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started and quit (early) cryostasis

i must be missing something. the AVERAGE review of cryostatis is 8.0? I usually agree with reviews within a point or so; and I can't figure out what y'all like about this game. i it a (i'm being generous) 2.5. the graphics are good but certainly not great, the weapons suck, the 'lets spawn the monster right behind the player to scare him' is both tiring and stupid, the monsters are uninspiring, the story itself doesnt have the 'chill' as FEAR,... about the only thing i can say positive about it is that the engine seemed stable -- it didnt crash to the desktop.

oh well, off to a new game...

finished velvet assassin today

glad this game was over. terrific graphics, but game-play sucked. if i could go back in time, i wouldn't play it if the company gave the game to me for free. too bad, i like the stealth fps genre too, i liked thief, i LOVED hitman...

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