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& I thought Xbox360 was a bad name,it grew on me now but...Wii? wtf!

& I thought Xbox360 was a bad name at the time but it grew on me at least...Wii.
Not here to bash but I just think its fake for the time being. I believe at e3 nintendo will tell us the real name after it being a big joke/hype or after fans hating the name even. I wish for the best, I also like to take the time that each system has had there laugh xbox1 huge controller, ps3 banana controller the nintendo rev/wii remote and now the name Wii. It's all good and we all had a good laugh at each other. Now as I countdown to E3 & Halo3 preview :).

my xbox360 list, what i need to get

Xbox360 Game System=$399.99*
1 360 Wireless Controller, Hard Drive (20GB), Headset, Component HD AV Cable, Ethernet Connectivity Cable, Universal Media Remote.

Extra Buying=$120.00*
-2 Wireless Controllers
-Play & Charge Kit

Games...the others will have to wait...but these are a must for me...=$420.00*
-Halo3 ( I'm Ready For Already $$$ :) )
-Dead or Alive 4...8.2 and up
-Project Gotham Racing 3...8.5 and up
-Perfect Dark Zero...better show its true colours 9.0 and up...should hit harder then halo hit which can't be possible comon bring it...
-Gears Of War...8.5 at least from this hype and attention its getting
-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion...8.6 and up plz plz plz be big and everything that the last ones were if so its unstoppable
-Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter...8.5 and up don't screw up ubi or else...

TOTAL COST ruff=$1039.99 ehhh being a gamer ain't cheap :)

f.e.a.r. demo wow & its going to thing yet...see what i got to say

fear is awesome well the demo but I have high hopes for the full game doubting nothing...its better then halflife2, doom3 and gives me the rush of halo in its own way...I'm not putting them down but its the best thing since them...they were all good in there own way too...not forgetting them

The game has freaking amazing scary scences which you play like...I was turning around to get down the ladder and suddenly U see the girl in front of me(for those who don't kno about the girl u don't wanna kno), just to vanish with her creepy laughter & then theres even more at the end of the ladder O boy its good. I especially loved the spooky moment in the hallway at the end of the demo. I hope there will be more of that kind. Infact, I hope F.E.A.R. will contain scenes with a even higher level of scary/crazy-ness!

The AI is best thing since halo...I didn't find halflife2 AI better but it was good...I played thro it 5 times now...and each shooting part is different the AI jump rails, jump thro windows thro grenades and hide and await u they even us team work awesome too the max its very fun.

Graphics are good...different then other games lighting like splintercell with insides building close to halflife with amazing everything can't complain a room looks different after you gun thro it its sweet...

Have always wished for a game that could really scare me, but the too simple graphics in former games just too often breaks the illusion to me. With F.E.A.R. I'm beginning to think we are reaching a graphics standard, that is able to present horrer content good enough, to be immersive and believable. Only other PC game I've feelt a little spooked by, was Clive Barker's Undying....when I young and never really beat...

Doom 3, was scary but because of it's predictability. Doom3 only had one scene that made me feel a little uncomfortable. And that was the scene in the bathroom at the beginning of the invasion(the mirror)...that was good other then that just few compared to the hair going up on my back playin fear it much more...and its only a girl plus some other werid stuff that just makes you go WHAT THE going on...

Btw: I think it adds to the immersiveness to add details like arriving to a game "checkpoint" by car, and being briefed while driving. That's far more satisfying to me, rather than just be presented with some text and then just get thrown in and start right away. Making the player "feel" like he's "playing" the briefings/other lesser interesting game aspects that are necessary - gives the game a good "flow"...just my 2 cents! I LOVE IT

also brig another pair of pants, try not to soil yourself too quickly, and those brave enough to make it through the demo alive will be one step closer to finding out the true meaning of F.E.A.R.


i got gta: sa for sweet

Yea been busy playin it, its so good...I'm a halo fanyboy saying this :( but yea anyone who's having second thoughts go out and get it...its AWSOME...also this game gonna take time away from halo2 online :( but meh again this game is a blast go go go get it.