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What should I choose?

I'm posting this blog because I need your help. I read all the books I have and I want new ones. I've been searching on the Internet and found some interesting stuff. The difficulty is on choosing.

I still haven't decided between books from Stephen King like The Stand, It or The Dark Tower(novel). The series A Song of Ice and Fire, whose TV Show A Game of Thrones is based on. Or Tolkien books Lord of The Rings.

If you have any other suggestions I don't mind. Just try not to make me even more undecided :D


I'm not dead

I haven't written a blog in a long time and I'm just writing this one to let everybody know I'm still alive. I'm wealthy, studying and, of course, playing. So, if you missed me, don't worry, I'm still here. If someone wants to talk, you can send a PM to me or go to Fuse because I wander in there a lot :) . Hope you all stay well and play good games a lot

Most epic moment in my school life in a while

This week I was in my math class. My teacher is always screaming at us, she says we're always talking and that we can't behave like that.

Well, this week one of my colleagues was listening to music in class with his headphones and the teacher told him to take them off. He took it off the ears and put it by the neck where he could still listen to the music. Like 5 minutes later the teacher started yelling at the class as usual.

My colleague was already full of it, got up at said the teacher "morre diabo" (die you devil) in a Brazilian way (pronounced "mórri dhiabo"). We are in Portugal and the way he said that made us laugh. The teacher was pissed and put him out of class.

morre diabo (This isn't my math teacher)

He was happy because he was going to have lunch earlier and then went to the library and passed the time waiting for us while playing Super Slime Soccer (not surprised if you don't know the game but it's really fun to play with others. At least in school)

super slime soccer

Check my videos!

I've posted two videos some time ago and I'd like you to check them if you have the time.

If you want comment and let me know what you thought of them. :)

My internet is really slow today, it took like 1.5 minutes to load this page :(

my net speedtest

I saw Kill Bill Vol. 1

Yesterday night I saw Kill Bill Vol. 1. It's a movie you will never forget. The movie is awesome, it blends action, dark humor and a little terror.

It's a movie from Quentin Tarantino, a great director in my opinion, starring some great actors as Uma Thurman, David Carradine,...

The movie has a very crazy story that will surprise you. I highly recommend it. However, beware the movie is very gory and has some disturbing scenes.

I enjoyed this movie a lot and I plan to see Vol. 2, though a friend said it's boring as hell. Boring or not, do you guys recommend it?

Note: A fact that may surprise some, Kill Bill Vol. 3 is being produced and is expected to 2014! :D

Kill Bill Vol. 1 cover

I saw Snatch

Yesterday night I saw another movie, Snatch. I didn't know how it would be, it has high scores but I didn't know what to expect.

Well, the movie is a total blast, it has an amazing cast (Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones,...), it was produced by Guy Ritchie (his movies are great in my opinion).

The story is awesome and very crazy, all the problems happen because of a huge diamond. I won't spoil nothing but it's a great movie with a great story, cast... It also delivers dark humor. Though, I don't recommend it to people who are sensitive because the movie is a little brutal.


I saw Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Yesterday night I saw Dawn of the Dead remake. I didn't want to go bed and sleep, it's weekend, the only time in the week when we (students) can have real fun. I wasn't in the mood to play so I decided to check the DVD's a friend borrowed me in summer and I found Dawn of the Dead (2004), I knew the movie was good but never had the time to watch it.

I was completely amazed, the movie is awesome, very gory and with a creepy, intense atmosphere. I enjoyed every bit of the movie, one fact I didn't like so much is that the zombies run. I prefer the classical zombie, the slow ones but then I realized that slow zombies wouldn't make the atmosphere so creepy and intense.

It's a movie I recommend to anyone who likes zombie or horror movies. The story is great, also the characters.

It's now one of my fav zombie movies of all time.

Dawn of the Dead pic

Posting a review in the near future...

I'm planning on posting a review sometime, but with I don't have many time and I'm not very good with expressing my thoughts. I think I'll review Mass Effect 2:D. I'll do my best or at least try to do so.

Mass Effect 2 cover

Why school? Why!?

Now I have classes almost all day. I can only play at weekends, during the week there's so little time. I also have to study. Argh!!! I envy people that don't have school, but I want a nice future so I have to work. Have to finish now, study calls:(

Mass Effect

Now playing Mass Effect 2. Great game. Already finished the first. Going to make the second playthrough before the third comes out and import the save games.

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