course also has many different paths to take at the start each with their own hazards to watch out for. If your too careless you can end up at the bottom of the cliff losing lots of precious time. Then at the end you have to doge a giant Yoshi egg that is trying to squish you (wtf :P)! All these things added together always makes this my favorite couse in all of Mario Kart!

So there you have it, my favorite courses. Some of you may be wondering why I didn't have a Rainbow Road course on this list. Well I couldn't really decide which one I liked the best, and I didn't want to fill up the list with them, so I just decided not to include them :P.

With Mario Kart 8 on the horizon and its anti gravity feature I am hoping for some even more great courses to race on!

Cya all next time.

10 Games I'm looking forward to in the later half of 2013

So we are at the halfway point of 2013, and with E3 come and gone comes more games I am looking forward to for this year! So lets just get right to it, 10 games I'm looking forward to for the rest of the year!

10. Watch Dogs (Wii U)
Watch Dogs Boxshot
Ever since the last E3, I've been hoping this title would hit the Wii U (it seems like a perfect fit with the Gamepad). Luckily Ubisoft felt the same way and we are seeing this game hitting the Wii U with the other versions.

9. Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)
Super Mario 3D World Boxshot
I was originally kinda turned off when I first saw this game (It looked liked 3D land but for the Wii U). But upon closer inspection it has gotten me alot more excited than I originally was. While I won't be able to make use of the multiplayer, the option to choose between 4 characters (which each has a unique way to play) is something we haven't seen in a 3D Mario game yet. Also with Peach playable, maybe this entry promises to have a different antagonist rather than Bowser for once? Perhaps Wart makes a return finally?

8. Sonic Lost World (Wii U)
Sonic has been on a roll since Sonic Colors and this game looks to continue the trend of great Sonic games. It also has a very Galaxy feel to it it seems, which will hopefully make things even better.

7. Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies (3DS e shop)
I recently bought all the Ace Attorney games and I fell in love with the series. So to hear the 5th entry is getting localized for this year was great news! Kinda sad its e shop download only and not a hard copy, but what can you do? :(

6. Mario and Luigi Dream Team (3DS)
This game looks to be a sequel to Bowser's Inside story, one of my favorite DS games, so I am very excited to jump into the Mario & Luigi RPG series again. I'm also hoping it washes out the sour taste in my mouth that Paper Mario Sticker Star left :x!

5. Earthbound (Wii U VC)
Well its about damn time :P! Nintendo announced earlier this year that EarthBound will be hitting the Wii U VC towards the end of the year. I've always wanted to try out this gem and now I will finally get a chance! :D

4. Pikmin 3 (Wii U)

I bought Pikmin 2 for Wii last year and enjoyed it. Pikmin 3 looks to improve upon its controls and it will be great to finally get to play this long awaited game.

3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U)
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Boxshot
Just recently announced to be the game Retro was working on, I couldn't be more thrilled! Returns was a favorite of mine on the Wii and this game looks to improve upon it. Sure it would have been nice to see Retro work on something different, but I won't complain when they choose to make a sequel to one of my favorite games for last gen! :D

2. The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)
Oh how I've been waiting for this game to finally come out. The game looks like such a blast to play and seems like it will have great humor. Its also made by Platinum games, which I hear makes some good action games :P.

1. Pokemon X & Y (3DS)
If you know me, was there ever any doubt :P?


So 2013 looks like its shaping up to be a good year. Sadly I probably won't jump on the new PS4 or Xbox One right away. If I did it would more than likely be PS4 over Xbox One :P. I probably don't want to get another console anyways. My future is looking quite busy and I probably won't be able to fine much time for games outside what I choose to make time for.

Oh, and I also recently became leader of The Great Nintendo Gamer Union :P. Its kinda weird having been a fairly active member in that union for 5 years to be now leading it! Its mostly where I spend my time on Gamespot anyways, so if you want to discuss Nintendo games with me, or anything else, why not drop by and check it out? :P

The Hunt is on once again!


