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Chris Webber

Chris Webber Has been my favorite NBA player of all time, First Reason is, he has the best passing ability as a Powerforward, Do you see Tim Duncan dishing out behind the back passes? I think not.

He can Score from anywhere, In the Paint, the perimeter, and behind the arc, Infact he can score from the free-thore line. I have yet to see a big man shoot well from the free-throw line, Shaq, Ben Wallace, Tim Duncan all are stars and yet are horrible ar free shots.

His Mobility is the best I've seen from the powerforward position, I mean have you seen his amazing Dunks? or how he caa run the court faster than any big man? But sadley that was when he was in his prime, Now since the Dallas game, he has not been able to get some lift from thosr legs, but he can still score, and help out teams.

Rebounding, and blocking is Great!, he averaged over 1.00 BPG, and 10.0 RPG, that is a very good average, All-Star, and Hall OF fame stats right their!

Aside from this Defense liability, the costly Time-out in michigan, he is one of the best Powerforwards of all time, and greatly deserves a spot in the NBA Hall of Fame.