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Check in??

Uhhhh.... I don't think I like the idea of a check in every hour, and another check every 24 hours.  That's got to be the strangest, suspicious activity I've ever heard of.  What is the REAL reason for this?  Is Microsoft just wanting to spy on us?  Who else is gonna utilize this data besides them?  


I haven't always been a fan of Xbox, but I finally found a way to enjoy my 360.  But I don't see myself buying a Xbox One.... Not saying this to start a flame war, I'm just seriously confused.   I want to be able to share my games with friends if they can't afford to buy the lasted one that came out.  I want that to be reciprocated, when I'm broke this month or if I wanna test a game before I make an actual purchase.


But I have to say, Sony got it right this year.  I love my ps3, and I'm excited for ps4.

I am really backlogged....

I just did a game count of what I'm backlogged on since October. I've started every one of these but put them down when a new game came in. So now, lol, whoops!

Final Fantasy Four Heroes of Light

Atelier Totoir

White Knight Chronicles 2

Dragon Age 2


Assassin's Creed Revelations

Ico/Shadow of the Collassus

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Trilogy

El Shaddai: Acension of the Metatron

Batman: Arkham City

Not to mention FFXIII-2 is coming out at the end of Jan. And I'm trying to give FFXIV Online a try again. Plus I'm so behind on reviews on here it's rediculous lol!

 PSN Gamercards

Hiya everyone!

I'm finally back! After a few moves (again) I'm finally in a place where I can settle down. And I have a revamped pc AND internet that's not borrowed lol. So I can finally do what I like to do when I'm not gaming and that's troll the internet and post gaming reviews and what not. I'm sure most of you believe I fell off the earth and stopped checking on here. But that's ok, I hope you all will have a fabulous new year!

So not fair!

While I would like to participate in the GameSpot Fuse Beta, I find that I'm completely disappointed that all they use is the Xbox360. I don't have one of those, I own a Playstation3 -_- Can't they be more supportive towards the PS3 as they are Xbox? Or is there something I'm apparently missing.

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been on in what feels like.... years. I just wanted to see how everyone's doing. I'd like to hear from everyone. I would really make my day.

Things in my life have been helter skelter lately. Moved back to the town I graduated college from. Finally have been able to get a "new" car. Husband got a better job, and he starts that tomorrow. He's pretty nervous, but I've all the confidence in the world of him. And then things will start to improve around here. I should then have solid internet to be able to keep track of all of you here online, and on PSN.

E3 starts tomorrow too. Who's interested in seeing what during this week? I of course am anticipating Final Fantasy XIV Online. Hopefully SE won't let me down.

So, tell me, what have each of you been up to these last couple of months?

One phrase I do not like.

I do not like the phrase "Things will get better" or "It'll just make you stronger". Yeah?? Says who, cause I wanna tell them they are full of crap. I live in an apartment that constantly tries to find ways to evict us. Every good job offer my husband applies for they turn him down. He works so much between Kroger and the tattoo shop I only see him only on Sundays. Can't make ends meet and now both of our cars have broken down within a 2 day time period. And I mean beyond repair broken down b/c they're so old. So now all our funds we had saved up to move out of this stupid apt will be gone when making a decent downpayment on a car we probably can't afford.

So now I immerse myself in gaming. Keeps me occupied and keeps me from crying. Having no Especially since it's the root of all evil.


Hope everyone had a splendid Xmas!! I'm just here shooting off a quick blog to let everyone know I'm alive and stuff. I'm at my hubby's tat shop he works at since that's about the only place with internet where this site isn't blocked (like work). He's currently putting a few pieces on our niece as I type this out lol. So anyway there still won't be internet at the house for a while.We're saving to move to a new apt since we never really did like where we lived in the first place. I still out of habit try to log on PSN to chat with all of you who have my PSN name. Speaking of which!! Look below!

I got my PS3 fixed!! Well they actually just sent me a replacement one. But that's ok. I got Dragon Age and Assassin's Creed 2. Oh and LoZ Spirit Tracks since we got it on sale for $25. I think i racked up pretty good. Dragon Age is a trip. The little micro managing of the party reminds me of FFXII's gambit system. So I have no idea why a lot of people I know didn't like FFXII. But DA is a lot of fun, and has some difficult spots now and then. No one warned me the AI can be rediculous sometimes, but oh well. I'm starting off as a human warrior. Idk what I'll pick for the next story yet.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and I hope you all have a fantastic and safe New Year's. I know people can get pretty crazy and party hard. I'll try again soon to shoot another msg this way when I wander back up here.


Gah, no internet at home for a while, so you'll be hearing even less from me :(

But on the bright side I'm getting my ps3 fixed for Xmas.

One of these days I'll be a regular poster again. Miss chatting with all of ya'll.

Yay new Bday game!

Soooo last Wednesday I turned 29 lol :oops:. I'm kinda under the radar about it. Mostly b/c I want to have a big celebration for when I'm 30, not now :lol:.

So went out to dinner and all that great stuff lol. Of course stopped by our local EB and purchased Scribblenauts :lol:

I gotta say, it's pretty funny sometimes. I enjoy figuring out little puzzles like that, especially since it's "almost" unlimited to what you can type out. My only beef is the controls. Barely touch the touch screen and Maxwell might plunge off into his unknown doomy doomish doom. But it makes me laugh to put the ghost out in front of the tricker treaters to scare them away on there haha!

Speaking of, hope everyone's enjoying their Halloween weekend! Save me some candy 8) I'm off here soon to go party at the tattoo shop where my husband works at. Live bands and free food. As long as it stops raining...eventually.

And as an update on my broken baby PS3: she's still (yeah I dubbed it a she) not fixed. Seems like when you wanna get something that's more of a want then a need done, things that NEED to be done crop up. Unexpected bills and what not. Plus I'm a little miffed that I have to pay $150 to fix her when $300 would easily get me a PS3 slim. I argued that fact with a customer service rep from SCEA. At least she was friendly but I still got the "Too bad, so sad" feeling. Ah well.

Still playing WoW, and finally bought WotLK so my Priest could hit 80. It's a slow process by yourself, believe me. It's just something to tide me over til FFXIV. And it keeps me from buying all the games I've wanted this Oct/Nov for the PS3 I can't use :lol:.

Miss you all :)

Haha, ya might like this.

Since I've been really sad since my ps3 is dead, and I'm too broke for repairs, not to mention the flu shot I got has made me fevery. You don't wanna get around me with a fever, I get all weirdly emotional and crap lol. Anyway the point being is that I stumbled across this image and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share. Most people will get it, especially those old enough to remember the good old G.I. Joe cartoons. Soooo enjoy!