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Silent Hill or: One Man's Opinion of Thematic Changes Within the Series

Yes! I am glad to see another Silent Hill coming out. Except for Silent Hill 4: The Room, which I found wasn't even originally meant to be a Silent Hill game at its inception, I have enjoyed every Silent Hill that has been released and overall, I have enjoyed the direction the series has gone and continues to go.

However, if I could be picky about one thing-and this is really just a matter of taste-I'm not too much of a fan of the player getting to watch the transformation of Silent Hill from normal to its nightmare equivalent. This originated in Silent Hill: Homecoming, which obviously borrowed the concept from the movie adaptation and from what I gather, Downpour will continue to follow suit. While it is an impressive showcase to watch a room rip itself apart around you, to me, I found it scarier and more disturbing when you were literally in the dark while the transformation took place. For me, it goes with the idea of not showing you the horror, since it could never be as scary as what you think it might be. And yes, that's part of it, but one reason why I like the black outs is the questions that arise. When I first experienced the black outs and came too to find the nightmare world in place of the real one, it made me wonder how this happened? Did the monsters change the world into it this way? Or was I being teleported to an alternate universe? Or to Hell? It was questions like these that made me a fan of the fade to black execution. Again, it's only a matter of thematic taste, but to me, the idea of being covered in darkness and coming out on the other side to a more hellish place is scarier and leaves more questions to me than simply watching the world around me fall apart. By seingit happen, it doesn't leave me with as much questions which-more importantly-doesn't give me as much scary possibilites to fill my head to answer them.