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C_BozkurT_C Blog

Bought a 360 yesterday =]

So far I'm enjoying it.

Right now I have PGR4, Blue Dragon, Gears of War, and GRAW 2

I intend on buying Gears 2 later tonight.

feel free to add me:

Gamertag: Jager Royale

Woot Level 20!

I've been a member since Jan 14th and I've finally reached the big 20. I've heard this rank goes by really slow, so I guess I'll be stuck on it for a while :cry:

edit: lvling up is going by realllllly slow on this level :?

I hate campers (cod4)

ugh, it's really annoying. it seems these campers are turning out everywhere in this game online. honestly, it takes no skill whatsoever to camp. I'm wondering why people do it? either they must really suck at the game, or their favorite past time is to annoy people. /rant:evil:

Just Bought DMC 4 for my PS3

Despite being new to the series, I must say that this is a great and highly addictive game....not to mention, it doesn't hurt that DMC 4 supports the rumble functionalites of my brand-new white Dual Shock 3


to those who have also purchased this game, how do you like it so far?

p.s.: as much as I love this game, I must admit that these types of games aren't my speciality skill wise..oh well, hack and slash noobs rejoice!:shock: