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gave up on Assassins Creed (finally)

had Assassins Creed on my pc for what seems like forever; i'd play it a bit here and there. graphics are amazing in this game-- but the clunky and counter-intuitive controls, lack of saving except at 'checkpoints,' and the fact that quitting the game took like 3three minutes and twenty keystrokes/mouse clicks finally grated on me enough to delete it. AC 2 is slated for november, I think i'll wait til the critics reviews are in to decide whether to get it or not.

cleaning up ye ole hard drive

trying to finish off and uninstall some games that I started playing and didnt finish for whatever reason.

ive got gta4, empire total war special forces. assassins creed, call of duty 4 modern warfare, playboy the mansion, gears of war,...

i'd like to get to the point of having ~1-2games on the pc at a time.

hmm. which to play first?

finally finished off HOMM5

finally finished heroes of might and magic V, collectors edition. thankful for not playing yet another fps, but this game really didnt enthrall me the way it did many gamers.

finished shellshock 2

finished shellshock 2 last week. vietnam with zombies was enjoyable. why is it always zombies?.

i'm getting worn out with all the FPS games i've been playing.

Specnaz is next.

started and finished Helldorado

Helldorado wasn't as bad as the 4.5score indicated. it was short, and it installed an old version of blink video codec which caused it to crash, but once i hunted down the new blink .dll file, it was stable. kinda a fun little game for a short 8-10hour gameplay from start to finish. I've had it for awhile and been meaning to give it a shot. try it out if it hits the $10 bargin bin. i'll post a review of it.

Age of Pirates 2 for the past few days

so i've been playing Age of Pirates 2 for the past few days; if you are thinking of getting it, don't. it's not very good.

This game at first glance seems to offer a very wide range of things open-ended game-play (which is a huge plus in my book) yet when it comes to delivery, it gives you all the excitement of watching grass grow.

nice ship and ocean rendering, but landmasses are ugly-polygons -- did they rush part of the development or what? no tutorial, so you are left wondering both what to do and how to do it. sword combat is alternately mashing the left and right mouse buttons, ship combat is somewhat easy to figure out on the surface and fairly ok in practice-except you are left to save and reload games til you figure out some of the more advanced ship combat such as boarding another ship.

i really wanted this game to be a hit, i could have played it for a long time, but it's another in a long line of games that are tossed after a short trial.

well, at least the stack of unplayed games is dwindling, at least until something great is released.

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