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Why did they keep the best stuff in SF Alpha Anthology a secret? (SPOILERS)

Not just Hyper Street Fighter Alpha (which would have been a lot better if all or at least a few more of the backgrounds had been in it), which they mention slightly in the manual and the game tells you when you unlock it, but there's a lot of other stuff they don't mention at all. Like "Arrange" Arcade Mode, which lets you fight Bison in Street Fighter Alpha (if he's not already your final boss), "EX" characters in Alpha 2, "EX" characters and Cammy in Alpha 2 Gold, Balrog (and Juli and Juni, I guess) in Alpha 3, and the console-exclusive characters in Alpha 3 Upper. Or Battle Mode, which picks random characters for you and the computer and lets you fight as long as you want (you can turn off characters and styles for each player if you don't want them to appear). Or color edit, which lets you change the default colors of any character in any game, because God knows we're all sick of seeing those same default colors. I think this collection would have gotten better reviews if more reviewers had known about this stuff.