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Sorry guys, i havent been on alot i know, but things have been real busy. If you guys want to contact me, add Cash Wolf on Xbox 360 Live. My internet is fine for my Xbox but bad for my computer because each has a different router. My computer has a wireless, but my Xbox is direct, and each is a different company internet. My computer has comcast, and my Xbox just has regular DSL. Also, School also has its evil hand for my computer schedule, so may I ask whom ever this note may concern, Do not delete me off of your friend's list, if im in your union, do not boot me, and please do not say anything bad on a comment for this. And also, Siberian, If you read this, When i get back on, i will post a lot more than i ever have. And Trigger, Blu, Powerhitter, and all my Xbox Live buddies, Ill see you all on XBL. Ciao everyone, ~Cash Wolf~ (P.S. Im a Lieutenant Colonel on COD4 ^_^ /,,/)

I gotz a laptop with internet! :)

I finally got want i wanted since the internet was born, a laptop. Now i can finally have privacy on the laptop. Also since it is storming now, i dont have to worry about it shutting off unless i am recharging it.

Good-bye regular 360, and Hello Elite.

In a very unfortunate and tragic accident sadly involving Two Worlds, I found out that my 360 was scratching my discs :(. Now with a broken 360 and a unplayable Two Worlds, I would normally have to buy Two Worlds again and send in my 360 in a box that comes in 10 days and wait months on end to get it back :shock:. Then i decided just to get the Elite. I will be back on live later today, and will be playing Two Worlds see you all on live soon! :)

Post a comment if you think i'm funny and cool.

Seeing if anyone pays attention to blog posts. And because i was curious how long it would take before someone posts and if people think i am cool and funny or not. First person who posts gets a cookie and congrats. Everyone else just gets a cookie.

Vampire Rain!

I just got this horror third-person shooter stealth game yesterday, on the release date, and boy is it hard. The objective of the game is to basically complete objectives while trying to avoid vampires and humans, but sometimes they cannot be avoided. You play as Lloyd, a vampire hunter, to do a mission for the goverment in a vampire infested city. The vampires are hard to recognize to, impossible actually, to recognize them from regular humans until they have spotted you, in which they transform into their vampire form, in which they run at high speeds and can jump great distances and heights, which is why you need to avoid them. In order to spot them, they usually smoke, and also if you use your vampire-seeking goggles, you can identify if they are vampire or human.

All in all it is a fun but hard game. You must use the shadows, stealth, and the weapons you have, to stay alive and complete your objectives. Thankfully, if you die, you start off from your last checkpoint, and you do not have to restard the mission unless you choose to do so. I reccomend it if you like Splinter Cell like games.....and for some reason, Lloyd looks like the guy from Splinter Cell. Funny, isn't it? Well, anyways, it is an all-around good game, and i reccomend buying it.

Someone stole my emblems!

I think the Gamespot people hate me. I noticed a few days ago that my Arcade game emblem disappeared. Then yesterday, my High Game Rating Emblem disappeared also. If this has happened to you also, please leave a comment. I wonder what is happening to my emblems...

Gaming Nerd.

Man, i have been playing video games since i was 2. I actually have $8,000 + in games. Around 3/4ths is listed in my collection on here. And it will keep going up, cause man do i love games.

Got the new Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2!

Just got Naruto:Ultimate Ninja 2, and already beat it. Also if anyone would like to know, the secret characters are Guy Sensei Suit Naruto and Head Hyuuga Clan Hinata. Unlockables are Itachi, Kisame, Third Hokage, Orochimaru, Orochimaru Sealed, ANBU Kakashi, Nine-Tailed Naruto, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kabuto, Zabuza, Haku, and that would be all.
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