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New review is finally out!

Hi everyone, my review for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is out. Check it out by clicking on the image below. Anyway, my next review is going to be for Bit.Trip Saga for the Nintendo 3DS. Hopefully, I'll be faster at getting it out this time. Don't forget to give me your suggestions on my review and what reviews to do next (though I already have a bunch of stuff planned, so suggested reviews might take some time).

Thanks for reading.


New account for reviews and new review.

Hello guys. I created a new account only for reviews, because... well I want a fresh start since most of my reviews in this account suck. Anyway, I just uploaded a review for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. Please check it out if you have time, and give me suggestions on comments.

If you didn't like it, don't be afraid to tell me.

I'll have more reviews coming. My next review will be for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, for the Gamecube.

If you have any games you want me to review, tell me, but please stick to Gamecube, Wii, 3DS, DS, iOS, PSX or PSP suggestions.

Thanks guys! Hope you like it.

The link:


I'm back!

Man! It's been so long that some of you probably don't remeber me. Anyway, I'm back on GS. I don't know where to start! Well... how have you been guys? I've been great! I've been playing Persona 3 Portable and it's an amazing game. I really love it.

What have you been playing?

Guys I'm sorry (PLEASE READ)

I don't have enough time to study, so I don't think I can fancy being here a lot. However, do forget me for not having posted in your blogs :(
I will change... I gotta arrange my time though... but basically what I will do is... I don't know yet, but I believe the best I've got right now is to post on your blogs on Sundays :) Thanks for comprehension guys, you all rock.

I won't see you in a while.

Just made this to tell you I won't be here for about 3 weeks since I'll be busy with the math olympiad, so that's why I'm not going to comment on your blogs. See you soon.

Probably getting a PSP tomorrow, also wtf, I got old school emblem :D

Hey everyone. My friend is selling his almost new PSP 3000, so I'll buy it from him probably tommorrow. I was wondering if you'd recommend me any great games. I was thinking about persona 3, but it's too expensive in my country :( well not TOO expensive but like $70 which isn't that expensive in here but that's more than PSP's gonna cost me! So is it worth it if you've played it? If not, do you recommend any good games (that is if I DO get the PSP)

Anyway, Another thing... I got the old school emblem... which is weird considering I don't have many old school games... What is the requirement for it anyway? ThankS :D

My top Anime Moments

I decided to do a list with my top anime moments that made me feel something. Unfortuantely, It's likely you haven't watched some of the series I add, so I recommend you don't read a moment from an anime you haven't seen (unless you don't care :P)

This moment marked me a lot, because it is a moment of cruelty, and it made me feel pretty sad.

There was a dog Lucy(the main character) liked, and it was killed by some kids in a very cruel way. This moment marks Lucy a lot, because it's when she first uses her powers(if I recall well) and kills everybody. Viewer discretion is adviced for this:

NARUTO-Uzumaki Naruto Nisen Rendan

This is from when Naruto is fighting Gaara. He's losing, but remembering how his friends bravely fought for him makes him recover his fighting spirit and unleash an incredible attack. The Uzumaki Naruto Nisen Rendan!

This needs no explaining as to why it was an amazing moment. If you've watched it, you'll know :)

That's the best video I could find with the original music :/It takes place from 4:30 to 8:20


This is from the ending of one of the best animes I've seen, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. The moment was perfect for an ending, and the music accompanies it really well. It's a moment of life or death for the characters, so you can sort of feel some special pressure when you watch it. The animation is top-notch, and that's all I really got to say :P Enjoy

I'm sorry it's sub spanish, but youtbe doesn't have sub english versions of it :( It ends at about 3:08, but you can watch all of it if you want :P


Yep, another Naruto moment. This one is really special for me, because it made me cry xD You just gotta watch to understand how sad it is.

It starts at 16:20 and ends before the ending starts... such a sad moment :'( Also, when he says This is It, he actually means there won't be a next time. You'll get it if you watch.

Final and Best Moment!:
BLEACH-Ichigo arrives

The is my favorite moment from the list, even though the others aren't in order. It's from Bleach's episode 308. I just watched this one recently and I gotta say it's awesome! Just when Gin is about to die, Ichigo arrives to beat Aizen, superpowered and with the most badass music available on earth. Seriously though, just watch it to know what I'm talking about

It starts at around 6:35 and ends at about 13:10

Well that's all for today. Please tell me wether you liked this blog or not, so I know wehter to do another similar thing or not. Thanks, and sorry for so many spoilers :P Hope you enjoyed.

Tagged :D

I was tagged by @undergroundfrog , so now I'll write 5 facts about myself.

1. I'm kind of a Nintendo fanboy :D (plus I don't have money for multiple platforms.

2. I love math, and can't believe so many people don't.

3. I love anime and manga, but prefer manga.

4. I always play my games in the hardest difficulty. That way I can see what the real challenge is, and besides, I don't mind frustration.

5. I love Evanna Lynch from the Harry Potter movies. Her voice is cute :)

Okay I used the word love too much :/ but anyway I tag:

@AvatarMan96 @ZanarkandTidus @cliffangel @ad0234 @FezzMaster

you don't have to do it if you don't want to though ;)

Amazing news, 3DS price cut!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone. I seriously can't believe this, but the 3DS was cut to 170 dollars... however, we early adopters will get 10 free NES games and 10 free GBA games! That's incredible news I guess, at least for me, because I don't care about the 250 tag that much since in my country it was 500 dollars, so I'm glad I bought it at 250.

Anyway, you may already know it but the games include:

NES games:

Super Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong Jr.
Balloon Fight
Ice Climber
The Legend of Zelda

GBA games:

Yoshi's Island
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Metroid Fusion
Mario vs. Donkey Kong
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$

I always wanted to play Super Circuit and Metroid. Can't wait :DDD

I'm on a streak today :D

Hey everyone. I'm happy today. Since I couldn't study (sometimes I can't concentrate) I stopped studying for today and started gaming :D I was stuck in Super Smash Bros Melee (trying to beat classic mode with all characters), Super Smash Bros Brawl(That SSE can be hard at times) and Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions(couldn't figure out where to go :( ). But I'm happy to say I'm no longer stuck in any of them! So I feel good today. I'm on a gaming streak. Has it ever happened to you?

*EDIT* I'm glad to say I'm also no longer stuck in Resident Evil 4. Woohoo, today's my day.