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Ummmm, Ya

So, I haven't had time to play games as things come up in life, as they often do, and game playing just has to be put on the back-burner. The funny thing is that I kept buying games and now I have 25-30 games that have yet to spin one revolution in my 350/PS3. Now I am getting back to some gaming and I have all hese great games like Red Dead Redemtion, Just Cause 2, MoH, Black Ops, Splinter Cell Conviction, Heavy Rain, Batman A.A.,God of War 3, ect. ect.. I usually play one Arcade game and 3 Retail games at a time and try not to play more than that at once as I seem to lose focus if I do. So I am getting into Limbo, Bioshock 2, God of War and Halo Reach.

I'm not very far into Limbo so not much to say about it but so far it's very cool. It's great how a simple game like Limbo can be so fun and engrossing, with it's sharp contrast, great animation and creepy enviroments. It's got great controls and very good "puzzles" for each little area. I know that it's not a long game and that's good as I can't see how it could be, but whats there seems great so far and I can't wait to play through it.

Bioshock 2 is killer, just like the first game. Once again the atmosphere is great with that unique art stlye and look of the 50's, the weapons are fun and effective so far and using Plasmids is even better now that they are so easy to use. I'm about 4-5 hours into it so far and so far it's great. I can't wait to get further into it and get some more firepower and more Plasmids.I know it has on-line Multiplayer but I doubt I will ever check it out; I am pretty much over Adversarial Multiplayer; after years of enjoying it it's time to move on. There is only so much run-around-and-shoot-people that you can do.

I haven't actually started God of War 3 yet but I am really looking forward to playing it. I played the demo and it was as great as I was hoping it to be. It's so nice to play a game that not only has such a deep and rich story in a world that has always been interesting but play a game that doesn't hold back; it has great down and dirty fighting with brutal actions and blood everywhere, the story and verbage hasn't been toned-down and there are boobs where there should be boobs. The fast fighting style is what I really love about the God of War games and will be playing it soon.

Halo Reach, what is there to be said? I'm sure you have played it, and I hope that you like it as much as I do. I am not a Halo fanatic but I've enjoyed the series a lot so far. Playing Co-Op with friends is always a blast and with all the game modes and with a fantastic Forge Mode it's the total package. I was wondering how much I would like Reach after 4 other games and just recently playing ODST ,but the truth is Halo Reach is my favorite Halo game to date and I am really enjoying it so far. I finished it a couple of times and am now working on Legendary Solo, which is really a challenge. I didn't expect it to be as hard as it is and I am actually wondering if I can finish it. If not it will be the first game to beat me, and I've been gaming for a LONG time. One thing is for sure, it'll be fun to find out.

Spring games and the speed of the iPHONE 3GS

I realized that I had a TON of games that I had bought but had yet to even start playing. A couple of games I actually did play for maybe 10-15 mins., but they all needed to be played and finished before the hit of all the Fall/Winter games.

Mirrors Edge: I had started this game but something else came up and it got put to the side. I have finished it both on Normal and Hard. I found all the Bags, I have played through about half of the story levels in the timed thing and I have played about half of the Time Trials getting 1-3 stars. The game is a lot of fun but as much as I like it, it could have been A LOT better. The controls need work and it really needs to be easier to know where you are to go. Two reasons for this; the first is that so someone like my Sister, who really likes the game, can figure out where to go easier. And the second reason is so that the game flows better without so much trial and error. Trial and error just kills the game; once you know a level by heart it is another level of fun.

The Bourne Conspiracy: When I bought it I ran through the first level and put it to the side to play something else. I finally finished it, 3 times in a row. It's actually a very fun game. It ties in to the first movie and explains some of the events prior to the first movie. It's a really good game and if you get the chance to play it do it. I bought it used for about $15, great deal. There is a demo online on LIVE, not sure about PSN as I haven't looked but the demo doesn't do the game justice.

PGR4: Bought it, never played it. I finally started playing it and haven't finished it yet but so far it's a lot of fun. I am about 1/3 of the way through career and so far I like PGR3 a little bit more. I do really like the weather effects and how they affect the cornering and braking. It really changes the way you take a corner and the apex is harder to hit right.

I am in the middle of Splinter Cell: Double Agent and am trying to get it finished. I bought this game when it came out and I played it online with one of my RL friends who was really into it, but for some reason I never started the Campaign. I am about 1/2 through it and I like it so far. The whole JBA thing adds some interest but I liked Chaos Theory better. Maybe that will change, there is still a lot of game left, but it's still really good. The Co-Op was really killer in C.T. and not having Co-Op in Double Agent is a real downer. The online is ok but not near as good or fun as the Co-Op was.

Mass Effect: I really like this game and I am about 60% through it. I have a pretty good amount of time in it but I have been doing ALL of the side-quests and it's at times tedious; I just want to get through the story. After I finish it I plan on playing it at least 2 more times but I will not be doing all of the side quests.

There are a couple of other games from a while ago that I need to finish as well as a few new ones. Infamous, Red Faction, The Chronicles of Riddick, [Prototype] and a few others. I hope that you are more up to date on your games than I am.