Its hard to believe its been 3 years since the Wii game came out. But well I got the Wii U version a few days ago and fell in love with the game again! There is just so much I adore and love about this game (aside from gathering quests) that I could get lost in it for hours. Smacking that Laggy in the face with my Hammer just brings a smile to my face everytime :P!

But enough of that, the main reason I made this blog was to see if there are any others that own Tri Ultimate for the Wii U who would like to group up sometime :). Look me up, my NNID is the same as my user name here: CcJj09.

Hope to see some of ya online, and happy hunting! :)

Games I'm looking forward to in 2013

Yeah I know I haven't blogged in over 2 years, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah.


10. Harmo Knight (3DS e shop)

I love Rhythm games, and its nice to see Gamefreak trying something other than Pokemon every once in awhile.

9. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate (3DS)

Castlevania isn't a series I know too well. I've only recently had my first Castlevania encounter with the Dracula X Chronicles. But from what I've seen of this game I am interested in checking it out.

8. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (3DS)

I have never played the first game on the Gamecube, but Luigi is one of my favorite characters in video games and i've always wanted to try out Luigi's Mansion. Instead of tracking down the first one I will just buy this one :P.

7. Pikmin 3 (WII U)

I have only recently gotten into the Pikmin series with the release of New Play Control Pikmin 2 a few months back. I enjoyed it to say the least, so I guess I caught the Pikmin fever :P.

6. The Wonderful 101 (WII U)

This was a game I was disappointed to learn wasn't in the Wii U's launch lineup. Seems like a perfect game to show off how to use the unique controls of the Wii U effectively. With gameplay that looks like it resembles Pikmin, and characters that look like they would fit in with Viewtiful Joe, this is one game I can't wait to get my hands on this year.

5. Pandora's Tower (Wii)

I had given up hope of this game hitting North American shores long ago. But today XSEED announced that they will be bringing this game over in Spring 2013. I love you XSEED :P. Out of the 3 rainfall games, this was the one I was most interested in, and I am so happy that I will get a chance to enjoy it.

4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U)

When Monster Hunter Tri hit the Wii a few years ago, I instantly fell in love with it. I ended up pouring hours and hours into the game before the arrival of Galaxy 2 caused me to move on from it :P. I am ready to jump back into this world with more monsters to hunt and weapons and armor to craft.

3. Rayman Legends (Wii U)

I absolutely adored Rayman Origins when I played it. So needless to say when I learned that a sequel was getting made I was overjoyed. And having just recently played the demo for it, my joy and anticipation were multiplied tenfold.

2. Pokemon X & Y (3DS)

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a pokemaniac I am, so this should come as no surprise :P. I'm a little disappointed that we are getting gen 6 this early though. It doesn't seem like that long ago that gen 5 started. Its interesting to see the handheld pokemon games go full 3D though. Oh and I love Froakie :P.

1. Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS)
Oh Fire Emblem, how long I have waited to be reunited with you again. Fire Emblem has quickly grown into one of my favorite Nintendo franchises with its addicting gameplay and loveable characters. And it comes out the quickest out of the games on this list on Feb 4th. What a way for me to start my 2013 gaming.

4 new games

Hey all, sorry I haven't been around much lately. I said in my last blog that I had a job interview comming up, well I ended up getting the job :D. I've been at it about a week now and so far I like it I guess. It has been keeping me pretty busy, so I haven't been able to be around here as much as I could before. I just got paid today though, and I figured I would go and track down a few games that have been on my wish list for awhile now.

First up, I found Golden Sun

To be honest, I never even knew the Golden Sun series existed until the revealed the new one on the DS. Since I am going to get Dark Dawn, I figured I should play the first game in the series.

Next up is Tales of Symphonia

I have been interested in this game for awhile, just never got around to purchasing it. This will be my first Tales of game, so we will see how I like it.

Next up is Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


*cough* excuse me :P. I was overjoyed when I say this game at Gamestop. I'm sure it is no secret to some of you how much I absolutely LOVE Radiant Dawn, so being able to play the game that came before it is an absolute dream. I am sure this will shoot to the top of my favorite Gamecube games very soon :P

and last but not least, Metroid Other M

This was my main reason to go to Gamestop today. This will be the first of many games that I hope to pick up in the next couple of months. I will probably start playing this game first out of the 4 games I got.

