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Dear people, Watch out with downloading (PS3 / XBox / PC) the cars packs which are available for free. (If you are on PC, make a copy of your saved games / profile before!!). In my case it corrupted the saved game and I got into a loop where I was not able to load my profile anymore. The game tries to make you create a new profile which replaces you old profile. EVERYTHING will be gone: you level, your money, your cars, your stats and your liveries. The worse thing: Codemasters is not doing anything about it. People at Codemasters have confirmed to me by email that they know about the problem, but nothing has been done the last month. The problem is well docuemented at the Codemasters forum and for now only the back-up saved profiles at the PC would work. I will add the link for the forum, I hope gamespot allows me to paste it here. I hoep they will fix it. Gamespot: I hope you will read this post and decide to write a nice article about it. I am happy to assist you in any way! Maybe that will make the Codemasters people to do something. The problem is not even so hard to fix (go through the upgrade and see what is different from the upgrades which do work; do some database work and construct some saved profiles. Make these available for download for the people who are affected....and voila!) Regards