The other thing that has been on my mind is the iPhone 3GS. Not many people actually know just what power is in that phone. Most people know about the accelerometer it has and the camera and GPS and that it has a TON of apps. but what most people do not know is it's power. It's CPU runs at 600MHz, which is 133MHz less than the XBOX CPU! But what is even more impressive is it's GPU. If you remember the Dreamcast, it had a PowerVR GPU that used TBDR, which is Tile-Based Deffered Redering. To explain it as easy as possible, it never spends any computing power on any polygons that are not seen, covered by other polygons, unlike z-buffering. It was the only GPU that used this method and in the Dreamcast, at only 100MHz, it could push about the same poly's as the PS2. Of course, the new PowerVR is up to date to say the least. The PowerVR SGX has pixel, vertex and geometry hardware in it; it exceeds the requirements of Open GL 2.0 and up to DirectX 10.1 Shader Model 4.1.. It can push approx. 30 MPolys/s, or about double what the PS2 was able to do. All this and it's a handheld phone! It has 5 hours of talk time compared to the 12 hours that the 2G had but this phone is FAR superior, it's power is far superior, but it comes at a price! I have a Razor and it's enough for me but those of you that want the best thing out that you can hold in your hand; this is it!

Fall games

As is always the case, Fall was LOADED with great games. I wish game companies would spread at least SOME of the games out so people could not only afford them but actually have time to play them.

Fable 2; I liked Fable but it had some issues that bugged. Fable 2 is a much more refined game. The combat is a blast as you can switch from Melee to Ranged to Magic flawlessly. The graphics are really great and the game looks much better with the Bloom filter turned down. The story is nothing mind-blowing but it's good enough and slightly interesting. The dog is truley a fantastic addition. His animation is perfect and he is the best NPC patner in a game yet. You really will feel compassion for him, it's strange. The main story is a tad short but there are a ton of side quest to do.The spells are great fun and pretty deverse and the way you stack them and charge them is a great idea that works perfect. The DLC was pretty good, nothing great and 400 MS points would have been more in line with it's worth than the 800 it is currently.

Fallout 3; I never played the first 2 Fallout games but comming from the developers of Oblivion I had to play it. Fallout 3 is, in a word, fantastic. If you are on the fence about this game, jump off and get it. I would suggest getting the 360 or PC version over the PS3 version because of the DLC. The PC version has some REALLY great content made by fans that add some cool stuff and I am sure there is more to come. Just make sure your computer is "fast" enough that you will enjoy it. I got it on the 360 as I would rather not sit at my computer any more than I already do and I prefer stability, my large HD TV and my 5.1 surround from my stereo. The main quest seems a bit light on length but there are a TON of side missions and smaller side-quests that seem to me equal to Oblivion. I am around 140 hours into the game and I have a lot left to do, including the last chapter of the main quest. The DLC is pretty good; if you play like I do which is more methodicle than run-n-gun, it will last about 4-6 hours. The best part of it is the killer stuff you get at the end, a suit and a sword, among other things. I put the t-51b Power Armor away and only use the new suit now and the sword works great for stealth kills. The DLC is 800 MS points which is a bit high but it's a better deal than the Fable 2 DLC. With 2 more DLC packs to come I am going to have about $120 in Fallout 3 and that seems pretty stupid but, it is one of my favorite games so far.

Gears of War 2; it looks better than Gears 1 and it plays better too. The story is not really that great but I don't play games like this for story. The single player campaign can again be played Co-Op over XBOX LIVE and that is really the only way to go. The campaign is a bit of a let down in that instead of cool battle after cool battle there are a lot of dead-space areas and wierd game-play areas. The online is full of little idiot kids just like the first and reminds me of why I gave-up on adversarial multiplayer a couple of years ago but, Horde Mode is GREAT! Horde Mode is you and up to 4 other people defending yourselves against a constant stream of the "bad-guys". There are 50 waves and more and different enimies come as you go up in levels. It is addictive to say the least. I would guess that I have done around 500 rounds and I still enjoy it as much as I did the first time I played it.

Far Cry 2; I have barely played it; maybe an hour into it. The graphics are great and the controls are tight. The story mode is around 30 hours I hear so I have a ways to go.

Saints Row 2; much like the first Saints Row but more polished and with a crap-load more to do. This game really is a ton of fun, especially when you play Co-Op over LIVE with a friend. There are SO many things to customize from your characters accent to their insults and taunts to tricking-out every car or bike in the game. It doesn't have a story as good as GTA's and the graphics aren't as good but none of that matters. In the catagory of pure fun this game is at the top of the list. Watch the video review and read the written review for more info. on all the activities in the game.

MGS 4; Sadly I haven't started this game yet. I need to clear out room for this as I want to go through it with no kills and no alerts. If you have done this, let me know how long it took.

Call of Duty: WaW (5); Another game I have had little time with. I've finished the first 3 levels so far but it's great so far. I am actually enjoying it more than CoD 4 and I normally don't like WW 2 shooters all that much.

Rock Band 2; What Rock Band SHOULD have been. Being able to transfer all of the songs from RB over to RB 2 is really nice and being able to play any instrament with one character is nice. This game should have been $30, $40 at most and like a sucker I bought it. I have only bought a couple of songs so I won't have too much money spent. I know new songs are fun to have and play but really, paying for music that can only be used in this one game seems to me to be about as big of a waste of money as there is.