Well thats it for now, unfortunatly I wasn't able to find the other games that I was looking for aswell (such as Wind Waker and Pikmin) but I will save those for another day. The next game I get will probably be Birth by Sleep.

Cya all next time!

Radiant Dawn (Hard mode) and Dragon Quest IX complete

Hello everyone, its been awhile :P. Well lets cut to the chase, for the past few weeks I have been playing Radiant Dawn and Dragon Quest quite a bit. I beat Dragon Quest IX over a week ago but kept playing for the side quests and stuff. When I first got Dragon Quest IX I was unsure if I would like it or not, it was my first DQ after all. but after spending quite a bit of time with it I'm happy to say that I don't think I wasted my money when I purchased it. I don't have many RPGs on my DS, but its probably in my top 5 RPGs on the DS, not sure where I would put it out of all my DS games though.

So anyways, on to Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. About a month ago I began a quest on Hard mode just for the heck of it. I tried it once before but didn't get very far. To my surprise though I was doing pretty decent. I didn't want to ruin a good thing so I kept playing and decided that I would beat this game on Hard mode. I have beaten this game 4 times before, twice on easy and twice on normal, so I knew what to expect for the most part. I really tried to complete this game without having anyone die, but alas, I lost about 4 people (2 on the final chapter). The other 2 weren't really important characters, and I didn't feel the need to start over again just to keep them alive. But finally, tonight I beat the final chapter and I can now say that I have beaten Radiant Dawns hard mode.

Here are my top 5 units according to the game.

Honerable mention- Haar: 85 kills

5. Sothe: C|ass- Whisper, Lvl- 15, Kills- 86

4. Nailah:C|ass- Wolf Queen, Lvl- 35, Kills- 97

3. Ike: C|ass- Vanguard, Lvl- 18, Kills- 97

2. Tibarn:C|ass- Hawk King, Lvl- 35, Kills- 116

1. Shinon: C|ass- Marksman, Lvl- 19, Kills- 118

So there you have it. and so ends my time with Radiant Dawn.... for now. I am wondering what I should play next while I wait for Metroid Other M to come out. I was thinking either Twlight Princess or Kingdom Hearts 2 again, not quite sure though.

In other news, I may finally be getting a job soon. I just got a call today about an interview, which is on Wednesday. I am excited yet nervous at the same time. This is the first time I have ever had an interview. I'm sure it will be fine though.

Well thats it for now. Thank you all for reading and I will cya all next time :).

3 years already? Man time flys

Well today is my 3 year anniversary here at GS. Its hard to beleave its already been that long xD. It sure dosn't feel like it. I know I haven't been as active in the blogs as I used to be, I just don't have much to blog about anymore xD. Although I do have a plan for some future blogs, but idk about it yet xD.

Anyways, here are the current stats that I have and the progress I made from last year.

Vital StatsPersonal

  • Profile views: 4006 (+362)
  • Friends: 97
  • People Tracking Me: 244 (+73)
  • Games in Collection: 211(+5) *its up so little because I've gotten rid of a few games in my collection aswell*


  • Forum Posts: 8931 (+5318)
  • Comments: 1075 (+73)
  • My Blog Posts: 160 (+53)
  • Union Blog Posts: 83 (+22)


  • Written Reviews: 0
  • Rated Games: 225 (+19)
  • Videos Uploaded: 1 (+1)
  • Images Uploaded: 96 (+34)
  • Digg Referrals: 0
  • Tags: 1267 (+243)

Wow, I've almost doubled my post count from last year :P

In Gamming news, I got a new game today.

Dragon Quest IX Box ArtDragon Quest IX

I haven't had much of a chance to play it yet though. I plan on it thought after I finish another game I am currently playing, which is Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn.

