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so i was thinkin...

I was thinkin that one of these days, I spend an hour or two writing up a long blog post, or OT thread, to spread the word about legalizing marijuana. A lot of people are misinformed(not saying everyone here is), though probably not that many people here are. But still, everyone should be reminded so we can fight for justice.

So that might be coming soon, who knows.

Where has the heart gone?

I just finished a Ratchet and Clank session on my PS2(the first R&C). During that session it dawned on me: there is no more heart in games today. Games today is just about the biggest gun, the best graphics, the biggest budget, the expensive marketing, and console exclusivity(or lack thereof).

I miss the old days of games just being about having fun.

Today was spent on my ass

Today I woke up at 10, ate some oatmeal, browsed digg, gs, facebook, etc. then turned on my ps2, loaded KH2, and spent literally the rest of the day playing that game.


cool story bro

I hate this level 3 BS

I had an account before hand, but I forgot the password AND email, since I made a new email a while back, so I was forced to make a new handle. This is all good and dandy, but the reason I wanted to post a topic was to try to find some people to play Spec Ops with on Steam. and.... now i have to wait. It doesn't help that I really dont browse this website anymore. This might take a while...