Guitar Hero World Tour; Not as good, polished or as fun as Rock Band 2. It's still pretty fun in it's own right but Rock Band 2 is a better game IMO.

Left 4 Dead; A great game to play online with friends. I personally don't think it's as great as a lot of other people seem to think it is. It's a lot of fun but there really isn't much to it.The zombies move very fast and at times just come pouring in or at you. They break through doors and climb up walls and through windows. The other "special" infected are a lot of fun to deal with like the Witch or the Tank although being grabed by a random tungue gets oldThe graphics are pretty good and the controls are tight. The "Director" is a program that runs in the background and controls the action to a point which makes each playthrough slightly different but it doesn't change much The two things to remember when playing Left 4 Dead is Stay together and keep moving. Teamwork is key and that is why playing with friends is a good idea for this game.

There are a few other games that I have bought recently and haven't really had a chance to play yet like; Brothers in Arms, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space and a few others. As always time is the issue and I just don't have enough of it. And on that note, I have not slept in 2 days and I have to be up in 3 hours so I am out.

Too Human, Crysis and a Laptop

Lately I haven't had much time for gaming so I have a stack of games to play that is growing between buying games and GameFly. I still have Dark Sector from March that I completed 3 levels on. One game that I HAVE been playing is Too Human. I wasn't sure about Too Human but my Pop and a couple of friends all got it so I started playing it Co-Op, making different characters for each friend I played a game with. Everything was OK at first and the game was pretty fun, around level 20 things started becoming much more fun. Better weapons and better armor make it more fun and getting down some of the tree revealed some pretty cool perks. But now, at level 38, I am having a blast; with my guy sliding all over the place, cutting through enemies with lightning speed, air killing guys; and having one side of the first tree done and some of the second tree means that there is more to come. I am really looking forward to maxing my dude at 50 and seeing just how fast I can unleash carnage.

On the other hand, Mercs. 2 is a major, buggy as **** disappointment that MUST be played Co-Op, a friend is preferred, as the game is SO bad that playing it single player is just torture.

Two weeks ago I ordered a new Laptop, it was just that time, and I found one that seemed reasonably fast that had the extras I wanted for a pretty decent price. When I got it and started configuring it I was thinking that it was time to upgrade the desktop I use the most, it's been a while and a new GPU was in order although I don't play games on my computers much. I ordered a GeForce 9800 GTX that is slightly OC'd and Crysis. I wondered if Crysis would run AT ALL on my new Laptop so I DL'd the demo and it runs fine with everything on Med. and Textures on High. Sweet, I can play Crysis even if I am too lazy to get out of bed. Maybe Spore would be better suited for a Laptop though, for those Sundays after a weekend of partying....Of coarse, that's what Football is for.

It's crap; period

Army of Two is crap. Why? It has issues up the wazzo. Good concept, except it was done recently and much better. It can be a fun game for short periods of time; so $30 would be the right price for it.

Turok is crap. Why? Play it. I dig dino's and the archer power is fresh. End positives. It's really to bad as I was really looking forward to this game. Co-Op through the entire single player game might have saved it, it certainly wouldn't have hurt.

Most games ARE fun and worthy of your money. I suggest rent before you buy.

2 Worlds

I finally found time to play Two Worlds for a bit. This game is pretty good. The first 3 hours are tough because it is slow, so slow a bear can smoke you in one swipe. Get into it for a while and some of it's high points come through. Combining items to make better items is a killer idea and at the end I had a weapon that was pretty strong. The main story is pretty short and that is a real bummer. Ya, the frame rate slows, but not that much, considering. Not a bad game, not a great game. It's worth playing if you aren't a whiner. I rented it and had fun with it. I hear the online sucks but really, who would play this online anyway?

Since then I have played a few games. BioShock, Mass Effect, Assasain's creed, SEGA Rally Revo, COD4, Rock Band, Madden 08, NCAA 08, Scene It, and a bunch of others. I am too busy to spend time with any of them too much but, hopefully I will have a little time after Feb. 14. I just cracked 60,000 GS points, and I don't play games much nor do I care about points but they come easy and some games just hand them to you. Crackdown is the game that is most fun to get points from, that game is a blast, plus, you can share the DL content with other people; and that is the one reason I bought it. I also bought the added content for Beautiful Katamari and unless you REALLY have fun with that game I say don't get it, it's pretty weak. Spending any money on XBL is pretty weak really, not much value there.

Didn't happen

Still busy but, just got home from a rad party and it's time for a little Geo Wars.

I came here looking for a video review of 2 Worlds. Still on the fence about spending time with that game.

Not much

I have been working morning to night, or 9am to 3-4am lately. The other day I fired-up my Elite and it wouldn't read any disk. I was tired anyway so I just got it replaced the next day. It's been 5 days and I still need to hook it up, with said work hours I also have found time to party and hit the gym, just cutting out sleep. I think I will take 3 days off work, cancel date, turn phone off and grab a little sleep and finally play some games.