I am playing RD on Hard mode this time around, since I have beated in twice on easy and twice on normal. I thought I would give Hard mode another go. The first time I played Hard mode, I couldn't even get past chapter 3 on part 1. But now with a lot of hard work, frustration,and patience, I have made it to Part 4 chapter 3. Only a handfull of chapters to go before I can say I have beaten the dreaded Hard mode. Although I tried to do it withought losing any characters, I have lost 2 in the last couple of chapters. They were weak units though and some I could live without. It would have been nice though to have a deathless run. :(

Inanime news, I have been watching this new show for the past 2 weeks.

Digimon Xros Wars

I was so happy when I found out a few months ago that they were making a 6th season of Digimon. Digimon has always been a cherished series for me ever since the first season way back when I was a kid. This new season is only 2 episodes in though, but so far I am enjoying it.

Well thats it for this blog. Hopefully I will have my next blog idea out soon, if i'm not too busy :P. Heres to hopefully another great year here at GS :D. Cya all next time.

2010, you will be the downfall of me.

First off I feel I must apologize for not being as active in the blogs like I said I would start doing. I have just been getting sidetracked :P. I was gonna blog my E3 impressions, but I figured you all have read alot already and didn't need another one to read xD.

After seeing the long list of games Nintendo brought to the table this E3, I wonder how I will be able to afford to get even half of these games. 2010 has already been pretty packed for me, and I've had to pass on some title that I would have reallyliked to get. This E3 announcements kept coming for games getting released this fall/holiday season. And alls I can think about is "oh gawd, how is my wallet gonna survive the rest of this year" xD.

My wishlist so far for 2010 looks like this.

Conduit 2 (Wii)
Disney Epic Mickey (Wii)
Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)
Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Golden Eye 007 (Wii)
Golden Sun Dark Dawn (DS)
Jett Rocket (Wiiware)
KH Birth by Sleep (PSP)
Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii)
Metroid Other M (Wii)
Sin and Punishment Star Succesor (Wii)
Sonic Colors (Wii)
Sonic 4 Ep 1 (Wiiware)
Wii Party (Wii)

The last half of 2010 looks like it will be packed.and that's not even the worst of it. 2011 looks like it will be packed too.

De blob the Underground (Wii)
Diablo 3? (PC)
Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS)
Zelda Skyward Sword (Wii)
Mario Kart (3DS)
Mario Sports Mix (Wii)
Okamiden (DS)
Paper Mario (3DS)
Pokemon Black/White (DS)
Star Fox (3DS)
Xenoblade? (Wii)

Looking ahead I don't know how I will be able to do this xD. I will have to pick which games I get very carefully since they will have to last me quite awhile. My biggest hope is that the 3DS will launch before March 4th so I can get it for my birthday. I am just blown away by the number of games coming out in such a short time that I want. I just keep looking at that list and I don't think I can bare to miss out on one of those titles. But I know I will have to limit my spending if I want to survive.

Well the pain will begin this Sunday with Sin and Punishment 2 getting released in North America. I just may have to sacrifice getting that game in order to get other games further down the stretch.

So hows your wish lists looking for the rest of the year? I hope you all have a shorter list than me :P.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 100% Complete!

That is correct folks I have collected EVERY single star in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and my journey through Galaxy 2 is now finished. Its weird, I never thought I would collect all [spoiler] 242 stars and beat the Grand Master Galaxie [/spoiler] But I did and it was a great feeling grabing that last star in one of the most difficult levels I have ever played. Galaxy 2 definatly lived up to my expectations and passes the first Galaxy on all fronts for me.

So whats next for me? Idk, I will probably go back to Monster Hunter Tri for now. I would really like to get Sin and Punishment Star Successor when it comes out, but I must save up my money for September when Kingdom Hearts BBS will come out. It is the whole reason I bought a PSP afterall lol :P.

Also E3 is just around the corner! I can't wait. I am eager to see what everyone shows. but I won't get my hopes up too high. One of the big things I hope would be announced is Tales of Graces comming to NA. That would make my day :P. I am also excited to see the new 3DS and what games will launch with it.

So how far are you guys in Galaxy 2?